Chapter 518 – Proactive Doraim

Dors is at the lead followed by Girar, Raimeiren, Hakuren, Suiren, Maxbergak, Sekiren, Kworun, Doraim, Grafaloon, Rasuti, Domaim, and Kwon.

A little behind them are Hiichirou, Guraru, and Helzenark and around 30 impure dragons acting as their guards.

If those who know the power of dragons see this group, they will probably say that they will destroy the world.

They are flying towards a pod of flying whales.

There are 40 small whales that are around 30 meters.

And there are also 15 large whales that are around 300 meters.

This pod of flying whales alone is the biggest pod recorded in history but there’s an additional surprise.

There’s a gigantic whale that is around a thousand meters.

It is clearly the boss of the pod.

However, even if it is gigantic, a whale is a whale.

Their defense is high but their offensive power is low.

In addition, it can be said that they are dull compared to dragons. They are not that mobile.

The dragons will launch an attack on them like always.

And it was supposed to get rid of them like always but there’s an unexpected thing that happened.

The pod of flying whales is accompanied by escorts this time.

Flying sharks.

They are around 10 meters big and are faster than dragons.

And they even have offensive power capable of wounding dragons.

There are seven sharks.

They were hiding in the shadow of the giant whale.

They succeeded in their surprise attack.

However, there’s no need to panic.

Dors, Girar, Raimeiren, and Hakuren, who were the vanguard of the group, evaded the shark attack and accurately counterattacked.

It quickly turned four sharks into charcoal or even completely disintegrated.

They thought that the remaining three would immediately suffer the same fate but those flying sharks are cunning. They avoided Dors and the others and targeted the weakest dragons.

In other words, they moved towards Hiichirou, Guraru, and Helzenark.


It was Doraim who protected them.

Therefore, Doraim was badly wounded when they returned.

He even can’t transform back from his dragon form.

The bite marks look painful.

However, it is great that his life is not in danger.

He was already healed with healing magic and only needs to rest and take some medicine to fully recover.

I offered him leaves of the world tree but Doraim declined.

Is it because it’s not even comparable to Guronde’s injury?

Don’t mind it. For me, I can only be grateful since you protected my son.

And so, I listened to his heroic saga for the third time with a smile.

Also, Raimeiren.

Can’t you forgive those impure dragons who are doing a reflection pose over there?

Not yet?

I don’t really mind but all of them are in their dragon forms so snow is starting to pile up….

Won’t they die of snow that way?

You might be right but….yeah, I guess it is impossible to persuade her.

Raimeiren is pretty angry.

However, not only her. Dors, Girar, Hakuren, Grafaloon, and Rasuti are angry too.

They are currently taking care of the rescued Hiichirou and Guraru.

I think their soothing would have been more effective if Helze was with them but that would only mean that an angry Suiren and Mark will stay here.

Helze’s family of three, Sekiren, Kworun, Domaim, and Kwon already returned to their places without dropping by.

I’m a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to meet them.


The only thing I thought I could do for Doraim is to use the AFT in the hot spring area.

I’m going to make a big hot spring that Doraim can use even in his dragon form.

It is hard to stay outside during this cold winter but there’s no problem as long as I use the AFT. In addition, the ghost sorceress also raises the surrounding temperature using magic.

I’m not the only one who’s making the hot spring. I have the help of 30 impure dragons.

At first, I was worried if they would follow my instructions but did what I asked.

They might have been thankful of me for freeing them from Raimeiren.


The large hot spring was built on the south side of the hot spring area.

It is big enough to accommodate two dragons.

The center is deeper. The shape is an inverted cone.

This hot spring is for Doraim but the first use is the privilege of those who made it.

When I asked the thirty impure dragons who worked with me, they refused with all their might.

Maa, it is probably one of those social standpoints again.

You don’t have to explain.

You can do so after Doraim.

For the time being, I tried using it alone.


It’s a very deep warm pool.

And it’s slightly hot.

It’s a little away from the source so the water here is stagnant and not steady flow like the others.

This is pretty dangerous for humans.

You have to swim.

If you dive deep, you might as well be boiled and die.

Using it needs carefulness.

I put a fence around it and even put a signboard.

I also talked about it to the death knights and the lion’s pride.

After that, I’ll wait for Doraim’s review on what should be improved.


Doraim was sleeping in the hot spring.

His head is out of the hot spring so I’m sure he did not drown.

How about your back?

When I first saw him, I was so surprised that I thought he drowned.

This is a secret but I was relieved when I heard him snoring.

What, you want a headrest?

Got it.

I worked with the impure dragons to make a place that will serve as a headrest.

Alcohol and food?

Prepare some barrels of alcohol.

We’ll cook the flying whale you just subjugated. Please wait a little for it.


They brought back 10 30-meter whales.

I’m thankful but I thought we won’t be able to eat them all….it’s a good thing that it’s very popular with the kuros, the spiderlings, and the lions.

There’s no problem with the consumption since they can eat them raw.

Of course, we also took our part too.

Whale meat.

I don’t really know how to cook whale dishes so I just used them as ordinary meat.

Sashimi, steak, karaage, broiled.

The taste is different from beef and pork so everyone’s happy that there’s a change of flavor.

Hiichirou and Guraru, on their dragon forms, were the ones who carried the food for Doraim in the hot spring area.

Of course, Raimeiren’s with them.

Impure dragons, you can eat too.

You don’t have to hold back.


According to Dors, including the gigantic whale, only half of the flying whales were defeated, the others were driven away.

They could have annihilated them but there’s no point in doing that.

However, the flying sharks were all destroyed.

It seems like there’s no problem with annihilating them so it’s okay.

In addition, they can’t forgive them for endangering Hiichirou, Guraru, and Helzenark.

Then, are you also angry that your son Doraim has been wounded by them?

Ah, he’s embarrassed.


Doraim was completely cured after sleeping and eating while soaking in the hot spring for about three days.

As expected of a dragon’s regenerative power.

After Doraim was completely cured, it was Dors who slept next in the hot spring on his dragon form.

Yeah, father and son.

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