Chapter 495 – Enemy of God, Guronde

Girar’s wife came in her dragon form.

She’s a gigantic dragon.

Much much bigger than Dors’ dragon form.

The scales covering her body are big and each of them looks like a sharp black rock.

She looks like a moving mountain.

Her wings are small and don’t suit her gigantic body.

No, her wings are still larger compared to Dors’ wings.

Actually, they are not flying using their wings so the size of the wings doesn’t matter.

Her tail is thick and long.

It’s about three times the length of her body.

It looks a little unbalanced but no one would even notice it because Girar’s wife has a more noticeable feature.

She has eight heads.

They are connected to her eight necks and each of her heads are as scary as the other.

I’m sorry for saying this but, if evil or justice will be judged visually, she’s definitely evil.

If I didn’t know that she’s Girar’s wife I wouldn’t even think that she’s female.


Girar’s wife came from the north and passed over the village and landed on the south of the village.

It has been a rule that no one can land inside the village.

Because of that, I’m also waiting for her in the south of the village.

Girar’s wife landed at the south forest and all the trees that were pressed by her tails broke.

One of her heads looked back at the broken trees and had an expression of someone who failed at landing.

And the dragon disappeared, one woman appeared.

Long black hair…..a woman in black dress.

Even if she’s at a distance, she can be judged as someone beautiful.

However, after several steps, the beautiful woman in black dress fell.


It is obvious if you look at her face.


I tried not to look at her face.

I leave it to Girar.

I heard that she hadn’t transformed into her human form for the last five hundred years.

She might have forgotten how to properly walk.


By the way, Kuro and his pups are standing in front of me.

They are wary of Girar’s wife. Their tails are down and their legs are trembling.

Thank you.

Don’t overdo it.

Spiderlings, you don’t have to set up your webs around.

She’s not an enemy.

She’s Girar’s wife.

Maa, they are probably wary of her because they have been listening to her saga from Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Hakuren.


Her name is Guronde.

Her title is “Enemy of God”.

If you read the history of this world, you’ll absolutely read the name of dragon Guronde.

Guronde seems to be younger than Dors and Girar but she has more legendary stories than Dors and Girar combined.

Hakuren can also be read as a fearful existence but compared to Guronde, Hakuren can be categorized as a normal dragon.   

The first reason is because she can be talked to.

The second reason, like Dors and Raimeiren, she’s not hated.

However, Guronde is different.

She’s an existence that rampages everywhere for fun.

And she’s strong.

She’s powerful enough that both Dors and Raimeiren avoid fighting her.

It was 800 years ago when Guronde was rampaging around.

Though she said to be rampaging around, she’s not looking for an enemy but only attacked just because she feels like it.

She causes big damage but there are almost no person casualties because everyone can be evacuated in time.

There are two reasons why she was referred to as “Enemy of God”.

First one is that she has killed armies of challengers.

She doesn’t chase those who evacuate but she shows no mercy to those who challenge her.

Among the army she destroyed was an army of a religious force that then began calling her “enemy of god”.

The second reason is the destruction of the world tree.

The world tree, which is assumed to be the only one in the world, was crushed and burnt by her.

As for the reason, it’s because it’s on her way.

The world tree is said to be a miracle created by a god and she who destroyed it deserves to be called the “enemy of god”.


Violence that doesn’t even think of anything else.

Attacking whatever she sees.

That’s how Guronde was evaluated.

It was Girar who stopped her.

At that time, Girar, who’s sharp in various meanings, has challenged Guronde to check if he can beat her.

As the result, Girar and Guronde got married.

Guronde, who was rumored to be on her way to destroy the world, began to quietly hide in a nest.

Since then, Guronde has never attacked anyone unless her nest was invaded.


And five hundred years ago.

When the threat of Guronde was forgotten, the heroes targeted her when Girar was away.

Even if they die, they will be resurrected.

14 of them.

And 260 companions.

Magic weapons were supplied to the group by various powers.

Those powers have never forgotten Guronde’s threat.

They are armed enough to take down a dragon.


