Chapter 517 – Congratulatory Present

I was surprised when a parade suddenly began with the supposed greetings only meeting with the three’s brides to be.

However, I think it’s good since we were able to spend some of the money we accumulated.

Instead of money, we received congratulatory presents but there is a mountain of them.


Deliver all of them to the three….ah, not all of them are for those three?

I see.

Then, let’s check the list.


Youko gave me a list that contains the name of the item, the number, and the name of the sender.

I’m familiar with half of the names written while I don’t know any of the other half.


Those people are related to Big Roof Shashaato.

They don’t know who those three are but because they are relatives of the owner of Big Roof Shashaato, they sent their gifts.

The Goroun Company gave gifts too.

The list indicates the items given.

Isn’t this too much?

The quality and quantity of congratulatory presents are important.

I see.

Looking at the goods….artworks, crafts, weapons, armor, crops, research presentation? Information?

「What is this research presentation?」

I ask Youko.

「It is the result of an independent researcher’s research. If you think it has value, you can hire him.」


Research topics include magic, medicine, cooking, tactics….

Do I really need to evaluate these?


Let’s leave it to Loo and the others.

「How about the next one? Information?」

「It’s literally information. To be honest, we’ve received some hard-to-handle information.」

Let’s leave it to the civil servant girls. Don’t give them to the demon king or Beezel since we can’t control it.

Yeah, that’s it.

However, it should be gifts for marriage celebration, why did they send information such as certain royal family member’s infidelity, rebellion plan, or even independence plan?

Let’s not think about it.

For the time being, the artworks will be used to decorate Youko’s mansion…..we can’t?

Then, can we decorate them in sweets store Kuro and Yuki and Niz’s Alcomeat?

As for crafts, just use them as practical as possible. For weapons and armor…..just treat them like artworks if needed and those that have practical value should be sent to the guards of Village Five.

As for crops….to the warehouse of Village Five.

Use them as emergency food.

So, is there anything else?


There are people who want to greet me.

I understand.

They are already waiting in the next room?

Got it.


Call Ruincia from Big Tree Village.

I need her support.

Yeah, there are too many of them. It is impossible for me to handle them alone.


The coldness of winter has become severe.

The village was quiet.

There are two reasons.

One is because Ursa and Alfred are going to attend the school so they are undergoing an ethics course with the civil servant girls.

Their ethics course is not only held in the morning but also in the afternoon. All children who can read and write to a certain degree participate so there’s no noise coming from the children.

The high participation rate of the children is because they want to accompany Ursa and Alfred to school.

If it was only for me to decide, I’ll let everyone who wants to accompany them to accompany them but agewise, only Nutt, Tiselle, Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, and Torain can accompany them.

In addition, it seems like the three had a problem before because of ethics.

It seems like ethics is indispensable to the school where many noble children are attending.

Especially table manners.

The children use mainly chopsticks so their table manners when using chopsticks have no problem. However, they are a little troubled with eating using forks and knives.

According to my eyes, they are already good enough but according to the civil servant girls, they are still tender.

According to the three, chopstick manners in the school were based on my teaching.

But what I taught them is the bare minimum of don’t make sounds while using chopsticks….

I think it is better for me to summarize chopstick manners first.

In any case, the civil servant girls told them that they will not let them accompany Alfred and Ursa if they can’t learn ethics. Because of that, the children are doing their best.


The other reason is almost all dragons are not here. That includes Doraim, Hakuren, Rasuti, etc.

There are only two dragons who are still in the village, Guronde, who still can’t fly normally, and Rananon, who can’t transform into a dragon yet.

Even Hiichirou and Guraru went out because of Dors’ emergency call.

Their purpose is to subdue.

It seems like flying whales suddenly showed up from somewhere and started flying in the sky.

One theory says they came from another dimension.

Flying whale.

If they are left as they are, it seems like disaster will strike the world for some reason.

Small whales cause typhoons and large whales cause major earthquakes, tsunamis, drought, and flood.

A horde of whales suddenly appearing in the sky is a nuisance itself.

The flying whales are not strong but they are big.

A small whale is already 30 meters.

A large whale is said to be 300 meters.

On top of that, it seems like nothing can beat them in the sky aside from dragons since they are good at flying.

Fortunately, the dragons have sensed that it is their mission to subjugate those flying whales. Something like this has not happened in the last hundreds of years but it is not really a problem.

Doraim said that this time, it was also the same.

They’re reliable.

However, is it a good idea to bring Hiichirou and Guraru with you?

I’m a little uneasy.


I get into the kotatsu and relax with the kuros and the cats.


Of course, I didn’t forget about the spiderlings.

Ah, there’s another reason why it’s quiet.

The four angels, Malbit, Ruincia, Suarurou, and Raz Maria are scouting the village.

They are doing it in Kuudel and Corone’s stead.

Yeah, it was discovered that those two are pregnant.

Gran Maria was the happiest when the pregnancy of those two was discovered.

Now, she’s taking care of them.

However, she’s strict.

Especially to Kuudel.

She’s afraid that Kuudel would dive bomb even if she’s pregnant.

No, I think she won’t.

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