Chapter 489 – The Ecology of the Silkworm-Like Creature and Thread Ball

The silkworms that I know will molt several times and when they reach a certain stage, they’ll wrap themselves in a cocoon to be a pupa.

The cocoon is made of silk thread and it will punch a hole in the cocoon as the moth emerges.

Therefore, in order to secure the silk, it is necessary to boil the pupa inside the cocoon.

Of course, the boiled silkworm will die. It might sound cruel but only a few of them will be left for future breeding.


However, silkworms in this world are a little different.

They are already making cocoons even before they become pupae.

They are molting in cocoons even in their larval state.

It will create a cocoon larger than itself and molt in it.

After molting, they go out of the cocoon but not by punching a hole.

They are leaving in a door made of leaves that they made while making the cocoon.

And sericulture is collecting those cocoons to make silk.

I don’t know why are they ecologically like that.

There are monsters and demon beasts in this world after all.

They might be doing it in order to molt safely.

However, thanks to this ecology, sericulturists in this world don’t need to boil them.

When the others heard me about boiling them, they were surprised.

In any case, each time a larva molts, it will make a cocoon so the productivity seems high but this world is not that sweet.

First of all, they’ll have difficulty in making cocoons unless you feed the larva what they like.

And they are gluttonous.

Maa, they need to make cocoons many times.

These silkworms also eat other leaves aside from mulberry leaves so they have individual preferences and it will be the sericulturists’ job to determine what it is.

The quality of silk also varies depending on what they eat so it is also necessary to segregate them.

It seems like the quality of silk must be uniform or else, it will be difficult to sell or it might not even sell at all.

Sericulturists divide rooms depending on the food they eat.


Or so I heard….

This giant silkworm on the world tree seems to be a little different.

First of all, it spits thread to attack.

The phoenix chick Aegis tried to catch the giant silkworm but it was wrapped with silk thread.

The silk thread is golden and very beautiful.

Aegis cut it with its beak.


I don’t think it’s a waste.

Aegis is more important.

But don’t just attack.

The giant silkworm did not bother you right, Aegis?


Like the giant silkworm, the eagle has made a nest in the world tree….

It’s just looking at Aegis with a gentle expression as if it can’t help it.

It doesn’t seem to be bothered with the giant silkworm.

Are you not really bothered?


This giant silkworm and the world tree are in a symbiotic relationship?

The world tree gives its leaves to the giant silkworm and in return, the giant silkworm will keep annoying insects away from the world tree.

In a sense, the world tree is keeping the giant silkworm.

I see.

So that’s why you’re not bothered.

When I consented with the eagle, the giant silkworm began to make a silk ball by spitting out thread.

It’s bigger than a baseball ball.

Its size is about the size of a small watermelon.

When I was thinking why did it make one, it passed the silk ball to me.

I receive the silk ball and look at the giant silkworm…

So, that is my rent.

Take it.

That’s what its eyes are saying.

I see.

The giant silkworm seems to have a will of its own.

Got it.

I received your payment.

You can stay there.



Behind the giant silkworm are several 10cm size silkworms.

Are they your children?

Companions who like the leaves of the world tree?

When you grow up, you’ll pay with silk too… no, you don’t have to overdo it.

Rather than that, take care of the world tree.

And don’t fight with the eagle.


The giant silkworm and its companions will do their best to protect the world tree.

I told the minotaurs and centaurs that gathered there to dissolve.

「The silk ball that village chief has, is it gold?」

「It is similar to the thread that the sun god used to make his robe….it’s not that same thread, is it?」

「Don’t say nonsense. No one has ever seen that thread, right? How can you even think of that?」

「But that’s the only thing I can think of given its divinity」

It looks like everyone’s anxious about the silk ball I have so I passed it to the minotaurs.

It would be great if they can use it as a tread.

You can make it into cloth too.

And, spiderlings.

You don’t have to make thread balls too.

I know how much you’ve been helping me so far so you don’t need to give me anything else.


Alright, spiderlings.

I’m going to play with you today….the kuros also gathered.

Got it.

Let’s play together.

That day, I played with the spiderlings and the kuros.



The children have returned.

It looks like they have had fun at the event facility of Village Five. They are all excited and their voices are loud.

Did you eat over there?

You had lunch in Noodle Shop Britoa and you had dinner at Niz’s Alcomeat?

Why did you bring the children to Niz’s Alcomeat? They serve alcohol there.

You didn’t let them drink.


There’s no problem since they were with three oni maids and Hakuren.



Well, Gran Maria and Kierbit have returned and there’s a giant silkworm living in the world tree.

Also, Gran Maria and Kierbit are with a midget angel.

It seems like she has woken up but her fatigue built up so let’s greet her tomorrow.

Maybe because it’s summer.


The midget angel’s name is Suarurou.

She’s the mother of the twin angels Suaruriu and Suarukou.

I thought she looks familiar, so it’s because she’s the mother of those twins.

However, she looks….I might sound rude but she looks like Suaruriu and Suarukou’s little sister.

To think she’s their mother.

I’ve already noticed this with Malbit. It looks like the angels don’t grow old.

So does Ria’s mother, Rigune.

Thinking about it, ancestor-san too.

I think it’s not good to judge by appearance but how do I treat someone who looks so young?

Especially Suarurou. She’s a midget so she looks like a little girl.

Let’s be careful in the future.


That night too.

Zabuton brought a thread ball to my room.

It’s as big as a watermelon.

And it is pitch black.

I feel like it’s going to suck me up when I look at it….

Zabuton decorated a corner of my room with that thread ball.

She’s taking the “don’t say anything unnecessary” attitude.

Okay, I’ll take it.


She put it in a not outstanding place but, is that okay?

Don’t you want to make it into a more noticeable decoration?

You’re leaving it there?



After Zabuton left, Loo and Tier came to my room and were surprised when they saw the thread ball that Zabuton decorated my room with.

They said a lot of things seriously like that magic thread is an embodiment of pure magical power.

I’m sorry but, even if you want it, I won’t give it to you.

I also have to make something as thanks for that thread ball.

Other than that thread ball, I only receive things from Zabuton.

I want to give her a lot of things but now, I’m scraping wood to make buttons.

Normally, I only make simple buttons but this time, I’m sticking to craftsmanship.

Each button is engraved with Zabuton’s figure.

Please wait a moment until I finish them all.

Ah, it looks like they’re obsessed with Zabuton’s thread ball.

I think it’s normal.

It’s a beautiful thread ball after all.

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