Chapter 494 – Looking Back On Summer

While plowing the field for autumn, I’m also looking back at what happened this summer including the stores in Village Five.

The summer festival of Big Tree Village was thrown to the civil servant girls as usual.

This year’s festival is a music festival.

Whether it was singing, playing an instrument, or even making a sound, you can do it.

It will be for the judges to decide whether your concept of music will win.

The winner was the phoenix chick Aegis who sang.

I never thought that Aegis had such a great skill.

No one doubted his victory.

Loo, who’s a judge like me, was muttering something about the cry of life.

I know how she feels.

The moment I heard Aegis, I couldn’t help but remember when Alfred was born.

The cows’ performance is also precious.

The cows formed a line and made a comical song with their moo.

And one of them sounds like a rapper.

Aside from that, there’s also the musical of the spiderlings and the howl choir of the kuros.

The performance of the high elves is superb as always but everyone’s already used to listening to their music whenever there’s an event.

We’re waiting for their new songs.


In addition to the festival, there’s also Gulf’s riot.

Since an adventurers guild was founded in Village Five, Gulf was able to work regularly as an adventurer.

His registration as an adventurer was canceled due to a certain period of inactivity. However, Gulf was pleased because he wanted to start over from scratch.

I think it is a bit harsh to cancel the registration because of inactivity but the adventurers guild must guarantee the identity of the adventurers so they won’t let those who are not doing adventurer’s job be adventurers in name.

Also, even if he’s not working as an adventurer, he’s still reporting his whereabouts to them which is already a good deal of concession.

If it only ended like that, it would have been great but the adventurers guild of Shashaato City doesn’t seem to agree.

Gulf had re-registered in the adventurers guild of Shashaato City and restarted his adventurer activities there.

He’s active in Shashaato City until the adventurers guild in Village Five was built.

Gulf seems to be an exceptional adventurer.

Because of that, the adventurers guild of Shashaato City was greatly promoting Gulf.

However, when the adventurers guild in Village Five was built, Gulf began to go there to report and rarely show up in Shashaato City.

Then, the adventurers guild of Shashaato City, which has been promoting that they have Gulf, was in trouble and even began a plan to have Shashaato City be renamed as Gulf City to have him return.

The adventurers guild of Village Five sensed their movement and orchestrated Gulf in order for him to not go to Shashaato City.

In the end, the adventurers guild of Shashaato City has come to the adventurers guild in Village Five for a duel.

It became a group battle. A 10 vs 10 battle was held at the event facility at the foot of Village Five and it seems like it has become well known.

The result was the victory of five guards that suddenly broke into their duel.

The white silver knight and the red iron were among the five and I heard they overwhelmed them.

When the match was over, Gulf finally spoke.

「I am a guard of the village chief of this village, it is impossible for me to go to Shashaato City.」

It was a great victory for the adventurers guild of Village Five.

No, well, there wasn’t even the need to duel from the beginning.

It all happened because Gulf did not make things clear. However, no one can blame him for his delayed response.

That’s because his first grandchild was born.

His first grandchild is a girl.

A granddaughter.

He’s been taking care of his granddaughter every day until his son’s wife recovered from the fatigue caused by childbirth.

That time, his mouth slipped saying he’s a thousand times happier compared to the time when his son was born and had a big fight with his wife.

Well, even though Gulf’s wife also thinks that their granddaughter is cute, she did not like it when her husband is happier compared to the birth of his own son.

I ended up going in between them.

It is normal to be upset with each other from time to time.

By the way, about the adventurers guild.

You better go there before it escalates more.

No, it’s not entirely your fault.


Right right, the pool.

Though the pool was opened like usual this year, it is Suarurou’s first time.

And Raz Maria also came over later.

Malbit already knew about the pool but it was her first time coming over in summer.

She’s so excited that you wouldn’t think of her as a mother with an adult daughter.

I look at them enjoying it.

While I’m doing that, I was caught by the three’s daughters, Gran Maria, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou.


You look great too.


I’m only staring at Raz Maria’s chest?

That’s not true.


Please stop your dishonorable suspicion.

I guess I will have it hard later.


As for other things that happened this summer….the fairy queen’s case.

The fairy queen prefers sweets.

But that doesn’t mean that she can’t eat anything other than sweets.

She rarely eats them.

The case started with the hamburgers made for children.

Seeing the children eating it happily, the fairy queen got curious and requested a hamburger too.

At that time, the number of hamburgers is the same as the number of children so the oni maid had to rush to make a hamburger for her.

That’s where a mistake was made.

The children’s hamburger had cheese in it.

The fairy queen’s hamburger doesn’t have one.

She might not have noticed it if no one pointed it out but the children said,

「The cheese in this hamburger is delicious」

The fairy queen quietly checks her hamburger which is already half-eaten.

She was silent.

And became super sulky.

I won’t mind if she goes somewhere and sulks however she wants but she sulks in front of me.

As expected, keeping her company all the time will be a hindrance.

Let’s have a sweets day.

She’ll be lonely if she’s alone so I called the children.

When the fairy queen’s mood was restored, I told her to apologize to the oni maid who made the hamburger.

Although she forgot to put cheese, she made it especially for you.

Never forget to show gratitude.


So, those things happened huh.

There are various things that happened but they are surprisingly few.

That means it’s peaceful.

That’s great.



Girar, I’ll be troubled if you stand in the way.

Girar said that her wife wants to see Guraru.

I won’t stop you so just take Guraru home.

I know that she doesn’t want to leave Hiichirou but Hiichirou can’t leave yet.

He’s still young.

Even if I let him, Raimeiren will surely go with him.

Maa, Girar said he’ll persuade Raimeiren….no, I just told you that….

Is it impossible to bring your wife here?

She’s seriously injured that she’s unable to move?


Why didn’t you say that earlier?

Can she be treated?


I shouldn’t worry?

No, I’m curious.

She was injured five hundred years ago?

It is certainly a major injury but her life’s not in danger.

She even gave birth to Guraru even in that state.

Since you say so, she’s probably fine.

So, she can’t transform into her human form and that makes it difficult for her to go out.

I see.

Are you sure it is impossible to treat her?

「Yeah, if I don’t have a leaf of the world tree, there’s no way to heal her.」



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