Chapter 491 – A Summer Day with Suarurou

I’m plowing the field.



This is the best. Calming.

Oh, Kuro.

Don’t just approach me when I’m holding a hoe.

You too, spiderlings.


Okay okay, I’ll take a break.

The position of the sun has changed already.

It seems like I’ve been plowing for a long time.



A little further away, Alfred and the others are playing so I went there to check on them.

When Alfred and the others went to Village Five, they did an escape game at the event facility. It is a riddle-solving escape game.

The facility will prepare riddles for children on different escape routes.

There should be several groups participating in such events.

According to the plan, a group can escape for an hour the fastest but Alfred’s group managed to escape in no time.

Because of that, they also participated in the escape game of adults.

It looks like the escape game for adults is adopted from what the adventurers encountered in dungeons. Brain is necessary but power is needed too and many mysteries are unreasonable.

Alfred’s group joined four other groups in that game but only one group managed to escape.

And it was an adult group that managed to escape.

They’re amazing.

And now…..they are training to something that they weren’t able to solve. They are training using locks.


Have the children never seen a lock?

Right, lock is hardly used in this village.

The only lock that the village uses is a built-in lock on a door.

However, not everyone is using it.

We have locks on wine storage, the basement of my mansion, Flora’s laboratory…..those are places that children don’t go to.

Those locks are either made from Howling Village or purchased from the Goroun Company.

They’ve never had the chance of unlocking a lock before…..

The lock that the children are playing with is different from the lock I know of.


How does this lock work? Will it open if you normally insert a key and turn it?

There are five keyholes and it will not open if you don’t insert the key the way it supposed to be.

 But this one here has no keyholes?


I have no idea where they are.

Ah, this place can be moved.



There’s no keyhole even though I moved it?

That reminds me, there’s no key either.



So, this one….this one.

It doesn’t open.

Ursa said leave it to her so I did.

Ursa quickly flipped the lock three times and the lock opened.

How did that happen?

I want to disassemble it for further examination.

However, it’s not good to take away children’s stuff, right?

Ah, this lock was bought by an oni maid in Village Five.

I see I see.


When I raised my head, I could already see a bunch of mountain elves.

Their eyes are full of curiosity and are obviously appealing to me.

I understand.

「Use my money. Buy them in Village Five.」

The store where you can buy it is….ask the oni maid.

And don’t disassemble it on the spot.


I resume my fieldwork.


In the forest, a little away from here, ancestor-san and Suarurou are fighting.

「Rotten vampireee!」

「Yaayyy, godkinnnn」



Don’t mind them.

Tier and Loo should be around so everything is okay.


I stopped working because the sun was about to go down.

Ancestor-san and Suarurou, who had been fighting each other, are getting along well.

「Hiraku-sama is a god.」

「Village chief is a god’s familiar. No one can change my mind on that.」


Neither Loo nor Tier is here so I guess it’s okay.

I did not hear what they were talking about.


Dinner time.

From the Sun Castle, or Village Four, Gou came over.

I thought something had happened but Gou’s purpose was Suarurou.

「Suarurou-sama, it has been a long time.」

「Yeah. It has been 600 years.」

Suarurou knew the Sun Castle.

It seems like she lived there for some time.

「So, why are you here? Do you want to see me?」

「Yes. Currently, the Sun Castle has changed its name to Village Four. It is being ruled by Village Chief Hiraku who’s currently here. I thought of informing you that.」

「Rest assured. I already heard it from Malbit and Ruincia. I don’t want the Sun Castle now since Hiraku-sama is….excuse me, since it is already under the rule of village chief. I’m village chief’s follower desu.」

「I’m relieved to hear those words.」

「Umu. By the way, do you still have fuel? I remember when I was still staying there, you said that there’s a severe fuel problem. Though I don’t want the Sun Castle, it is under village chief’s rule so I will not let it fall.」

「Rest assured. Village chief gave us enough fuel to keep flying for a million years.」

「As expected of village chief」

「Yes, as expected of village chief desu」

Ah, you two.

Since they are eating with me, should I say something?



I play with the lock that the mountain elves bought until it was time to take a bath.

I studied it in various ways.

For the time being, I will copy this lock using wood.

This is the lock that Ursa turned over and opened during the day.

Ah, is there an iron ball moving inside?

I see I see.

However, if you install this to a door, you can’t turn it over, right?

Also, it shouldn’t just be turned over, it should also be moved to the left and right.

It looks like the store already noted when the lock was bought.

This is something that shouldn’t be used in a door.



Well, this is only a sample and I should be more open-minded about the use of technology.

But this is quite interesting.

How about using it on a treasure chest instead of the usual lock?

A treasure chest without a keyhole.

Once completed, let’s have the event facility in Village Five use it.


When I was working.

In the guest receiving space, Suarurou was holding cat on her lap while drinking alcohol with wine slime.

「I see. I finally understand the reason why Malbit and Ruincia want to abandon the village.」

「What are you saying, mother? Didn’t you say you’re going home?」

Upon hearing Suaruriu’s question, Suarurou thinks a little.

「I would like to stay here as his follower until you receive some kind of grace from village chief.」

Suaruriu immediately told me her mother’s words.

Do you want her to go home that much?

Well, it’s fine.

However, you must think about it carefully first. It is a serious matter so you shouldn’t do it just because you were induced to do so.

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