Chapter 520 – A Day of Winter

I woke up.

I seemed to have fallen asleep after lunch.

What’s more, in the kotatsu.



I know that I won’t catch a cold.

However, even if I have a “healthy body”, I shouldn’t let my guard down.

I have to take care of myself.

Kuro and Yuki, wake up.

You let your guard down too.

Ah, Kuro is yawning.

If Ann sees you, she’ll get mad.

Also, spiderlings.

Stop going inside the kotatsu.

You might scare someone.


Wine slime, why are you inside the kotatsu?

Ah, you couldn’t move because you were surrounded by the spiderlings.

Forgive them.

You already feel too hot so cool down somewhere.

But don’t go outside, you’ll freeze.

Go to the basement if you want.

Inside the kotatsu is…..a hairball?

This is, Hitoe?

Are you sulking?


Did you have a fight with Youko?

Youko praises Aegis but she doesn’t praise you?

Ah, on eating fish.

No, Aegis is indeed incredible in eating fish but that’s something only it can do.

You’re still a child so you should eat the way you want.

Alright, I’ll tell Youko for you.

Will that be good?

Then, you should leave the kotatsu.

From now on, don’t dive in there and if you really want to, your head should be out.

However, the anenekos and kittens dive into the space where the spiderlings were.

Why are you complaining that I’m too late to get out?

You’re acting rough just because the demon king’s not here.


Aegis and the eagle also came.

Ah, wait Hitoe, don’t hit Aegis.

Aegis, evacuate to a high place.

Eagle, wait!

I know you’re angry that Aegis was attacked but wait.

If you attack Hitoe, Youko will get angry.

Yeah, understood.

Hitoe, bad girl.

However, when it comes to discipline, it should be the parent’s job.

That’s what I believe.

Maa, I’ll just explain what happened to Youko in detail. She’ll probably scold Hitoe.


I carry Hitoe in the cafeteria.

Do you want some sweets?

Then, transform to your human form….and she did.


Just wait a minute.


I know.

Though I only asked Hitoe, I’ll also make some for the fairy queen.


Sweets…..looks like there’s still some zenzai.

Are you okay with that?

Hitoe and fairy queen, how many mochi do you want?

Hahaha, can you eat that much?

Okay okay.

However, since it is for Hitoe, I cut the mochi into small pieces.

There is a risk of it getting stuck in her throat if it is big.

While grilling mochi with a brazier, I made additional zenzai.

It’s because it’s going to run out soon.


As expected, the smell of grilled mochi attracted Gran Maria.

How are Kuudel and Corone?

Is there any big problem?

Only a small problem.

Ah, their tastes change.

Just give them what they want.

Then, zenzai is….they’re fine with it…..

Got it. Can you take their share to them?


I’ll go see them later.


 But before that, I’ll give Hitoe and the fairy queen their share of zenzai.

Of course, I gave them the number of mochi they requested.

Then, Gran Maria’s zenzai which are for Kuudel and Corone…..the anenekos and kittens suddenly run.

Perhaps the demon king has arrived.

That means I have to make the demon king and Beezel’s share too.

Yes yes.

For Malbit, Ruincia, and Suarurou too.

Thank you for scouting.

But something doesn’t feel right.


Where’s Raz Maria?

Ah, she took the prey you hunted when you were scouting to the high elves.

That means she’ll be here soon.

Let’s prepare Raz Maria’s share too.

Ah, these footsteps….the children.

Is your class over?

However, didn’t you just attend an ethics class….

Hahaha, you shouldn’t only walk quietly in front of me.

Even if I’m not around, you should walk quietly.

Do you want zenzai?

Mochi only?

Okay. Ursa and Alfred, grill everyone’s share.

Everything will be up to the two of you.

However, if you can’t eat dinner later, you’ll be scolded.

….all mochi will be consumed soon?


Did we already eat that much?

Ah, it’s because Girar and the impure dragons brought some as souvenirs.

Since we received flying whale meat, I gave the mochi generously.

For now, we are still okay.


Let’s pound mochi tomorrow.

Hahaha, it is impossible to pound now.

Mochi rice must be immersed in water or steamed first.

It’s hard to prepare.

Right right, you should be thankful to the oni maids.



Using the teleportation gate, I headed to the hot spring.

The big hot spring that I made is being used by dragons in turn.

They are fine soaking at the hot spring in their human form but they feel a sense of liberation if they soak while in their dragon form.

It is currently Guronde’s turn.

It is common sense to not approach women when they are bathing but it is fine since she’s in her dragon form.

However, I ring the bell twice before approaching her to be sure.

Who knows if she’s bathing there in her human form.

Yeah, she’s in her dragon form.

I was instinctively relieved.

「Village chief, is there something wrong?」

Guronde lifts one of her heads and asks.

My purpose is the demon beast that Guronde hunted before soaking in the hot spring.

Panic caribou.

It seems like she’s not in her dragon form when it saw her so it was caught off guard.

I went to the place Guronde pointed, yeah.

Something that can’t be shown to people with weak hearts.

I only figured out where the horn is after assembling what’s left.

I plowed what’s left with the AFT.

「Guronde, you overdid it.」

But I’m glad that she didn’t let the panic caribou escape.

This will be included in dinner.

By the way, are you going to eat dinner here?

Or are you going back?

「I’ll return after soaking for a little more.」

Got it.


After dinner, I went to the guest receiving room.

Recently, the demon king and Beezel are often talking with Loo.

It is because Ursa and Alfred are going to attend the academy in the city where the demon king is staying.

However…..sometimes, their expressions are too sour.

Do they think that Ursa and Alfred are too much trouble and they are so anxious about it?

Also, we won’t send the children alone, we’ll also send someone who’ll watch them.

The first candidate was Gulf but he was rejected by Loo saying he’ll only spoil them.

Asa, who manages the teleportation gate of the hot spring, was chosen next.

In addition to his butler-like outfit, he’s also serving as the butler of the lord of the Sun Castle.

It was Bell and Gou who recommended him saying he’s a perfect watcher for Ursa and Alfred at the academy.

Because of that, someone else will take over his job of managing the teleportation gate of the hot spring area. There won’t be any problem though since Village Four said that they will dispatch his replacement.


Aside from Asa, two more watchers will be dispatched.

The first one is Ursa’s clay doll, Earth.

He said he absolutely must follow Ursa and I understand where he’s coming.

However, he shouldn’t only look after Ursa. He should look after other children too.

Currently, Earth is learning whatever is necessary for the children’s school life with the children.


The second one that will be dispatched is an impure dragon.

When they came here during the flying whale incident, that impure dragon specifically asked me if there’s anything she can do. She seemed the honest type.

It seems like she’s fine staying at school for several years in her human form so I got her.

Thank you for volunteering.


In addition to those three watchers, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about since Gol, Sil, and Bron are also there.

When I told them that, the demon king, Beezel, and Loo replied together.

「Overly optimistic」

….overly optimistic?

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