Chapter 497 – Guronde’s Scale

Guronde’s scales are like black rocks.

The height and width of one of them should be around 3 to 4 meters.

The thickness is around 1 meter….or looks like that.

It’s around 80cm.


And hard.

Super hard.

No, Hakuren, you don’t have to compete.

Raimeiren, don’t bring your scales too.


There are already 200 pieces of big and hard scales of Guronde here after all.

They are all before me.

It seems like they are expensive.

At first, they were supposed to be payment for the world tree leaves that Guronde used for her to be cured but I declined.

I know how she feels. I was so sick before too and it’s really painful not to be able to move.

If I hear someone can’t move because of injury, I can’t just leave that person alone.

Also, even if I receive those, it’s not like I can feed those to the silkworms.

Therefore, I declined.

You should not be thankful of me but to the angels who protected the world tree sapling.

I just took those leaves from the tree after all.


Seeing that I declined, Guronde and Girar changed their ideas.

It’s going to be the martial arts tournament soon and they are still staying in the village.

So they said those are payments for staying.

If that is the case, then I’ll take them.

My problem now is how do I use them.

The warehouse of the village is already overflowing with dragon scales.

Every year, a new warehouse needs to be built.

I have to do something about it soon.

I have been taught that dragon scales are valuable and it will be rude for me to throw Guronde’s scale since it’s her payment for staying in the village.

I have to use it somehow.


I gave 10 pieces to Beezel and have him donated to the school where the beastboys are attending.

It will take time to cash in?

It’s too expensive so there are only a limited number of people that can buy them?

Maa, I see.

You can take some commission so please take care of it.

Ah, you can only carry them one by one?

Sorry, let me help you.


10 to Loo.

You don’t have any way of cashing it?

Why don’t you ask Michael-san?

One piece might be the limit?

I see.

Then, one piece.

Donate it to the Ifrus School in Shashaato City.


I thought of Youko but she already escaped.

It seems like the operating expenses of Village Five is sufficient.

In addition, there’s also no way to cash it.

Don’t Village Five have merchants….impossible?

I’m the only one who has the ability to buy a scale?




If there’s no way to cash it, then let’s just use them as materials.

AFT, I choose you!

I processed Guronde’s scale and tried making a kitchen knife.

Black kitchen knife.


Not bad.

Let’s have Ann try it out.

「It’s too sharp so it’s dangerous. Seal it.」

It was sealed in a warehouse.

The kitchen knife not only cuts the ingredients but also the cutting board.

It’s a pity since I made fifty of them.

All of them are sealed.


It was a mistake to make an everyday life object out of it.

Let’s use it to create weapons.

Sword, ax, scythe, spear.

The handle part will be made of wood from the forest….complete.

「Don’t they look like badass?」

That’s an oni maid’s impression.

I think black weapons look cool too.

If anyone asks if they are badass, they are.

As for sharpness…I wonder?

Let’s have Gulf try them.

「I can’t. No one can use it. Let’s seal it.」

It managed to cut down a tree in the forest with one swing but it was recommended to be sealed?


It’s probably the same as the kitchen knife. If a weapon is too sharp, it’s dangerous to use.

「No, that’s not the reason. It took out all of me with just one swing. It’s quite unfortunate. I’m pretty tired. I mean….I’m sorry, I’m going to faint.」

When I tried waving it myself, I didn’t feel anything strange….

Maa, let’s just go with Gulf’s recommendation and seal these weapons.

The fainted Gulf was sent to Gulf’s house.


If that is the case, this might be a good armor material.

Well then….

What should I do?

Should I cut them to the right sizes?

「Ano, a dragon’s scale will be used as it is…..」

Gutt told me the problem.

「Dragon scales are usually crushed into powder and mixed with iron.」

Is that so?

「If it is a lesser dragon, it might be used as it is but the dragons that come to this village are greater, no, special class. If we can pulverize them, we will be able to use them.」

So that’s the only way Gutt can….

Ah, let me pulverize them for you.

I transformed the AFT into a small knife and scrape Guronde’s scale little by little.

I collect the powder and put them in a small barrel and give it to Gutt.

