Chapter 492 – Environment For Drinking Alcohol

The dwarves are always working hard to make alcohol.

But it is not limited to that.

They are also constantly studying how to enjoy alcohol more.

It is natural for them to make alcohol more delicious but they don’t have to study how to make food that is good to eat along with alcohol.

Because of that, I opened a new stage for them.


「The taste changes depending on the environment where you drink alcohol. I was wondering why aren’t you making a place that especially for that purpose….」

Donovan looked at me with a very surprised expression.

No no, you don’t have to be that surprised.

It is similar to a banquet.

There will be individual differences but think about this, between a dirty room and a beautiful room, wouldn’t drinking taste better in the beautiful room.

How about between a beautiful room and outdoor?

Temperature and humidity will affect the drinking environment a little but I think it will be better to drink in a natural environment.

A banquet is the result of creating an environment where many people can drink.

For people who like to drink with others, a banquet will make the alcohol taste better.

On the contrary, for those who want to drink quietly alone, that will be a bad environment.


This time, the environment I prepared is the universal ship.

We prepared the drinking place on the deck.

The concept is to drink alcohol while feeling the wind of the broad sky aboard the universal ship on a hot summer day.

You can imagine it like a cruise ship or a beer garden.

Well, there is a protective magic on the universal ship so I think we can enjoy the atmosphere without being hampered by the wind.


I consult the crew of the universal ship to determine the space.

We arrange a long table and chairs there.

Since it will be a night flight, I was thinking about what to do with lighting but Loo took care of it with magic.

Thank you.

I asked the dwarves for the alcohol and the oni maids for food.

I’m planning to go after dinner so I don’t think we need plenty of food but….just in case.

I was thinking that only adults will go since it will be a night of drinking but we made a space for children because I lost to their stares.

We also prepared rooms for children when they feel sleepy.

The kuros and the spiderlings defeated me with their stares too so there are also spaces for them.

I only thought of using the deck of the ship but now I decided to use inboard too.


I only intended to go with my family but the demon king, Beezel, Dors, Girar, Doraim, ancestor-san, and Suarurou are already waiting.

Well, they are like my relatives so it’s okay, maybe?

I heard that Youko, the holy maiden Celes, and Yuri will also participate.

When they finish their work in Village Five, they plan to immediately come back.

Though a lot of villagers want to participate, we can’t have everyone ride the ship.

Because of that, we decided that we’ll fly several times.


I just wanted to experience riding a cruise ship once….



Everyone has to properly eat dinner.

There’s a limit to the amount of food we can bring on board.

Then, the first flight of the night started.

According to schedule, every flight will last for 2hrs.

A few words first before the toast as a greeting.

Absolutely don’t fall.

Even if you don’t fall, if someone were to act dangerously, that person will be banned from coming next time.

Now, kanpai.



I drank last night.

I drank too much.

It seems like I was swept by the atmosphere.

My memory is vague.

Did I do something dangerous?

If I was not careful and did something dangerous, it is not a laughing matter.

Then, I recall….

Yeah, I drank alcohol.

We drank noisily.

The children had juice.

Hakuren and the oni maids Ann and Ramurias are watching over them so they are safe.

The fairy queen also played with the children.

The adults were drinking alcohol while enjoying the night sky.

Several harpies are flying around the universal ship as precaution against both enemy and someone falling.

Thank you.

At the center are several people performing.

Right right, Suaruriu and Suarukou appeared with towels around their stomach.

「We are pregnant.」

When they said that, Suarurou immediately drank heavily.

Did she believe them?

Or was she surprised by her daughters’ eccentric conduct?


On the bow of the universal ship, Kuro and Yuki are looking at the night sky side by side.

The atmosphere between them is great.

The spiderlings are hanging on the sails of the universal ship.

They are okay since they won’t be pushed out by the wind…..this ship is protected by magic.

The spiderlings gathered and made an image on the sail.

That’s awesome.


Yeah yeah, it looks like I didn’t do anything unacceptable.




Why am I in Village Four now?

The universal ship is also anchored here.

Looking around, the people who were on the universal ship along with the villagers of Village Four are drunk.

Bell, Gou, and Kuzuden are also wasted.



Did I get drunk so much that I told them to charge to Village Four?

I asked Youko who’s not wasted and even still drinking.

「Since the food run out in the middle, it has been decided to resupply at Village Four since it was nearby that time.」

I see.

「After arriving at Village Four, we started a banquet since this place is similar to the universal ship. I remember you saying that.」

….why don’t I remember anything you just said?

There’s no point thinking about it.

Let’s refrain from drinking for now.

And even if I have to drink, I shouldn’t drink much.

This is for the best.


I apologize to Bell, Gou, and Kuzuden.

You had fun since Village Four has very little experience in having a fancy banquet?


I have the alcohol and food that was used to be replenished later.

Oni maids, I apologize.

I left all the cooking to you.

And Donovan.

What’s with drinking while watching the sunrise?

It’s the best? Really?

I’ve already enjoyed the night drinking so no.

Let’s get back to the village now.

The villagers are probably worried.


Since then, for several days.

There’s a night flight banquet every night at the universal ship.

Those who have yet to participate are prioritized.

I’m also always present but I refrained from drinking alcohol.


And the dwarves became obsessed with creating the environment for drinking alcohol.

There is no such thing as an annoying place.

There is no such thing as a dangerous place.

I think their passion is good but drinking at the top of a tree is dangerous.

You’ll fall once you get drunk.

Boats started to float at the reservoir too.

I think it will definitely turn over.

I don’t dislike it though.

How about thinking about the interior of stores that serve alcohol? Why don’t you try that?

I tried my best to correct the direction of ideas of the dwarves.

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