When Girar returned to the nest, seven heads of Guronde were crushed and her wings and tails were cut.

But Guronde’s still alive.

All the heroes who challenged her were annihilated and all their magic weapons were destroyed.

The heroes revived but the countries that sent those heroes are already on the way to receive Girar’s revenge.

Girar’s strategy is thoroughly destroying the economic foundation of the heroes while not directly challenging the heroes head-on.

His strategy is effective as the heroes’ scale of activity has been reduced.

Guronde’s threat was forgotten and overtaken by Girar’s threat.

By the way, Dors arbitrated between the countries that sent the heroes and Girar.

Girar responded to the arbitration but that made a rift in his relationship with Dors.


Guronde tried to quietly recover in the nest.

If she uses the dragon’s regenerative power, she will be able to do so in time.

However, after a hundred years, only her wings and tails were regenerated and her heads didn’t.

At that time, Girar sought the help of the known sage dragon.

Maa, only half, the other half was kidnapping.

The sage dragon tried every treatment and even used a number of magic and tools but her heads never regenerated.

And finally, when he said that only the leaves of the world tree that Guronde crushed and burned can heal her, Girar despaired.

Guronde gave up saying that it was the result of her own action.


When I told him that the world tree is in the village, Girar’s face….was mixed with various emotions.

After all, after I planted the world tree, Girar came several times.

Didn’t you know?

He has never seen the world tree so he thought it was an ordinary tree.

I see….

For the time being, it seems like he needs three leaves of world tree per one head.

He needs three leaves and he wants to regenerate seven heads so 21 leaves.

Maa, she’s a dragon so maybe she needs more.

I gave him a hundred.

It seems like he knows how to use it.

Girar took the leaves of the world tree and returned in a hurry.

While seeing off Girar, I took out the AFT in hoe form and plowed around the world tree.

This is the only way I can thank the world tree but for some reason, the nyunyu-daphnes are envious.

But nyunyu-daphnes.

Aren’t you staying at the soil that was also plowed by the AFT?

You….should not be envious of other trees.


I got a call right away.

Guronde’s heads have recovered.

You don’t have to be that thankful.

Dors, Doraim, Hakuren, and Raimeiren panicked a little when they heard us.

I don’t know anything about Guronde so they told me about her.

After dinner, when I told them about it, Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria panicked a lot.

I heard that they had challenged Guronde when they were still calling themselves godkins.

After that, they are also one of the powers that supplied magic weapons to the heroes.

I don’t want any dispute in the village so I recommended that we set up a place for reconciliation and try to discuss things there.

It seems like they’ll be hiding for a while.


So, Guronde arrived….

It’s taking her a lot of effort just to walk.

She hasn’t arrived before me yet.

She got angry when Girar tried to lift her.


Since there’s no other way, Zabuton came out.

Zabuton quickly went to Guronde and carried her on her back.

Zabuton slowly lowers Guronde before me.

「I-I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. I’m Guronde. Please take care of me from now on.」

Polite greeting.

「My apologies but this frugal thing is my greeting gift. This is a handmade goods but please receive it.」

It’s a long box.

It’s slightly heavy.

I opened the box to check it.

There’s a very divine sword with a scabbard.


Handmade goods?

Is Guronde a blacksmith?

「That sword was my cut tail.」

I-is that so?

I’m troubled with what kind of reaction I should show.

For now, I’ll just smile.


「My apologies for my delayed response. I’m Village Chief Hiraku. I will not refuse Girar’s wife so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.」

After greeting each other, it will be time for the warm reception in my mansion….

My apologies Zabuton, can you bring Guronde there?


By the way.

When I was waiting for Guronde in the south of the village, Beezel came.

「Ano, the “enemy of god” is revived. She looks like she’s going to this village…..」

Beezel said so with a serious expression but the Guronde he reported is the one I’ll greet here.

「Ah, the usual. hahaha」

Beezel was convinced for some reason and went home.

What do you mean the usual?


I did not know but it seems like various places panicked when they saw Guronde flying over.

There are a lot of people who lived long in the demon king’s kingdom after all.

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