Gutt, you don’t have to worship me.

He’s acting like Suarurou.

When I saw Gutt carefully handling the powdered scales like a treasure, I realized how valuable it is.

Gutt quickly makes two daggers.

The first one is a normal iron dagger.

The other one is mixed with powdered scales of Guronde.

They look the same but their sharpness was on a completely different level.

Just mixing powdered scales makes this much difference?

「It is said that powdered dragon scales gather magical power of the atmosphere to improve and maintain the sharpness of the dagger. Therefore, the blade of the dagger with powdered dragon scales doesn’t need any maintenance.」


You’re describing it as if there’s a will in a dragon’s powdered scale.

Also, if there’s no need for maintenance, how long will it last?

While you were processing the dagger, it knows that you’re processing it?

That’s strange.

Also, staying sharp doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be polished, right?


Maa, I got it.

For the time being, the use of Guronde’s scale is decided.

I’ll pulverize all of them.



I shouldn’t?

That small barrel is enough?

Don’t be shy.



I could only give him two small barrels.

The number of scales has not decreased because what I shaved was what’s left with the scale that I cut to make the kitchen knives.

I only managed to use one piece.


It can’t be helped.

Should I just make them weight stones?

I can probably process them into a shape that’s easy to hold….

From a single scale, I can make a lot of weight stones.

Even I can understand that it’s pointless.


Is there no other way to use them?

What’s the characteristic of Gulonde’s scale?

They are big.


I polished one side of the scales using the AFT and tried to turn it into a mirror.

It should be flat that nothing is distorted.

Ah, the reflection looks great.

It’s reflecting but not too much.

But I like it.


A big mirror.


In the mirror, I can see Doraim’s butler, Gucci.

But he’s not behind me.

What’s happening?

When I was wondering, Gucci’s figure became closer and closer until he came out of the mirror I just made.

Gucci looks at me, looks at the mirror behind him, looks at me again, and smiles.

「Ehto….I’m only going to do this because of the rule. Cough. Was it you who awakened me from my slumber? State your wish.」



What’s this?


Ah, like a magic lamp.

I see I see.


World peace.

Yeah, that’s my wish.

I thought it was a safe wish but Gucci apologizes with a whisper.

You can’t?

Then, just say hello to Doraim for me.

「Fuhahahaha. I understand. Goodbye then.」

Gucci went into the mirror and….disappeared.

Soon after, he suddenly came from behind me in a dash and punched the mirror with all his might!

The mirror shattered.

After that, he continued to punch the mirror until it turned into powder.

Though I polished it so it is now thin, it’s still hard so he’s kind of amazing.

No, it’s not.

What are you even doing in the first place?

「That’s my line. Though it looks like it’s unintentional, making a mirror that big using Guronde-sama’s scale will summon a devil.」


Is that so?

「Yes desu. Ancient devils are bound with confusing rules so please don’t make one again if possible.」

It sounds annoying so I will.

And here I thought I finally found a use for Guronde’s scales.

「Ah, I see. You have a lot to spare. I understand. I’ll buy them.」

Thanks for that proposal, Gucci.

I had him buy a hundred.

And instead of the shattered mirror, I got a silver mirror.

It is a circular mirror with a diameter of around 2 meters.

It’s a little inconvenient to use it as a mirror but it’s good enough.

Let’s decorate it at the entrance of the mansion.


I shouldn’t?

I should put it in a dedicated room?

Is that so?

As I was told, I decorated it in one of the empty rooms of my mansion.

Sometimes, Loo, ancestor-san or Raimeiren uses it.


It’s a normal mirror, right?


I managed to have Gucci buy scales from me.

It’s good or maybe not.

「Village chief, what are you planning to do with that mountain of gold coins?」

I look in the direction the oni maid is pointing.

If you sell the scales, you obviously will receive what it’s worth.


Can I even build a warehouse where I can place this literal mountain of gold?

My sense of value collapsed.

I regretted not making a warehouse for the scales instead.

No, we can use this since it’s gold coins.

Let’s use this to Village Five. Youko?

I chased the running Youko.

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