Chapter 487 – Five Stores

I screw up.

I should reflect on this.

I’m regretting it a little.


I planned to open a store in Village Five but my planned one store became two and now it has become five.

How did it come to this?

It’s because the villagers who knew that a store would be built in the land that Youko secured made a commotion.

They are not against the opening of the store. The reason for their commotion is the place where the store will be built.

To be precise, they are protesting why does the store has to be built on the south side of the village.

Why can’t we open it on their side?

Youko, who they complained to, only smiled and scolded them.

「Where the place would be built is village chief’s choice. Stop chirping. Just wait a while and he will also build on your side.」

The commotion was settled with those words but it was revealed that I’m also planning to open a second store on the west side. What happens next is a commotion that Youko can’t smile at.

「It will be built on the west side?」

「Why does it have to be on the west side?」

「What’s the basis of that arrangement?」

「Why were we not chosen? Let’s gather people! There should be a lot of us!」

At the same time, people from the north, east, and foot of the mountain gathered people making the people of the south and west panic. An air of restlessness covered Village Five.

That was also cut off by Youko.

「What’s happening is something I personally requested to the village chief which he granted! We should already be thankful that he agreed to build two stores so what are you making a fuss for! If you are dissatisfied with the village chief’s decision, leave this place!」

The representative of the village is Youko……on the other hand, the other party has no clear representative and so Youko can only invite people with power on all sides to talk, by force.

The people with power who are strongly protesting are in panic and started making excuses.

「We are not dissatisfied with the village chief however, we feel like we lost to the south and west side.」

「We’re not dissatisfied. However, we never thought that the place where we live is only second to the south and west. Not choosing our place makes us really sad.」

Although the words are different, the opinions of those two are the mainstream.

「Then, why can’t you wait? Village chief will open a store on the south and is planning to open a store on the west. Why do you think that there won’t be stores on your side?」

When Youko said that, the disturbance was settled.

And the details of what happened were put together and submitted to me.


Yes, no matter what you think, it’s my fault.

The store on the south side aside, I shouldn’t have decided to open a store on the west side easily.

I was too positive with Niz and thought that since alcohol is prohibited in Kuro and Yuki’s store, I should build another store that serves alcohol. I have a manager after all.

What I did nonchalantly almost caused a riot in Village Five.

There’s no point in saying I regret it.

I have to act to deal with it.

Kuro and Yuki in the south is ready to open.

It’s a little too late but I have to think what kind of stores will be built on the east, north, and foot of the mountain.

Though Youko only said those words to stop the villagers, we have to actually do it.

I have no choice but to compromise this time.


However, we are short on manpower.

I hope there are people who can read, write, and calculate with experience in working in stores.

The people of Village Five are cooperative but if there are really people like that, they should already be working for others.

There is a limit on how much support we can get from Marla in Shashaato City.

Miyo in particular, will definitely be angry if we pull out a person who can do accounting from Shashaato City.

Even if Miyo won’t get angry, the accounting problem in Shashaato City has only been resolved recently because of the accountants from Garret Kingdom that Malbit introduced.

If we send some of them to another place, they will probably all leave.

Then, what should we do?

I can’t think of something alone so I consulted Youko and the holy maiden Celes since they were the ones who are working in Village Five.

According to Youko, we can just involve the merchants who were part of the turmoil to do the accounting for us.

Please don’t use force.

Celes, on the other hand, said that I can leave the management of one of the stores to the church.

Thank you.

However, that’s still not enough.

When I’m worrying about what to do next, Gulf, who’s accompanying me as my guard, proposed something.

「How about gathering manpower from the guards? I’m sure some of them had some experience in business management. The people from the elf empire can read, write, and calculate too.」

I see.

I immediately went to Pirika and consulted her.

「Everything is at the will of village chief」

No, I’m consulting you.

This is not an order.

Gulf, consult her for me.

I told Pirika that if a member wants to work at the store, they have the choice of leaving the garrison or still work as guards while working at the store at the same time.

I had Pirika inform all the members about that during their morning meeting.

Finally, twenty or so applicants came out that included the bronze knight, who’s currently participating in the guard’s training, and two from the elf empire.


First of all, bronze knight.

You’re not planning to permanently live here, aren’t you?

You are likely to return home.

If I’m to release you from training, you’ll permanently reside here?

No no, wait wait.

I’ll be troubled if you work in the store with that intent.

You are not forced to train, aren’t you?

If you don’t like it, shouldn’t you stop?

The white silver knight and the red iron knights continue their training so if you, the bronze knight, stop, it would seem that you run away?

But, aren’t you trying to run away already?

You want a just cause.

If I hire you, you’re going to tell them that I told you to stop?

What should I do?

No, even if you say that…..I can indeed tell Pirika to do that since I’m the village chief.

Yeah, I’m basically Youko’s boss.

Let’s try that then.

I was asked by a crying old man.

Ah, yeah, I’ll tell them to stop making you train.

You may do whatever you want after that.


