Chapter 498 – Hamburger, Rematch, and Martial Arts Tournament

The martial arts tournament began.

The demon king seems to have failed to bring his wife again.

The demon king is kind of depressed so Beezel is comforting him.

Yuri, the demon king’s daughter, doesn’t seem to care that her mother did not come.

She said that it was impossible to force her.

She’s comforting the demon king with Beezel.


The beastboys, Gol, Sil, and Bron, and the high elf Rigune also did not participate this year.

It looks like they are busy in the school.

I even received their letter of apology for not being able to participate in the martial arts tournament.

It’s regrettable but it can’t be helped since it’s work.

Ah, no, I shouldn’t think this way.

Working in a place that doesn’t allow you to take a day off is something to complain about.

In addition, even if they are teachers, they are still children.


Well, it was written in the letter that there’s a shortage of teachers in their school.

It looks like several teachers quit several years ago and they never managed to recruit replacements.


I can’t do anything about that.

I donated a while ago via Beezel… seems like it hasn’t been cashed yet but please make it faster in order to help their situation.


Speaking of which, Loo.

Is there a shortage of teachers in Ifrus School of Shashaato City?

Ah, there is?

Every place has it hard huh.

In the village, we have Hakuren, Rasuti, Frau, and Yuri working together to educate the children.

We have to be grateful for our current situation.

The beastboys and Rigune wrote in the letter that they would come this winter.

The demon king’s wife might come too.


There are tents and stalls that serve food near the venue of the Martial Arts Tournament as usual.

In one of the tents, Guronde is flame grilling hamburgers with Guraru.

「Mother, isn’t that overcooked already?」

「Village chief said that I should grill them well to make sure that the middle part will be cooked too.」

「But, aren’t they burnt already?」

「….you just need to shave the outer part a little.」

「Mother, impossible desu. Give that up.」

「It can’t be helped. Husband.」

The charred hamburger is eaten by Girar, who’s been sitting nearby, without hesitation.

Are you okay?

Is it because it is your wife’s handmade dish?

It’s love.

However, you can’t continuously eat charred hamburgers. I’ll give Guronde and Guraru some advice.

You are grilling the burger too close on fire.

Also, don’t turn it over frequently.

If you burnt one side, the other side would most likely burn too.


Why don’t you use a steel plate?

That would be easier.

With the help of Guraru’s persuasion, the hamburger will now be grilled on an iron plate.

Let’s prepare the tools immediately.

By the way, there are three statue-like people at the corner of the tent…..what happened to those three impure dragons?

They were too moved when they greeted Guronde?

….they fainted standing?

Are they alright?

Well, you’ve come here to participate in the martial arts tournament so I don’t want to waste your effort.

I’ll wake you up.

Unfortunately, the common section has just ended now so they can only participate in the warrior section.


There’s a special exhibition match in this martial arts tournament.

A battle between the phoenix chick Aegis and the world tree’s silkworm.

This is a proposal from Aegis.

I think it was frustrated for losing before.

Aegis’ second is the eagle.

On the other hand, the world tree’s silkworm’s second is Gordon, Village Two’s representative.

The eagle seems to be giving Aegis some advice and Gordon seems to be giving the silkworm some world tree leaves.

No, I wonder if he’s really giving it some.

Gordon seems to can’t feed it with the world tree leaves.

Good luck to the both of them.


The match was over immediately.

At the same time as the match started, Aegis jumped.

The silkworm intercepted it with a thread.

The silkworm uses string shot. Aegis evades and gets closer to the silkworm. The silkworm jumps and tackles Aegis.

After that, the silkworm uses string shot again and catches the startled Aegis. End of match.

The victorious silkworm returns to Gordon and begs for world tree leaves.

Aegis, who lost, was comforted by the eagle after untying the silk thread.

Yeah yeah, regrettable.

He never expected that the silkworm could jump.

It can’t be helped since I’m sure everyone’s surprised.

Ah, Aegis’ eyes are not dead.

It’s burning and looking for a rematch.




Isn’t he literally burning?

Hey, are you okay?

Ah….it was extinguished immediately.


Thinking about it, Aegis is a phoenix chick.

