Chapter 519 – Whale Meat and Weird Patient

After a long time of trying to leave, Girar finally went back home along with the impure dragons.

Whatever. Just do your job first.

He said he’d come back early. Why do I feel like you’re treating this as a business trip rather than going home?

No, you’re right. The place where your wife and daughter are is indeed home.


In the village cafeteria, the children are all lined up eating grilled fish using knife and fork.

Everyone is struggling to remove fishbones.

Next to them is the phoenix chick Aegis who has just finished eating with only clean fishbones left.

That’s a very nice smile.

It’s impossible for the children to imitate it.

If they imitate it, they have to eat using beak and talons.

Eagle, don’t overdo it.

Just eat the way you used to.

It is only Aegis that can eat a fish and leave the whole fishbone clean.


Loo left three days ago.

She was called by Ifrus School in Shashaato City.

It’s not because of a research but because of a disease.

It seems like there’s a patient who has traveled to Shashaato City by ship from a human country by only relying on rumors that Loo is there.

Loo initially told the patient to come to Village Five but the patient’s condition has deteriorated due to long ship travel.

The patient can’t leave Shashaato City.

Loo reluctantly went to Shashaato City.

And so she treated the patient.

In addition to her, there are many staff of Ifrus School that have been long involved in medicine so the treatment of the patient seems to be going well.

I’m receiving status reports from the lizardmen who accompanied Loo.

However, in case of a sudden change in the patient’s condition, she won’t be able to come back for a while.


Won’t the patient be treated immediately if you use the leaves of the world tree? However, the village council has decided that there are requirements that need to be met in order to use it. It was decided by the council after Guronde arrived at the village.

The angels including Hakuren strongly opposed the usage of the leaves. They said that anything that is related to the world tree should not be spread to the public or even hide its existence.

The world tree leaves can cure any disease and injury completely.

That is amazing and certainly something that can’t be publicized.

Also, if the existence of the leaves of the world tree is publicized, almost all research related to medical field will stop.

No matter what result the research has, it will never match the effect of the leaf of the world tree.

People will certainly rely on the leaves of the world tree.

After that, what will happen to the world if the world tree suddenly withers?

No matter how you think about it, there will be no right direction any longer.

The village council participants, including Loo and Flora, concluded that the use of the leaves of the world tree has to be restricted.


To use the leaves of the world tree, three conditions must be met.

One: must reach Big Tree Village on their own without the use of teleportation gate or teleportation magic

Two: authorized by village chief.

Three: resident of Big Tree Village, Village One, Village Two, Village Three, or Village Four


There is no problem with the first one.

If you want the leaves of the world tree, go to it on your own. No one will complain about that condition.

The second one, don’t you think you give me too much authority?

I only thought of that and didn’t say anything. As for the third one….

I thought of giving the residents of Village Five the privilege but Youko stopped it saying that it will be no different from publicizing it.

I guess so.

After that, Youko told me about the scourge that would happen if the existence of the leaves of the world tree was to spread to the public. I immediately ordered to hide its existence completely after.

I even ordered them to not use the term “world tree” outside the village.

If you absolutely have to use it, you should say “big silkworm food”.


The lizardman contacted us requesting for whale meat in order to restore the patient’s physical strength.

Three whales are already nothing but bones but we still have plenty of whale meat. We make sure that the hibernating Zabuton and spiderlings will still be able to eat whale meat when they wake up.

I cut a large piece of raw whale meat and have it deliver to Loo.

「Village chief, are you really going to send only raw meat to Loo-sama? How about sending smoked and salted meat too?」

An oni maid with the barrel of raw whale meat asked that.

She’s lifting the barrel with 50kg of whale meat with one hand.

「Right. Then, let’s send smoked and salted too. Let’s send some to the employees of Marla too.」

「Understood. I’ll start packing.」


It will be the Goroun Company that will send them to Loo.

The lizardmen messenger will escort it.

Ah, right.

Let’s share some whale meat with Michael-san too.


Later, I received reports saying that monsters constantly attack the carriage of Goroun Company that’s transporting the whale meat.

「The monsters are clearly targeting the cargo.」


I’m glad that I had the lizardmen guard it.


The patient being treated by Loo was a prince of a certain country.

As soon as he got better, I heard that he proposed to Loo and got beaten up.

Yeah, I would have plowed him if I was there.

He dares propose to a married woman.

The treatment fee was collected after and it was distributed to Ifrus School and Marla.

I have no problem with that since I’m not troubled with money.

As for Loo beating up a prince, the prince’s entourage treated it as part of the treatment.

It looks like they are also troubled with the prince proposing here and there.

They even consulted Loo if she can secretly do something about it.

When Loo proposed to cut the prince’s manhood, the prince’s entourage seemed to have considered it seriously.

It looks like they are struggling with the prince’s character.

After staying in Shashaato City for ten days, the prince’s party went to the royal capital.

They talked about making a secret alliance between their country and the demon king’s kingdom.

Why do I know the story of the secret alliance? It’s because I heard it from the demon king while he was playing with the cats.

Do you mind if I ask you a question?

It’s supposed to be top secret, right?

Isn’t that a disrespect to the prince’s country?


That prince proposed to your wife?


Ehto, diplomatic problem…..due to the efforts of the prince’s entourage, it hasn’t gone that far.

I see.

However, since the prince was beaten up by both the demon king and his wife, he won’t be able to move for a month.

He’s calling for Loo?

I won’t let her go.

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