Chapter 2.6 – Forgotten Character

Like Eseria has ordered him to do, Milan went around the venue teaching kashis and Pteranodon. However, he stopped when he heard a boy, who looks a year older than him, raised a voice of damnation.

「Ei! Darn it. It’s hard as expected…..」

「Yeah, I also failed at first. However, if we can accept failures with humility and think seriously on how we can improve next time, wouldn’t it be worth it?」


Although he wanted to say something in return, he can only look at Milan since he can’t scold someone related to Duke Sjogren’s family even if it’s only from the branch family. He can only bow his head.

「I seemed to have been impertinent. My apologies.」

「No, it’s okay…..I’m unworthy of your honesty and flattery.」

(Fuun? It seems like even a young noble master has a lot of things to worry about.)

Milan was relieved since it looks like the other party seems to be satisfied with his humble attitude. Then, he was asked by the other party.

「Tell me, are these made by Duke Sjogren’s family? Teach me how to make them.」

「This thing is certainly something that was made from Eseria-sama’s idea but it is commercialized and sold by the Wallace Company. You can buy everything that was presented here there.」

「Everything? Is that so?」

「Yes. Oh, there are also kashis with different color other than black and white but they are only a limited number of them.」

When Milan said so, he became interested and asked a few more questions.

「Heh? Limited….can you elaborate?」

「Of course. There are red and white, blue and yellow-green, green and yellow. You can also customize the color and design of the pieces as you like.」

「I see, customized products」


As he nodded in agreement, he noticed that those listening around were also thinking about something. Seeing that, Milan almost started laughing.

「However, it would take time and it will cost more.」

「Well of course. Thank you.」

「Then, please enjoy it.」

(Yeah, the look of someone who’ll buy. The words limited and customized are really good baits. As for the rest…..father will handle them….)

Milan, who’s pleased with the attendees’ reaction, bowed and left. Then, at the end of his sight, he noticed Eseria, who’s a little far away, pointing him to talk to those parents and child.

(Eseria-sama? Ah, those parents and child.)

Milan, who knows who those two are, nodded silently to Eseria and walked up to the parents and child.

「Ojousama, are you enjoying it?」

When Millan called out the girl, who seems to be as old as him, who’s playing Pteranodon, she turned around and became flustered.

「Eh? A-ano…ojousama is. Since you are a member of the Sjogren family, you don’t have to refer a lower rank noble like me like that….」

Meeting such an honest individual, Milan can’t help but laugh and reveal his true identity with a whisper.

「My apologies. That’s only a fake identity. Cornelia-sama ordered me to attend this party in order to perform. I’m not a noble. I’m the son of the president of the Wallace Company.」

「Eh? Really?」

She was surprised when she heard him but not only her, the parents standing behind her too. Milan just smiled and nodded.

「Yes, so for a commoner like me, you are an ojousama.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, so, what was your problem?」

When he asked her again, she’s a bit embarrassed.

「That….the name of Gafan territory, I’m targeting it but it’s quite a bit…」

「It is certainly difficult.」

「But Milan-sama was able to put the ball in that position beautifully earlier, I wonder if I can do it too….」

「Not giving up and facing difficult challenges head-on, I think one’s life should be like that. When you succeed, though it will not be shown in your official record, it will be one of your most important memory.」

「Yes, you’re right. I’ll do my best!」

Milan softly calms her and she smiles brightly. There, Eseria interrupted their conversation.

「Excuse me but, may you hand it over to someone else soon?」

「Ah, Eseria-sama! I’m sorry. I’ve borrowed it for too long!」

「Thank you….then, please.」

After passing the Pteranodon to the other guests who seemed to be waiting, Eseria turned to the family before her again.

「I am pleased to meet Viscount Soratia’s family. I am Eseria van Sjogren.」

After Eseria introduced herself to them, the three looked grateful and introduced themselves too.

「Apologies for the late greeting. I am Viscount Ragre Soratia, the head of the family. This is my wife, Ali, and my daughter Karena. My best regards.」

「That is fine. Viscount Soratia’s territory, I find it interesting.」

When Eseria says so with a smile, Ragre responds to her with self-deprecation.

「Hou? How can our remote mountainous territory interest Eseria-sama?」

「Cultivating tea is popular in your territory. Your territory produces the best tea in the country, right?」

「Haa, that is certainly the only thing I can boast.」

「So, I have spoken to Wallace-dono, the father of Milan here, about the Soratia territory.」

When Eseria casually brought that topic and pointed at Milan with her hand, Ragre became vigilant.

「I certainly received offers from the Wallace Company regarding the sales of tea leaves but….」

「Viscount Soratia-sama’s family has left that to the local trader’s discretion, right? And Wallace-dono asked you to change your approach.」

「That’s right. So, was there something that Wallace-dono is interested in?」

When the puzzled Ragre asked her to go ahead, Eseria urged Milan.

「I think Milan is more familiar with the detail so let him explain it.」

After nodding, Milan opened his mouth with a serious expression.

「It is certain that my father wants to spread your tea leaves but not only that, he also wants your cultivation technique.」

「What do you mean?」

「Actually, the Wallace Company has been ordering tea seedlings from the west for several years but even if we ask tea farmers to cultivate them for us, it will wither in less than two years.」

「That seedling seems to be quite difficult to handle.」

When Ragre gives this honest impression, Milan nods deeply.

「Yes. We can only ask Viscount Soratia about it since you have the best track record on tea cultivation in the whole country. Of course, we’re going to pay the training cost. Also, we think that the local merchants will not be dissatisfied if they sell it in bulk to the Wallace Company when it’s commercialized.」

As he was asked to provide techniques and not products, Ragre is thinking about it deeply.

「Not the commodity but the technique….it is indeed worth thinking about.」

「As long as Viscount-sama is okay with it, I will ask father to send a formal letter to you later.」

After Milan’s humble offer, Eseria took over.

「Since Soratia is the best tea-producing area and has the best cultivation technique in the country, I’m sure it will succeed. I’m already looking forward to it!」

Hearing her bright tone, Ragre instinctively laughs.

「Whether it will succeed or not, we’ll never know until we’ll try but….I understand Wallace-dono’s thoughts. If he wants to talk about it, I’ll consider it positively.」

「Thank you very much. I’ll have father send you his greetings and the details.」

「Then, I’ll be expecting it.」

After each party leaves each other, Eseria and Milan whisper to each other.

「With this, the connection with Viscount Soratia should be okay.」

「Yes, thank you very much. So far, no matter how many letters my father sent, it will surely turn into a product flexibility topic and stop somewhere.」

「Why? Is the net income of 10% not possible?」

「It’s more than that. Thank you for letting me discuss it with him here.」

After mutually nodding in satisfaction, Eseria suddenly became suspicious.

「However….I feel like I forgot something. What was it?」

「Eseria-sama? I managed to sales talk the guests about the toys and even managed to get in touch with the viscount, I don’t think you’ve forgotten anything.」

「Yeah, you’re right but….」

(Viscount Soretia’s Karena…………….!? Milan route’s rival character, that Karena!!

While Milan was looking at her suspiciously, Eseria finally remembered the setting of the girl who she just met earlier. She pressed her forehead and groaned instinctively.

「I’ve completely forgotten….」

「What is?」

「No, it’s nothing.」

While sending a fake smile to Milan, she’s anxiously thinking (No, Milan and Karena have become acquainted….Why do parties concerned naturally gather? If things continue according to the story, it would be bad!?). She had a headache after she remembered that.

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