Is it normal for it to be burning?

Well, he did that before when he tried melting the snow on the roof.

However, you shouldn’t cover your body with fire suddenly.

The eagle next to you was surprised.

I was surprised too.

Ah, you just started burning without your control?

That means controlling it is your future goal.

Good luck.

But be sure to only practice outdoors.

Don’t ever do it inside.


The martial arts tournament went according to schedule.

The winner of this year’s warrior section was Gulf son’s wife.

It seems that she has fully recovered from her childbirth fatigue.

Her debut is incredible.

And it seems like the three mixed dragons did not participate.

The crowds are cheering loudly.


The winner of the knight section is Red Armor.

It was also strong.

It defeated Loo, Tier, Ria, and Ann in succession and won the championship.

White Armor also competed but it was defeated by a kuro in the first round.

That kuro lost to Loo so it can be said that Red Armor managed to get revenge for it.

Well, nothing is absolute in a battle.

There’s also the compatibility issue.

You can do your best again.

Gulf and Daga managed to win in the first round but lost in the second.

However, they are very happy that they managed to win.

On the other hand, Kuudel and Corone, who lost to Gulf and Daga, were preached not only by Tier but even by Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria.

Please think that Gulf and Daga worked hard and not that Kuudel and Corone got careless.


And last is the model matches.

Some call it brave section.

There’s no winner in this part of the tournament and it is only for watching purposes.

As for what everyone’s looking forward to, it will be the demon king’s match.

「Can I refuse to participate?」

That was the futile resistance of the demon king.

His opponent this year is Girar.

I think this year’s Girar is particularly strong since Guronde’s here.

Ah, Girar’s stomach looks plump. Probably because of eating too much hamburger.


Demon king, this is your chance!

The demon king also thought so and boldly attacked.

Yeah, he did his best.

I will never forget your bravery.

Yuri, don’t just focus on eating.

You too, Beezel.


Guronde did not participate.

She can’t move properly in her human form and if she’s in her dragon form, she’s bigger than the stage.

However, to formally introduce herself to the participants from outside of Big Tree Village, she showed off her dragon form.

At least they won’t be surprised if she suddenly transformed when she got drunk later.

She probably planned to get drunk this evening.

Guronde’s eight-headed dragon form was quickly accepted.

And as usual, she’s popular with children.

I’m jealous.


The battle between Malbit and Suarurou was exciting.

They showed a fierce air battle but for some reason, it ended with a grappling technique on the stage.

The winner was Malbit.


Wasn’t Suarurou the strongest angel before Tier?

「As the angel’s chief, I’m carrying something and can’t lose. That’s why I won.」

I see.

Suarurou replied.

「Nonsense, she’s pulling down my pants while grappling me! That’s cheating!!」


Ehto, I clap my hands for their good match.


In the evening, it’s the usual banquet.

The dwarves are challenging Guronde.

Not in a fight but a drinking match.

The children were also allowed to stay up late but there’s a limit.

Hiichirou, it’s time to go to bed.

He shook his head slowly.

Children younger than Hiichirou have long gone to the bedroom.

Hiichirou did his best to hold on.

Alright, let me take you back.

Ah, you prefer Raimeiren and not me?

Got it got it.

I’ll leave you to Raimeiren.

Raimeiren is very pleased.


What’s wrong, Rasuti?

Ah, right, you’re also Raimeiren’s grandchild.

Even if you tell me that, what do you want me to do?

The reason why Raimeiren is holding back at taking care of you is your mother Grafaloon?

If it’s a child of her daughter, Raimeiren can say and do something since it will be a mother teaching her daughter but if it is a child of her son, she can’t just suggest or do anything since it might offend her daughter in law.

That’s what I heard from Raimeiren.

By the way, Helzernark, like Hiichirou, is a child of her daughter but she couldn’t meet her easily because of the place they are living in.


When Raimeiren comes back, do you want her to take care of you?

Don’t be shy.

Also, Dors there has a grandpa’s face and looks like he’s waiting for your request.


Our daughter Rananon is already sleeping.

You can take it easy.

I think she just wants to talk about it though.


The night of the martial arts tournament continues.

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