Chapter 496 – A Few Days After I Greeted Guronde

Three days have passed since Guronde arrived in the village.

At first, she’s kind of nervous but she’s relaxed now.

On the first night of Guronde’s arrival, the mountain elves built wheelchairs for her who still can’t walk properly.

One for indoor and one for outdoor.

Both are a bit heavy but it is Girar who pushes them so there’s no problem.

She also seems to love the hot spring when Girar brought her there on her wheelchair.

The two of them went to the hot spring again this morning.

For food, she preferred the fanged rabbits and huge boars that were hunted in the forest.

She seems to like meat.

As for vegetable….Girar told me that she likes cabbage.

She also eats radish and cucumber.

She can eat them as long as there’s miso.

She doesn’t drink much alcohol.

I thought she doesn’t like alcohol but that’s not the case.

Guronde seems to like alcohol but once she gets drunk, she will not be able to maintain her human form.

Because of that, in order for her to drink alcohol, we prepared a banquet outside so there won’t be a problem even if she transformed.

The wine slime and the dwarves are always on standby.

Guronde surprisingly drinks with the dwarves.

And when the sun was about to rise, Girar looked at the sleeping dragon form Guronde who’s still holding alcohol barrels with a gentle expression.

She’s been injured for a long time.

He’s glad that there’s a world tree here.


Story related to the world tree.

First, Dors.

「Girar, I’m sorry. I know that your wife was injured but I never thought that she needs the leaves of the world tree.」

Dors knows that there’s a world tree in Big Tree Village so he apologized for that.

「No. I hid my wife’s state too. It’s natural that you don’t know. Don’t mind it.」

Girar laughs loudly.

Guronde hid in the deepest part of the nest and no one has heard her voice except for Girar and Guraru.

However, even if it is Girar and Guraru, she won’t show herself.

It’s because her heads were crushed and are rotting.

Thanks to the regenerative power of dragons, rotting stopped at her heads but still, that’s not the appearance anyone would want to show her husband and daughter.

Guronde laughed as she’s telling me that story but that’s kind of heavy.

I had trouble replying.


Next, the angels Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria.

The angels considered the world tree sacred and the one who burned the world tree, Guronde, their mortal enemy.

In the past, it seems that they had a lot of gruesome battles.

However, the angels stopped getting involved with Guronde because no matter what they do, they can’t win against her.

Though that’s what they declared back then, they were the ones who supplied the heroes with weapons five hundred years ago.

What’s more, they are magic weapons that are particularly effective against dragons.

Those are also the cause of Guronde’s injuries.

Malbit apologizes for that matter as the angel’s chief.

Guronde also apologized for burning the world tree.

Both parties don’t seek reparations from each other.

I thought my role was over when I arranged their meeting but I was forced to join because Malbit refused to let my clothes go.

Though I also don’t think that years of antagonism won’t easily disappear, an apology is an important step to make it fade away.

I look forward to the future of both parties.

For some reason, I managed to say something great.


After the apology, Suarurou and Raz Maria, who were with Malbit, expressed their gratitude.

The thorn that had been stuck in the angels for a long time has been pulled.

The three of them are from different factions of the angels but what had happened is something that the whole angel race would want.

They only said this at the end.

「It was great that Guronde is calm.」


Similarly, Guronde also expressed her gratitude.

She burned the world tree and the angels picked a fight with her every chance they have.

When she apologized to the angels, she felt lighter.

She only said this at the end.

「It was great that the angels are calm.」


Ma-maa, let’s rejoice that they arrived at a mutual compromise.

The principle may be different but it is prohibited to quarrel in Big Tree Village.

There’s no problem with argument though.

Just don’t use violence.


And those are the stories related to the world tree.



The Big Tree Village is in the mood of welcoming Guronde.

Especially the civil servant girls and the children.

Some of the civil servant girls were happy because they could even hear Guronde’s saga from the person herself.

When they heard the stories in detail, they became noisy with their historical discovery.

As for the children, they were really impressed with Guronde’s dragon form.



