Chapter 533 – Outdoor Learning, Banquet, and Consultation, Day 45


There was a group of people near the forest on the south side of the village.

Hakuren and Guronde.

There are also the children of the village.

With 20 kuros.

Along with 50 spiderlings.

They seem to have gone there for outdoor learning.

That’s what they said but what’s with that trebuchet?

It’s for science?

The principle of lever and pulley? I see….

But do you really need to launch a stone?

For projectile calculation?

Also, it is necessary in order to make the children more interested.

That makes sense.

But calculating projectiles seems to be too early for children…..

Maa, just be careful.


Now, Yoru.

Why are you here?

Aren’t you supposed to be managing the teleportation gate in the hot spring area?

「It is my job to manage weapons.」

She said it with full confidence.

Maa, managing the teleportation gate there isn’t a busy job so this kind of thing is fine.

Asa seems to have been doing various things too while managing the teleportation gate there.

So, Yoru, you’re here because…..ah, you’re the one who assembled that trebuchet.

You’re also in charge of firing?

Okay, got it.

The only thing I’ll tell you is “safety first”.


And finally, mountain elves.

You brought a lot of things.

Those are trebuchet payloads?

The education of the children is the priority.

Those things don’t spread poison or any kind of gas when launched, do they?

I forbid anything like that.

It’s alright?

Loo and Tier have given you thorough guidance about that?

Is that so?

I should thank Loo and Tier then.


A massive explosion of something immensely powerful occurred as soon as the projectile landed on the ground.

That’s more powerful than the kuro’s horns.

I asked the mountain elves for an explanation.

「Yes. The payloads we brought are a type of chain-type explosive flame bullet made by Loo-sama. The effect is synergistically increased by arranging things that contain explosive flame magic desu.」

How can you tell me that with a “praise us” face?

And children.

Stop urging for the next one.

Though Hakuren and Guronde are protecting them with magic, it’s bad for my heart.

Do you still have chain-type explosive flame bullets?

There are three more shots?

Use them all….I think it’s safer than keeping them somewhere.

Alright, throw it all.

However, making another is prohibited.

「Affirmative but…..」


「There are also chain type explosive bullet II, an ice type bullet…」

Use them all too.

Ah, wait a minute.

How powerful is this type II?

More powerful by 2%.

Hakuren and Guronde are here….okay.

Use those chain-type freezing bullets.

Yes, use everything completely.

Production of anything similar is strictly prohibited.

I have to specifically tell this to Loo and the mountain elves.


What are you going to use such a powerful bomb for?


The villagers have already gathered here because of the previous explosion.

The dwarves are carrying alcohol barrels.

Looking at it, this will become a banquet.

Even the fairy queen is here.

I know.

We’ll prepare some sweets.

The centaurs also came and they took the camping coaches with them so let’s cook there.

The children are the priority.

Take this sugar cane until we are done making your share.


When I was making curry, a projectile was thrown by the trebuchet followed by a deafening explosion. There’s also a great cheer after that.


I should be making sweets.

No, I certainly made sweets.

Today’s menu is doughnuts.

It is not only popular with children but adults like it too. I feel like I made quite a lot.

The fairy queen had eaten at least twenty.

And then…..

Yeah, right.

The oni maids took turns in making doughnuts so I helped prepare curry instead.

Or so I should but before I knew it, I’m already making nabe instead of making curry.

It looks like the oni maids taking care of tedious jobs and pushing me to do easy jobs.

Ah, is this for me?

Excuse me.

No, I’ll take a break.

Yeah, it’s delicious.

Why is curry eaten outside so delicious?


「Why are you having a banquet at this place?」

When I was eating curry, Youko came.

She already returned from Village Five even though the sun is still up….

Speaking of which, she consulted me on some things about Village Five.

「I’m sorry. I forgot.」

「There’s no problem. At least I had the excuse for returning. That dwarf over there, where’s my share of alcohol?」

Youko took some alcohol, doughnuts, and curry and sat near me.

「So, you are already testing the chain-type explosive bomb? It’s more powerful than what I’ve heard.」

「They are already using that type II. Do you know about it?」

「Yes, I also put out wisdom regarding the arrangement of the magical things in it.」

「I see. So, what are you going to consult me for?」

「The first one is about the construction of the school in Village Five.」

「The school building that village chief hopes for, where anyone who wishes can enroll if they want to, is completed. However, we don’t have enough teachers. Niz and Golland are already helping me with finding some but….we won’t make it before the school finally opens.」

Niz is the messenger of the serpent god and she’s also the assistant manager of Niz’s Alcomeat.

Golland is a merchant in Village Five.

Both of them are helping Youko in various ways so I’m very thankful for them.

Next time, I’ll give them something as a sign of gratitude.

「If we don’t have enough teachers, then there’s nothing else we can do.」

「The grand opening is strongly demanded by the residents so I want to do something about it.」

「Do what you can but….don’t overdo things.」

「I know. Next is, Noodle Shop Britoa…..」

「What’s wrong with it?」

「Ramen is particularly popular so apprentices are rushing to it. We are already contacted by the assistant store manager and the assistant general manager Niz about it.」

「Apprentices are rushing? I think I’ve already said that you could publicize the recipe of ramen?」

「I heard that only a few people were able to reproduce from the publicized recipe.」

「Is it that hard to make?」

「It’s the materials. It seems like the customers don’t call it ramen if the ingredients are different. Since we have the monopoly of ingredients, there’s no way others can cook it.」

Maa, they don’t call it ramen just because they substituted a few ingredients?

「Is that the reason for the apprentice rush?」

If you become an apprentice there and be recognized, you may be entrusted with a branch shop.

In that case, they will have no problem with purchasing ingredients since everything will come from the main store….

「I see. I don’t mind expanding the store. How about the budget?」

「They have enough money in hand. The merchants are already looking for a candidate location for the next branch.」

「Put the next branch right next to Noodle Shop Britoa.」

「Hnn? Isn’t that just an expansion?」

「No, just change the flavor.」

「Is there any other flavor aside from soy sauce and salt?」

「There’s a lot. If you make several ramen stops there, you can make a ramen street.」

「Ramen street….I see. A place where people who want ramen gather.」

「It will not only gather tourists but will also increase customer satisfaction.」

「The long line in Noodle Shop Britoa has indeed become a problem. Rather than having the same issue in the branch store, it would indeed be better to entertain them all at once.」

「Right. For the time being, prioritize speeding up the store expansion in order to meet the current customer’s demand.」

「Understood. I’ll tell the assistant manager and Niz. Next is the development of the underground shopping street.」

Youko’s consultation about Village Five’s issues continues.

While we’re talking, Youko is already drinking her third cup of alcohol.

When her cup was emptied, a dwarf came and poured alcohol on it again.

「Hey, Youko.」

I point behind her.

There, Hitoe, Youko’s daughter, is standing on her fox form.

「It can’t be helped.」

Youko took Hitoe, put her on her lap, and handed her her remaining doughnuts.

It looks like work mode is over.

「Let’s stop for today.」

As soon as I said that, a bigger explosion was heard.

When I looked at the trebuchet, I found Loo.

It seems like it was the power she originally expected so she’s slightly jumping.

The others are also cheering.

These guys.

It looks like the bullet near Loo is the one responsible for that bigger explosion.

Is that type III?

Anyway, that’s something scary to be stored so use them all.

Also, don’t make any more of that.

I told that to Loo.

「They are bombs for mining.」

… there’s a good reason for making them.

「Of course, otherwise I won’t help.」

Youko said that.

She’s right.

Let’s just make sure they are safely stored.

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