Chapter 488 – Field Expansion and Shortie Angel

I will expand the field to the east of the village.

It is for the raw materials needed by the stores in Village Five.

It will be a little hard but only this time.

I’m working with Michael-san’s Goroun Company so that we can secure raw materials from other places.

If we don’t purchase raw materials from other places, if something were to happen to me, we’ll be in trouble.

It is an “if I fall, everything else will follow” kind of management.


Maa, there is manpower that can’t be replaced so I’m changing the management type a little bit in order to prevent that.


When I was plowing the field, I saw the children, who were being led by Ursa, moving towards the dungeon.

Ursa, Alfred, Tiselle, Nutt, Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, Torain, Hiichiro, and Guraru.

The children are being followed by Hakuren and three oni maids.

Also, there are around 20 lizardmen behind the oni maids. Are they their escorts?

No, they are lizardman hatchlings.

I can tell by how they walk.

If they are adult lizardmen escorts, they would be marching more in sync.

The hatchlings are not that uniform in movement but I can see that they are trying hard.

Are they walking like that to practice?

You’re only going to play so you should relax more.


The purpose of their group is not the dungeon but the teleportation gate to Village Five deep in the dungeon.

This morning, Alfred asks me to let the children go to the event facility at the foot of Village Five.

It seems like there’s an event for children.

It was rare for Alfred to ask me something so I happily gave my permission.

Though the children had a little problem in Village Five before, I don’t think it will be good to just let them stay in the village because of it.

If they are interested in going outside, then please look around more.

I wanted to accompany them but asked Hakuren and the oni maids to go with them instead.

I would be glad to go with them but I still have to expand the field.


As for trouble….they are children.

It is normal for them to get in trouble.

However, I believe that they will come home safely.

The spearhead Ursa noticed me so I waved my hand to greet them.

Enjoy your outing.


The event facility that the children will be going to is a facility that I prepared as an apology for troubling the guards during the children’s trouble a little while ago.

It’s an urban field of a survival game.

I ordered that to be constructed in a city-like manner where the guards can practice urban warfare without troubling the residents.

The buildings on that field were supposed to be simple buildings but major carpenters of Village Five competed against each other so every building became high-quality buildings.

In case of emergency, they can even be used as shelters.

Well, if someone were to really use them, I won’t mind.

The Village Five’s guards were very pleased.

Speaking of which, when the event facility was completed, I asked Pirika to not only train in combat but also fire drill.

「Fire drill?」

Do you think I’m joking?

I’m sorry but I’m not.


When the fire drill started, the villagers started to participate more and more that it started to be a place where you can play a game. It even became crowded.

Because of that, I think that the Noodle Shop Britoa, which is near the event facility, has become the most popular newly opened store.

Next to the event facility is a baseball field.

Noodle Shop Britoa.

Britoa is Glatts’ family name.

This store was built with the idea of not selling sweets because of raw materials shortage so I asked Glatts and Ronana who happened to be nearby that time for ideas.

Glatts immediately said ramen store.

Since the two are going to get married, I will name the store after them as a wedding gift.

Glatts was happy and said that it should be Noodle Shop Ronana but Ronana was embarrassed so it became Noodle Shop Britoa.

I asked first if it is okay to use a noble’s family name but there’s no problem because the patriarch himself, Glatts, permitted it.

When he heard about it, Beezel got jealous.

Beezel’s family name is Chrome.

Should I open Noodle Shop Chrome somewhere?

No, we’re talking about Beezel so he’ll definitely name it after his granddaughter.

It will be Noodle Shop Fracia.

Not bad.

Maa, it’s impossible to open a new store for a while though.



The field expansion stopped since it’s break time.

I’m not tired because I’m using the AFT but if I plow the field endlessly during summer, it might have an effect on the surrounding.

I’m only resting to show that I’m doing things moderately.


When I was taking a break, one of the centaurs came to me.

「Village chief, excuse me but, a trouble has occurred.」


The trouble seems to have occurred in the residential area.

I ride the back of the centaur and go to the scene of the trouble.

The scene of the trouble is none other than the world tree.

There are several minotaurs and centaurs that are surrounding the world tree.

I want to know what happened.

A minotaur pointed at something.

There was a very big caterpillar…..silkworm.

Around 80cm.

It is on a branch of the world tree and is eating its leaves.

This silkworm.

It is not a silkworm that pops out from somewhere but one of the silkworms raised in Village Two.

When I gave them the leaves of the world tree before, it seemed like it couldn’t forget its taste and escaped from their hut in Village Two.

It seems like it has come to Big Tree Village because of the world tree.

How did it travel through the forest?


It didn’t?

It attached itself to a centaur that is running back and forth to Big Tree Village.

I see, you’re smart.

「I’m sorry. We discovered it late. To think that it has grown this much.」

I don’t mind.

Looking at it….it doesn’t have that much impact on the world tree.

As soon as the silkworm eats a leaf, a new leaf will sprout from the world tree.

That’s the reason for the delayed discovery.

Ah, there’s no need to get angry.

I’m the reason for this since I’m the one who gave the silkworm a world tree leaf.

I don’t mind it.

But it looks like others do.

Loo and Tier.

Earlier, when I gave the leaves of the world tree to the silkworms, their expression was extremely terrible.

However, don’t get angry with the silkworm.

Disposing it is a bit….

Look at that big silkworm.

It might give you good silk.

It might even be a special silk.

I somehow managed to calm those two down.

However, there are three more people who look like they’re going to eat someone.

Gran Maria, Kierbit, who have just returned, and a shortie angel.

These three are looking at the big silkworm that’s not hesitating to eat the leaves of the world tree.

It looks like they can’t sort out their emotions.

Is this shortie angel Gran Maria’s mother?

No, she doesn’t look like Gran Maria.

Is she her little sister?

I feel like she looks familiar….

I can’t remember.

Before I can think of the answer, the shortie angel suddenly tears up, foams in her mouth, and faint.

It was good that Loo and Tier are nearby.

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