The children did not know how to express their excitement and they were jumping and shouting.

Especially Ursa and Hiichirou.

Their eyes were sparkling.

Girar is very satisfied seeing them like that.

Guronde was a little shy.


A problem arises.

There were two people who were offended because Hiichirou praised Guronde too much.

Raimeiren, Hiichirou’s grandmother, and Guraru, Hiichirou’s wife candidate.

At first, Raimeiren smiles at Hiichirou who’s surprised by Guronde but before she knows it, she’s already thinking that she’s trying to get Hiichirou’s attention by transforming into a dragon.

As for Guraru, she’s happy that her mother is being praised but now she’s looking at her mother with scary eyes.

That’s not how you should look at your mother.

It’s clearly the eyes one gives to a love rival.

How about Hiichirou’s mother, Hakuren? Is she alright?

You’re fine since you have me?

I’m glad but Hiichirou….at the end of the day, he’ll surely return to his mother.

I see.

If he doesn’t, you’ll probably sulk.

No, no, I should say something ominous.


Anyway, it will be a problem since it is about to develop into an irregular tag battle between Guronde vs Raimeiren and Guraru.

Can you please not fight in your dragon form?

You’ll break a lot of things.

I was asked by both Dors and Girar so I stopped them by throwing the AFT in spear form in the middle of both parties.

The three finally calmed down and even showed me that they are shoulder to shoulder close.

No, you don’t have to show it to me. It is okay as long as you get along.

And Hiichirou.

You’re still a child so it can’t be helped but it is important to know your limit in praising the opposite sex.

It’s going to cause a lot of trouble.

When you grow up a little more, I’ll teach you more about it.

Ah, it’s important.

Something really important.

Of course, you too, Alfred, Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, and Torain.


Ursa, don’t even try. You can’t just cut someone’s head because there are eight of them.


After talking to Guronde, I was able to solve several of my questions.

What I’m curious about is when Guronde was in her dragon form, she had eight heads but did she have eight personalities?

I wonder.

She has eight personalities.

However, she has one main personality, and the remaining seven are sub-personalities.

Her sub-personalities are controlled by her main personality and in some cases, can be integrated.

The same is true even in her human form.

However, in her current state, she only has one personality since all others are resting.

It seems like her body can’t move well because her other personalities are resting.

I heard that she finds it hard just to fly to this village.

Maa, I heard that she’ll get used to it after 10 or so years.

She also blocked those personalities of her when she started her relationship with Girar.


The one who gained the most in talking with Guronde is the demon king.

「Guronde-dono, so you’re saying that word alone is dissatisfying?」

「Of course. It is great to hear about the good scenery and the delicious food but after all, it is nothing but a story.」

「Mou. Then, my wife is….」

「 She never says she’s dissatisfied but that’s what she thinks.」

「I-is that so…」

The demon king seems to have promised his wife that he’ll never let her get involved in politics when they got married.

Because of that, he hasn’t brought her wife to this village yet.


Is it political to bring someone to this village?

Well, she’s the wife of the demon king so she’s basically the queen.

If a queen is to visit, it might become political.

「I invited her several times but I never get a good reply.」

「Even if she refuse, sometimes, you have to use force to bring someone out.」

Hearing Guronde, the demon king fell into deep contemplation.

Then, he began to plan with Beezel on how to take her wife here.

I heard from the beastboys, who are going to the school of the demon king’s kingdom, that the principal is the wife of the demon king….

「You’re only going to play together in your spare time so it’s definitely not related to politics.」

That said, he might be able to convince her now.


When the demon king was contemplating from Guronde’s words, Girar, who was listening, was upset.

He whispered to Guronde.

「S-should I have taken you out by force?」

「Fufufu. Didn’t you use that method to bring me here?」

「Ri-right. Hahahahahaha」

It’s good to see that their relationship as a couple is good.

Guraru is already big so you don’t need to hold back.

How can a child not obstruct the parents?

Well, a child is never an obstruction.

Thought it might be a little troublesome in the middle of the night.

No, nothing.

It’s safe so go now.

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