Chapter 486 – Red Iron Knight’s Squire, Village Five Report (II)

The name of the store that opened at the foot of the small mountain of Village Five is Noodle Shop Britoa.

It is a store that only serves one kind of dish, a pasta called ramen.

I know what that ramen is.

I have eaten it in Shashaato City.

It was delicious.

When I first came to the store, I ate it expecting the taste would be the same but the ramen I ate at Britoa was different from Shashaato’s ramen.

No, the soup, ingredients, and pasta are similar but the taste is completely different.

Is this really ramen?

There’s no way I’ll know the answer myself.

I couldn’t help but ask an employee. The employee did not panic and even explained it politely.

The ramen served in their store is definitely ramen.

However, the ramen in Shashaato City is soy sauce flavored while the ramen of Britoa is salty.

Even other pasta dishes have different kinds of flavors.

Even so, that doesn’t make them different.

I see.

Their ramen is indeed ramen but with different seasonings.

If that is the case, shouldn’t you call yours as salted ramen? The next day after I said that, they changed the name to Britoa Ramen.

That made me a little happy.


Finally seeing the store, I entered it.

The mini pancake I ate earlier has already been digested.

I’m good to go.

Britoa Ramen has both big and small places.

They serve no other. Once you sit down, you will be given a Britoa Ramen without having to place an order.

I made my way to the small place since the big place is for big races like minotaurs.

There’s also fork in this store but I use chopsticks.

I learned about chopsticks in Shashaato City. Back then, I thought “who can eat using these” but I found them convenient to use later.

It can be said that it is especially made for ramen eating.

I was glad that I studied using it.

Britoa ramen, delicious.


Even after leaving Noodle Shop Britoa, the sun is still high so it is still too early to go back. I can still go to the store on the west.

Since that is the case…..

Let’s go there.

It is a very popular place in Village Five.

Baseball field.

It is a place where you can play a sport called baseball. The rules are a little difficult but watching it is already fun.

I sit in the audience seat and buy beer from the vendor oneesan.


It’s also cold.

A joy in summer.

They even hired those who can use ice magic for this.

This is a luxury.

If I didn’t eat britoa ramen earlier, I would have ordered a pig intestines bread.


Should I buy one?

No no.

Okay, just one.


It is the fourth inning of the match.

There is no point difference, three to three.

Ah, the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army, who’s on the defense, changed pitcher.

Ah, I see.

The pitcher they sent until now was a rookie.

This replacement pitcher throws the ball faster than before.

The sound of the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt echoes even to where I’m sitting.

The batter can only hit air.

There will change in no time.

Fifth inning.

The flow has changed. The Fierce Tiger Demon King Army is looking good.

However, the Village Five Carpenters, who they are playing with, won’t make it a one-sided match.

They showed good defense.

Not only that, they also had a good play in both offense and defense.

Ah, vendor oneesan, another beer please.


The baseball match ended with the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army’s win.

At the end of the match, I joined shaking hands with the players of the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army.

I shake hands with the player who hit a home run earlier even though she’s a woman.

Please keep doing a good job.

The coach looks lonely so I shake hands with the coach too.

He probably got nervous because of the eight-time counteroffensive.

Even if you always win, you shouldn’t let your guard down.

When I said that, the coach became friendly and patted me on my shoulder.


On the baseball field, a quick maintenance was performed since there will be another match.

I can watch it too but let’s leave the baseball field.

I have to be hungry before heading to the store that opened in the west.

I’ll exercise a little.

I’ll be going to the facility next to the baseball field.

It’s about four times the size of a baseball field and it is surrounded by a high wall.

The inside of this field is densely packed with buildings like a small city.

However, no one lives in those buildings.

As for why, it’s because these are used by Village Five’s guards for training.

Yeah, this is a facility to train the guards to properly fight in a city.

But they don’t often use it.

Building a city is not something anyone can do half-heartedly.

However, Village Five made a city in order to train their guards.

This is something I’ve only encountered here.

I feel like this is a simple flex of their economic power.


There are two entrances to this facility. One is to directly enter the field and one is overlooking the field.

I want to go to the field so I took that entrance.

After walking a little, there’s a waiting area and what awaits there are several young people.

They are not people who wish to fight.

That’s normal.

Even though this facility is used to train Village Five’s guards, it is not always used like that.

So, when the facility is not in use, it will be open to the public and some kind of events or games will be held.

As far as I know, the following are the things that have been done so far….


“God of Death Game”

It is a game where those in the field will have to escape from those who are dressed as god of deaths.

If you can run away for a period of time, you’ll win.

Even if you get caught, you can still get prizes depending on how long you were able to run away.

The people who are dressed as god of deaths are very fast so if you are seen by one, it is almost certain that you’ll get caught.

It is fun seeing people who hide and wait for the time to expire or those who run away, or even those with some sort of strategy.


