Chapter 493 – Straw Hat and Raz Maria

I heard from the lizardmen that there’s some sort of fish that was entering the reservoir.

It’s not a big type of fish, just a 10cm one.

I rode a boat on the reservoir with my fishing tool.

Since it’s still hot, I didn’t forget to wear a straw hat.

This straw hat was made by a villager.

It has improved a lot.

Kuro accompanied me and he too is wearing a straw hat.

Compared to the straw hat that was made by Village One villagers, this is somewhat not that pleasing but I don’t mind.


Have I been here for 2 hours?

Not even a nibble.


How about I ask the pond turtle living in the reservoir to drive the fish to me?

No, that’s pointless.

There should be fishes, right?


It’s enough to know that there are.

Kuro, who has been riding the boat with me, is already sleeping.

Yeah, that’s fine.

If he’s also awake and waiting for a bite, it would only add up to my pressure.



Don’t ask me anything related to fishing.


It’s great that I was able to refresh.

I’m not frustrated.

And I won’t use the AFT just for that.

For now, let’s make a new pole.

I think it would be good to make different kinds of hooks too.

There’s no response after all.

There’s no problem with the bait, right?

According to the pond turtle, the fishes are devouring the baits that are not in a hook.


How about the thread?

No, this thread is made by Zabuton.

There shouldn’t be any problem.

Before I used it, Zabuton attached a fishing hook with bait to the thread and easily caught one.

As for others, Kuro is only sleeping there so there’s no problem with him too.

Ah, I forgot to get the straw hat from him.


His horn struck the straw hat.

I’ll fix it….no, I’ll make this straw hat as Kuro’s exclusive straw hat.

I’ll put it at the entrance of the mansion so he can wear it when the sun is too bright.

Even though I said that, it’s not like he can wear it himself.


Red Armor and White Armor, who’s guarding the entrance of my mansion, raise their legs.

Okay, I’ll leave it to you then.

I’ll make little straw hats for the two of you……some other time.

I feel the gaze of the kuros and spiderlings.

For everyone…..impossible.

We have materials but we don’t have time.

Summer will end soon.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s make straw hats for your common use.

Don’t fight over them.




Loo and Tier asked for straw hats for the children.

No no, why don’t you ask Village One for that?

They want the ones I made?


I can’t say no.

I’ll work hard.


It was decided to hold a festival in Village Five.

It is a village founding festival but not similar to the country founding festival.

According to Youko, it is the festival to praise the village chief, me.

The villagers of Village Five thought of it themselves so she permitted them to do so.

They are also making a statue of me. They will be making a portable shrine for it and carry it around Village Five.


I wonder if I should ask them to replace my statue with the god of creation or the farming god.

I’ll carve it for them.

I’ll do what it takes to carve them.

Ancestor-san, go over there for a while.


The result.

My statue was made by Village Five’s villagers.

I decided to make statues of the god of creation and the farming goddess so that it won’t stand out.

However, I think now that it would be better if it is only my statue….

I mean, why should I even be lined up with gods in the first place?

Isn’t that disrespectful?

The holy maiden Celes said that there’s no problem but I think you should treat the gods better.

There will be differences with the portable shrines because of that.

I also made Youko’s statue.

Her statue is in her human form but it also has her nine tails form sitting behind it.

Upon seeing it, Youko laughed.

She said that I beautify it too much.

Hitoe, Youko’s daughter, is really fond of it.

Well, this is Youko’s statue after all.

However, it is too big so it is impossible to put it on a portable shrine.



I shouldn’t have made a life-size statue of human Youko.

Because of that, I made the nine tails version life-size too.

I made it with lots of effort so let’s display it in front of Youko’s Mansion in Village Five.

After the festival, I plan to decorate it near the teleportation gate of Village Five.


I showed up at the last part of the festival.

I wore Zabuton-made clothes and had a speech in front of the villagers.

It was written by the civil servant girls so I didn’t have a hard time thinking of something to say.

Though I was nervous to speak to a large number of people, it ended safely.

Thus, the festival ended with my speech but the banquet will continue till night.

It was lively.


Around the time where we’re supposed to start the summer harvest, a visitor arrives.

Angel Raz Maria.

My first impression of her: gorgeous hair, beautiful chest, calm demeanor, soft smile and words.

Rather than an angel, she’s more of a goddess.

She’s Gran Maria’s mother.

Immediately after greeting me, she started a battle with Sururou.

That’s not….so goddess-like.


Last spring, after sending Malbit and Ruincia back, Gran Maria went to her mother to report that she had given birth to Roze Maria.

She should have come back with her but it was Suarurou who came with them.

I was overwhelmed by Suarurou’s impact so I wasn’t able to hear what happened there until now….

「Mother seems to have pressed an errand to Raz Maria.」

Suaruriu and Suarukou were the ones who told me that.

It looks like she had Raz Maria accompany her to attend a certain festival of a certain country that Suarurou’s supposed to handle at the beginning of the year.

In the middle of the festival, Suarurou escaped.

Gran Maria, who was helping with Malbit’s work back in the angel’s village, was forced by her to take her to Big Tree Village.

She has left Raz Maria, who has no choice but to stay until the end of the festival as well as no guide that can take her to Big Tree Village.

After her battle with Suarurou, Raz Maria’s brunt was directed to Gran Maria and Kierbit.

「Did you two think that I will just let you go?」

Though they did not fight, her smile made Gran Maria and Kierbit scared.

However….what happened to Suarurou?

Wasn’t she the strongest before Tier claimed that title?

I guess she can’t beat the power of “I want to see my granddaughter”.

That might be the case….so she should properly apologize.

Gran Maria let Raz Maria hold Roze Maria.


The one who guided Raz Maria here is none other than Malbit.

Isn’t it still early for you to come?

That’s a nice smile but won’t you be scolded by Ruincia later?

You’ll think about it later?

I don’t mind but when the time comes, don’t ask for help.


For the time being, help us with harvest.

Don’t complain.

Even Doraim helps me by harvesting radish.


She’s helping us too.

Look at the carrots over there. Those are harvested by Suarurou herself.

I’m not lying.

Hey, Suarurou.

It looks like you’ve recovered, tell her.

「Village chief is a god.」

No, that’s not what I ask you to tell her.

Malbit, I don’t know why you look so convinced but don’t just nod.

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