You want to run the store?

With all you have?

You’re from a noble family and are experienced in doing business so I can leave it to you?

I appreciate that but….is that okay?

No, I’m not asking about your ability to run a business but your standpoint as the bronze knight.

He said there’s nothing to worry about.

Will it really be alright?


The first person from the elf empire.

「I am originally the daughter of the person in charge of the financial affairs of the imperial family. I also have experience running my own stores. Though strengthening body and spirit is not meaningless, I would rather want to use my knowledge and experience to aid you.」

She’s confident in literary and martial arts but she can’t keep up with the training of the guards where she’s taken the role of a dropped out. She said that if she can do something that involves running a business, she would be really grateful.

It’s only a small store, are you okay with it?

There won’t be a problem no matter what the size of the store is?

You can make the business go well, no, grow?




The second person from the elf empire.

「I’m a member of the former imperial family desu. Please. Please help. I will do anything to escape from that training.」


「Yes. Fortunately, with that training, I can proudly say that I have enough mental power to endure unreasonable demands. I’m fine with anything. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.」

If you have enough mental power to endure unreasonable demand, why would you want to escape from training?

「Though former, I’m still a legitimate princess. There’s a limit to how many kilos I can endure. Just thinking of digging a two-meter hole today already makes me afraid. Even on my days off, why do I have to do push-ups and sit-ups? Please look at the muscles of this arm. Does it look like a princess’ arm to you? No, right? There’s no way this is a princess’ arm no matter how you look at it.」

Ah, etho, I think it’s okay.

It is hard to see elf’s muscles after all.

You should be expecting this already but…..if you are working at a store, you don’t need to do your muscle training anymore.

I think you’re already musclely enough.

Was that supposed to be a compliment?

No, don’t mind me.

「Does that mean, I’m hired?」



「Thank you very much. I, Kinesta Kinne Kin Laguelf, swore my undying loyalty to…. My apologies, may I hear your name and position? ….. Village chief? This place? ………… Are you looking for a mistress? Are you not?」


I’m happy for your feelings.

However, I decline.

It looks like she won’t get it unless I say it directly.

I’m not.


We hired human resources like that and restructured the management of each store.


South, sweets and tea store, Kuro and Yuki.

Assistant manager, Kinesta.

Niz was supposed to be the one in charge but I left it to Kinesta.

It’s because it has a lot of support from Marla so even if the top is unreliable, everything will be fine.

Though I left the assistant manager position of Kuro and Yuki to someone else, I had Niz take the position of assistant general manager.

By the way, I’m the general manager.

I’m also the manager of each store.

I’m also the village chief.


On the east is also a sweet and tea store, Bronze Café.

Assistant manager, bronze knight.

It was supposed to be a café similar to Kuro and Yuki but bronze knight said that his weapon is his face while pushing his chest out. I left it to him and it became a butler café.

I was a bit uneasy whether it would be accepted by the villagers.

The staff gathered from Village Five were also personally chosen by bronze knight.

Even for me, a man, it’s a handsome group.


North, Korin’s Sweet Temple.

Assistant manager, holy maiden Celes.

They only sell senbei and dango here.

From the style of serving, it is not unreasonable to call it an over-the-counter store.

At first, Celes is the store manager but she can’t stay at the store.

Church officials take turns to be in charge.

There’s a possibility of manpower shortage so I consulted ancestor-san when he came to Big Tree Village. He then asked Fushu to take care of the manpower problem.


The foot of the mountain, Noodle Shop Britoa.

The assistant store manager is the daughter of the former elf empire finance executive.

I decided to run a ramen shop there.

As for the reason, the one who wants to specialize in ramen from Shashaato City was assigned there.

I want the two of you to work together.

Of course, the other staff too.

Many of the guards who decided to work are working at this store.


West, Niz’s Alcomeat.

Assistant store manager, Niz.

At first, we thought of making it like a tavern since it will be serving alcohol but it is located in a residential area so it became a yakiniku restaurant.

They won’t serve anyone who’ll only order alcohol.

I also had all the taverns in residential areas do that.

We had trouble in preparing family size medium and big braziers here.

As for the sauce.

It was made by Village One with the help of the oni maids.

This store also serves vegetables and seasoning produced in Big Tree Village so other stores can’t imitate it.

As for the alcohol, I left it to the dwarf Donovan.

It is best to leave it to the expert.

And it seems like the red iron knight also works in this store.

Unlike the bronze knight, he’s working as a part-timer.

He wants to earn his living expenses.

His purpose is clear so what needs to be said? I hired him.


I struggled to open the five stores.

Every store seems to have a good number of customers which is good.

And I think I’ve shown how I reflected in action.

Though there’s one thing that I regret.

The raw material.

In particular, wheat, sugar, tea leaves, and rice for senbei and dango.

This year, we can still get through because we have a stockpile in Big Tree Village but I doubt if we’re still fine next year.

Because of that, I decided to expand the village’s field.

I’m working hard right now.

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