Chapter 526 – The Three’s Departure

The spring parade ended safely.

The main protagonists of this parade are Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle.

They won’t be coming back for a while so we went around each village.

Especially in Village Five, since they will be from Village Five in papers.

I don’t really mind but unlike the other villages, why does the parade there doesn’t feel like a departure parade?

The residents of Village Five are taking the three too much.

They are even wielding swords and spears and it looks like if something were to happen to the three, they will not hesitate to attack.

Glatts, who’s participating as someone from Village Four, is from the army and it looks like it is normal to him.

He said that it is to show that the demon king’s kingdom is on their side.

At the end of the parade in Village Five, the face of the demon king, who played the role of welcoming the three, is twitching.


According to the script, after the demon king greets them, he will take the three and leave but that’s not what happened.

We all came back to Big Tree Village.

They will leave tomorrow.

Accompanying them are the clay doll Earth and Asa, the former teleportation gate manager of the hot spring area.

There’s also the impure dragon that just arrived a little while ago.

「My name is Metora. Please take care of me from now on.」

She’s a bluish-white dragon and a woman in her thirties in her human form.

She’s wearing a classic maid outfit, the one with a long skirt.

I thought that a dragon in maid’s clothes is unusual but Doraim explained her situation to me.

She seems to be one of the impure dragons that are working at Raimeiren’s place.

She’s also one of the impure dragons that were called to go with them during the flying whale attack.

Of course, Raimeiren already permitted her to go with the three.

By the way, she has another name and that name is Dandaji.

That name sounds familiar.

Hakuren has said her name to me before.

She’s the strongest impure dragon.

The reason why she has another name is because she doesn’t like the name Dandaji.

Another reason is that if she calls herself Dandaji, there will be a lot of others who will challenge her for the title of strongest impure dragon.

「No matter how many times I win, there will always be Dors-sama and Raimeiren-sama far above me. I’m not really proud of it but there are a lot of others who are fascinated by the word “strongest”….」

Dandaji looked a little troubled.

No, she’s Metora.

Well, no matter how she calls herself, I won’t mind.

It would be better to go with the person herself.

The question is, can I leave the children in the hands of the strongest impure dragon?

As she was serving Raimeiren, I don’t doubt her abilities.

And she’s also not rude but…..

Doraim perceived my anxiety.

And he laughed because it is a completely unfounded concern.

Metora won’t shy out if she’s to serve someone and if she doesn’t like it, even if Raimeiren orders her, she won’t even come to this place.

In addition, one of those she will take care of is Ursa, who is treated as my and Hakuren’s daughter.

Daughter of Hakuren means granddaughter of Raimeiren.

Metora says that she has no problem serving her.

Is that how it works?

Let’s just think it like that.

「By the way, Hiraku-sama」

Metora suddenly looks serious.

「What’s wrong?」

「Are those three over there the kids that I’ll take care of?」

Metora is looking straight at Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle.

「That’s right. Please take care of them for me.」

「From what I was asked, my work content is to take care of your son and two daughters who are going to enroll at the school in the demon king’s kingdom’s capital, is that true?」

「That’s true?」

It’s the truth, right?

There shouldn’t be a problem.

「Excuse me but, are you sure we are not going to invade the demon king’s kingdom?」

What kind of dangerous thing are you saying?

What part of them did you even get that idea?

「They have so many inferno wolves around them….」


They are just saying goodbye to them.


As the three of them are going to leave tomorrow, I will talk to them one by one and urge them to be careful.

I might seem annoying but as a father who cares about his children, I can’t help but remind them.

Maa, I’m only reminding them that they should be cautious one out of ten.

As for the rest….use it to enjoy the world outside the village.

If you experience something not good, if you are in pain, you may come back anytime.

Don’t think that running away is a shame.

The most important thing is to survive.

I still want to talk but I was forced to stop by Loo and Tier.


Ursa is thirteen years old this year.

Both Alfred and Tiselle are ten years old this year.

I don’t care if they are going to school but I think it’s still too early for them to live in a dormitory.


That night, a grand banquet was held for their farewell party.

I usually don’t drink so much but I have drunk a lot.


The next day, the six of them, Ursa, Alfred, Tiselle, the clay doll Earth, the former manager of the teleportation gate of the hot spring area Asa, and the impure dragon Metora left via Beezel’s teleportation magic.

It’s the simplest way to travel.

In addition to Gol, Sil, and Bron, they have a lot of acquaintances in that place like the demon king, Beezel, and Glatts, so I shouldn’t be too anxious, right?

I’m so anxious that I can’t do my job.

I’m in a daze in my room at my mansion.

Loo and Tier are worried about the children too but they don’t show others how they feel.

It’s the usual.

Maybe they only miss them a little….Lupumirina and Aurora are here after all.

It is probably only Zabuton who’s as lonely as me.

She’s pretty lonely too.

Zabuton is particularly fond of Ursa.

She said she’s the one that needed the most attention.

Ah, darn it.

 I feel like I’m going to cry.

No no, I must believe in the children.

I recovered after noon with the help of Zabuton.

Now, everything’s back to normal.

Or not.

After seeing the children off, there is someone who hid in her room.


Hakuren did not want Ursa to leave.

However, she continued acting like everything’s okay.

She also told them to be tough.

But she’s been crying all this time.

I visited her room several times to cheer her up but I wasn’t able to do so.


「Raimeiren was also like that when Hakuren ran away from home.」

During dinner, Dors said that while remembering the past.

「Let her be like that today. If she’s still acting like that tomorrow, I’ll take care of her.」

The embarrassed Raimeiren said.

No, it’s not like I’m angry at her or anything.

I even want to praise her for being strong in front of the children.

「Raimeiren, when Hakuren ran away, you kept crying for a year….」

Dors was beaten up by Raimeiren and fell from his chair.

Are you okay?

That was a strong punch….

You’re alive, right?


Dors returns to his chair and admonishes Raimeiren.

「Hakuren is weeping thinking of her child. Shouldn’t you be glad?」

「But that girl gave birth to Hiichirou too. I’m frustrated that she seems like she’s forgetting him.」

「That’s because you care about Hiichirou too much….ah, no, I didn’t say anything. Ehto…. She only needs time to recover. How about letting her take her time? How can you be too strict to your own daughter when you yourself acted like that too?」

「Ursa left because she’s going to attend school. Hakuren ran away from home. I didn’t even know where she was back then.」

「Yes but when Hakuren ran away from home, she’s already at that age. I even got reports and complaints from several countries….」


Dors is working hard to suppress Raimeiren so I decided to check Hakuren.

We’re talking about Hakuren so I think she won’t keep crying for a year.

She should be fine in a few days.

I’m sure of it.

I believe in Hakuren.


Five days later, Hakuren was resurrected.

The reason for her resurrection was Ursa’s letter.


No, I want to believe that my encouragement helped her too.

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