Chapter 490 – Suarurou’s Greeting


In the dining room of my mansion, Suarurou, the mother of the twin angels Suaruriu and Suarukou, is kneeling on one knee before me.

「Being able to be gifted with an audience, this lowly one is truly ecstatic. This lowly one is the leader of Rohier faction, Suarurou.」


As far as I remember, I’m supposed to greet Suarurou, why is it like this?

Nice to meet you – no no, that is – can’t you be friendly?

The oni maids around are also amused so the atmosphere is not solemn in any way.

I’m in the middle of eating.

Can you stop kneeling?

I’ll appreciate it.

No need to apologize.


I had to ask Suarurou three times before she finally stood up.

I finally saw her face.

I saw her yesterday but all I remember is the foam on her face.

I’m glad she looks energetic.


Somehow, I feel like she’s strangely too energetic.

「This Suarurou swear that from this moment, I will dedicate my everything for Hiraku-sama.」


「Now, please give me your instruction. Are we going to destroy the demons first? Or the humans? If you destroy both, it might be hard to pass the Hiraku-sama’s greatness to the future generation…..however, if that’s what Hiraku-sama desires, I will not hesitate to do so.」


Wait a minute.


As if looking at my puzzlement with sympathy, Tier, Kierbit, and Gran Maria left with Suarurou.


Since my meal is already interrupted, I asked Suaruriu and Suarukou about their mother.

「Let us explain to you why our mother is like that…. When us angels are still referring to ourselves as godkins, she’s the strongest fighter of our whole race before Tier-sama emerges.」

Is that so?

「I heard that she’s extremely loyal to our race and shows no mercy to any of her opponents… that’s what they say how she is before we were born.」

I-is that so?

But, why did she say something about destroying the demons and humans?

「The Rohier faction that my mother belongs to is, to put it simply….. “The angel is a race recognized by god! Wouldn’t the world be peaceful and happy if there are only gods and angels?” is their belief. They are recognized as the most radical faction among the angels.」

They sure are radical.

And why is she, the leader of Rohier, strangely lifting me up?

「Rather than lifting, she’s worshipping you. Maybe our mother recognized village chief as someone equal to a god.」

Someone equal to a god, why would she think of that?

I don’t understand.

I’m not a god after all.

If she misunderstood something, we should clear it up.

「I think it’s because of the growth of the world tree.」


「The world tree was bestowed to the angels by a god. Even though it hadn’t grown until now, the tree suddenly grew as soon as it was passed to village chief. She’s probably thinking that only a god can do that.」

No no, that’s not my power but the AFT’s power.

Ah, the AFT is something I received from god so I guess misunderstanding is unavoidable.


For the time being, I have no choice but to tell her with sincerity.

That I’m a normal human.



「I apologize for what happened earlier. It seems like I misunderstood something and jumped ahead for some reason.」


Even without me persuading her, the misunderstanding has been cleared.

Tier, Kierbit, and Gran Maria worked hard?

Thank you.

「Hiraku-sama is peace-loving. I’ve acknowledged that. I pledge to annihilate all forces that are hostile to this village. I’m currently ashamed of myself who’s so arrogant to even ask for an order. If I’m not ordered, I have to move voluntarily.」

Yes, interruption.

Tier, Kierbit, Gran Maria, please.

Suaruriu and Suarukou, meeting.


「Eh? What? You’d like to destroy your mother?」

I heard something heavy.

「No, we only need to teach her a lesson. Until Tier-sama became active, she seemed to have been introducing herself as the angel of annihilation.」

Speaking of which, Tier has that title.

Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone are also called angels of holocaust.

Thinking about it, those titles sound very dangerous.

Seeing how Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone have been living in this village, I would never have thought of them as people with those titles.


How strong is she?

「Though they never fought against each other, Tier-sama is the strongest. With Kierbit, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone’s support, she’s not unbeatable.」

I see.

Then, let’s call Kuudel and Corone.

「No, that….Even if Tier-sama’s group won’t do anything, ten kuros are enough to take her down.」


Thinking about it, Tier was annihilated by the kuros when she first came here.

So, shall we call the kuros?

Ah, they’re already on stand-by.

Alright, with this, Suarurou will finally be controlled.

She scared me when she interrupted my meal a while ago but let’s do our best to “persuade” her this time.

I wonder how Tier, Kierbit, and Gran Maria are persuading her on their side.



「Lord, my great lord, please forgive me for my rudeness.」

Okay, normal.

However, I’ve already learned earlier.

「Again, I’m Suarurou, mother of Suarukou and Suaruriu. Please take care of me from now on. 」


Speak more casual.

It looks like you’re not used to it.

「Yes. Thank you very much. Then, I will speak a little more…..」


She finally was able to talk normally.

We talked about how Suaruriu and Suarukou are doing in this village.

The twin answered saying they are doing great.

In fact, they are hard workers.

They somewhat have a strong will to wait for instruction but they do what they were told.

They are an indispensable force of the village.

I even honestly told them that they don’t have to work that hard if possible.

Suarurou seems satisfied.


By the way, you fainted yesterday….

Ah, you were surprised that the world tree is growing but there are bugs that are eating its leaves.

As an angel, you find that unacceptable because god gives you the world tree for you to take care of?

Is that so?

Maa, that bug….that giant silkworm is similar to a pet for the world tree.

It’s not an enemy.

It is even beneficial to the world tree.

Overlook it.


Since there’s no longer a problem, my greeting with Suarurou ended.

Suarurou returned to the guest receiving room.

The twin, Suaruriu and Suarukou, accompanied her.

It looks like the two of them will serve as guides and lookouts.

The angel’s village that Malbit and Ruincia paid for has been completed but there’s no interior decoration yet.

It looks like Malbit and Ruincia will buy from Village Five when they come back next winter.

I felt relieved but my belly made a sound.

Speaking of which, my meal was interrupted.

It has completely cooled down but I should eat them or it will be a waste.

While eating, I asked Tier, Kierbit, and Gran Maria how they finally solved Suarurou’s misunderstanding.

After this, I shouldn’t do anything strange in order to further convince her.

「Village chief told me that he was pretending to be a human so he will not be pleased if she would expose him.」

Hearing Tier’s words, I stopped eating.

Kierbit continues.

「Tier and Gran Maria had the chance of bearing children of village chief. Rather than waging war and disturb him, she should urge Suaruriu and Suarukou to do their best.」

I-I see.

That certainly would end the conversation earlier but that would start a harsher nightlife.

Finally, Gran Maria.

「The army of god can never be defeated. In order to avoid the unlikely event of one in a ten thousand defeat, she should train every day instead and wait for the summon.」


In other words, the three of them did not correct Suarurou’s misunderstanding that I’m a god and even used that misunderstanding to stop her.

I see I see.

「No, what I wanted you to do was to convince her that I’m not a god.」

「There’s no way we can move a mountain.」

The three told me so.

「Are you telling me that Suarurou’s misunderstanding is already as big as a mountain?」

「No, not her but village chief’s insistence that he’s not a god.」

Gran Maria pointed out the window.

「You found a village in the middle of the forest of death. That alone is nothing but a work of god if not a miracle of god. Do you even expect to deceive someone given that obvious evidence?」



I got it.

Ah, sure, but, just a confirmation, you believe that I’m human, right?


Of course?


Then, can you tell me the reason why you believe so?


Why are you not looking at me?

No way, surely you don’t believe that I’m pretending to be a human, right?

You’re only joking, right?

Good joke.


For a while, I appealed to everyone that I’m human.

I want to believe that Beezel, Michael-san, and Doraim really believed me.

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