“Treasure Hunt”

It is a game where you’ll have to find the treasure chest hidden in the field within a certain period of time.

The prizes vary so there’s also some sort of gambling element.

There is also a treasure hunt for children so even children can enjoy it.

For adults, there are traps placed on the streets or even on a treasure chest. The traps are not enough to injure participants but they can be a little dangerous.


“Spy Thief”

This is the opposite of the god of death game. In this game, it will be the participants who’ll chase after the thieves.

The thief can fly around the roof of the buildings and can even disguise.

The number of participants in this event is kind of large but the spy among the participants will mislead them.

If you can catch the thief, all participants will get a prize but if the spy was caught, only the person who caught the spy will get a prize.



This is a game where the participants will be divided into two groups. They’ll take away their opponent’s treasure while protecting theirs.

Only using weapons is prohibited so injured people will pop out one after another.

Even so, it is popular.

It is even used to resolve rifts between residents of Village Five.


There is also the “Great Logic” where mysteries and treasures will be prepared and all the participants will battle against each other until there’s the “Last One Standing”.

Participation is free so I also participated a number of times.

In the “god of death game”, I found the god of deaths really scary.

It is bad for my heart.


The current event is called “Suspicious Man”.

It is a game where you’ll have to guess how many suspicious men are in the field.

A suspicious man is someone wearing a suspicious cloak which is obvious to everyone.

However, a suspicious man will not stand by in one place so if you don’t remember the features other than the cloak, you’ll make a mistake on your count.

It’s a very difficult game.

However, it is just right since I only want to get hungry by moving my body until the time limit.

Actually, I already know that this will be the event because it is written on the bulletin board of the inn.


A little later, our group came back.

There are few smiling people and there are a lot of frustrated people too.

Since I was able to participate, I’m smiling.


However, I’m frustrated now.

The number of suspicious men in the field is seven.

I answered eight.

The reason I made a mistake is because I was caught in a trap by a person in disguise.

That’s sly.

However, I should have noticed that because disguise outfits can be found in various places in the field.

By the way, it was the silver knight who disguised himself.

Doesn’t he need to participate in today’s training?

Ah, participating in these events is also the job of the guards.

I see.


Right right.

So that’s why the participation fee is free. The buildings on the field are also hiding some sort of secret.

Well, it’s not really a secret but there are signs on some buildings that are advertising the stores in Village Five.

Examples are “There’s a suspicious man on the back of Kuro and Yuki building!” and “The person in front of bronze care is not wearing a cloak. Fake!”. Participants will naturally remember the name of the stores and what kind of store they are.

And most of all, the prizes are exchange cards or products of the stores in Village Five.

I have one product exchange card….it’s for a pot.

It seems to be a good pot made by the dwarves but I won’t get it now. I’ll probably exchange the card when I’ll be going back to Kaizan Kingdom.


The sun has begun sinking.

I headed to the store opened in the west.

The name of the store that opened in the west is Niz’s Alcomeat.

It’s a store that mainly serves alcohol and yakiniku.

The atmosphere of the store is kind of special……it’s on the demon king’s kingdom but the theme is eastern.

The store manager also wears eastern clothes.

It looks like there are still few customers so I can sit smoothly.

My timing is good.

This restaurant has a rule that you can’t order alcohol unless you order for food. Eating is mandatory.

There’s a brazier on each table and you’ll be provided with a grilling rack, sauce, and meat.

That said sauce is exquisite.

No matter how many times I taste it, I can’t help but eat more.

The meat they provide is mainly beef, pork, chicken, and mutton.

You can specify what kind of meat you want but you can’t specify the part.

You can only say how much you want.

「Beef, good for four please.」

One serving is only enough for a child to eat alone.

If you’re an adult, eating two to three servings is normal.

I go for four servings.

Vegetable garnishing also comes per serving.

「For alcohol….beer」

I already drank it earlier but I’m still okay.

The beer you drink outside and the beer you drink in a store are completely different things.

That’s according to me.

By the way, it was my lord, red iron knight-sama, who took my order.

Red iron knight-sama participates in the guard’s training during the day and works here at night.

 The eastern clothes he’s wearing look good on him.

He recognized Pirika-sama as the sword saint and even bowed to her to train him.

The cost of expenses in Village Five will be covered by Kaizan Kingdom but if you stay for personal reasons, he won’t dare let the kingdom cover it for him so he’s working to earn for his expenses.

This is something he would never do if we were in Kaizan Kingdom.

But I’m not like him.

I’m not troubled with expenses in any way because my family is quite wealthy.

I have already asked my lord several times that I’ll lend him money but he always declines for some reason.

In the old days, weren’t you looking at money with disgust?

Maa, I will not forcibly lend him money because my lord even voluntarily does this.

I can only support him secretly.

「Excuse me, please add one serving of pork. And additional beer too.」

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