Chapter 525 – Spring of the 17th Year

It is now spring.

It’s a nice day.

The wind is still cold but the sun is warm.

There is an ice cracking sound in the pond.

It should be the pond turtles, they woke up.

In the world tree, the silkworms come out of their cocoons and eat leaves vigorously.

It’s kind of strange seeing the leaves growing again after being eaten.

By the way, the phoenix chick Aegis challenged the newly awakened silkworm again but was devastated with its defeat.

It was an instant kill.

The reason for its defeat is obvious.

It probably ate too much last winter.

Moreover, because it’s old, it doesn’t fly that much.

Yeah, it’s pretty plump.

Eagle, you shouldn’t spoil Aegis.

The match doesn’t matter but being overweight matters.


What’s wrong, soldier bee?

The same thing happened with the queen bee?

It is twice bigger than a normal bee….

But, isn’t it normal for it to grow like that?


Is that so….?

Got it.

I’ll go check the hive hut later.

But let me say this now.

Don’t expect too much.

Next is….cats.

It was Ann who removed the kotatsu in my room.

No, I also think it’s too early.

There should still be a kotatsu in the guest receiving room.

If you go there…..Malbit and the others are fighting there?

That’s certainly not a place where you can enjoy a kotatsu.

I get it, don’t scratch me.

I’ll tell Ann to set up a kotatsu for you in some room.

That’s all I can do.

I don’t know if Ann will do it.

There’s no point in complaining to me.

If you get used to an environment where there’s no kotatsu, you’ll forget that it even existed.

Look, Kuro and Yuki, who had been stuck in the kotatsu last winter, are now running around energetically.


They will surely get muddy, aren’t they? Ah, it’s some sort of protest to Ann for removing the kotatsu?

Is that alright?

Before returning to the mansion, take a bath or go to the hot spring.


I went to the guest receiving room and found the fighting angels.

They are fighting to reject returning home.

Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria, who won’t get out of the kotatsu, insist that it’s still winter and there’s Ruincia who’s dragging them out.

「They usually fight against each other since they are from different factions but they have a good relationship.」

A little far away, there was Gran Maria holding Roze Maria.

Roze Maria has become bigger.

She’s about a year old now.

In the future, she’ll surely become a beautiful woman.

Next to Gran Maria is Gul, who’s holding his grandchild with a sloppy face.

His grandchild was born last summer so she’s still small.

However, Gulf is already saying that she’ll be the strongest warrior.

But, she’s a girl, right?

Is that alright?

Also, did you get permission from your son or daughter-in-law when you took her out?


Yeah, Gulf.

Permission in taking the child out and kissing or hugging the child in the room is different.

I don’t think you are authorized to take her out.

I praise you for being able to leave but….see, your daughter-in-law came.

Can I back you up?

I’m scared too…..

Only this time.


It worked out for Gulf but the angels did not make any progress.

No, when Roze Maria entered, Raz Maria dropped out.

Ah, when Gran Maria brought Roze Maria, it was Ruincia’s plan all along?

I see.

As for the remaining two….

They are leading in firepower.

It is two against one so Ruincia is at a disadvantage but Malbit and Suarurou can’t move because they are at the kotatsu so they are at a disadvantage too.

Ah, Malbit attacked Ruincia’s eyes using the juice squeezed from the peel of an orange.

How evil!

But Ruincia brilliantly avoided it.

And the juice of the orange peel went to Suarurou’s eye.


A sisterhood match breaks out.

It is only a matter of time before Ruincia’s victory.

For the time being, let’s evacuate. I don’t want Roze Maria to see them.


Since it’s already spring, Zabuton has woken up.

Zabuton is already working with her spiderlings to make costumes.

Not for the parade.

They are school uniforms for Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle.

There is no school uniform in the school they’re going to enroll at but it was the request of the demon king.

He wants the three of them to have an identifiable mark that they are from Big Tree Village.

As it is the request of the demon king and the civil servant girls, it proceeded immediately with the plan of drawing the emblem of Big Tree Village on their cloaks.

I also permitted it but I opposed it when the prototype was made.

Because the big tree was embroidered with gold thread while the cloak is pitch black.

It’s cool but it’s a little flashy.

No, it is too flashy.

What’s more, this cloak too.

Not only for the three but it is planned that every villager will get one too.

It may not be embarrassing if everyone wears it but please spare me.

Since I opposed it, it was necessary for me to issue an alternative.

And so, I proposed a uniform.

There will be a different one for males and females but their design is similar so there shouldn’t be a problem.

I told Zabuton the blazer-type uniform I knew.

I’m sure she’ll be able to make a uniform that suits Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle.


That aside, it was decided that I’ll wear the prototype cloak during the parade.


Just during the parade.

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