Chapter 534 – Outdoor Learning 2, Day 46

I’m digging a new big reservoir using the AFT.

The location is on the west side of the village.

It is about 2 kilometers along the waterway connecting the river and the village.

There’s a shrimp farming pond on the south side of the waterway so we had to make it on the north side.

We still have a sufficient supply of water but this is a measure for unlikely events like drought.

The river has never changed so I think we are fine but it is never a bad thing to be careful.


The size of the new reservoir is 200m X 200m.

The depth is around 20 meters in the deepest part.

It is currently an independent reservoir but in the future, it is planned to be connected with the first reservoir.

If that’s the case, why didn’t we just expand the first reservoir then? It’s impossible to expand because there are buildings around it.

And the pond turtles are also living there.

I’ll feel bad for them if we started working in the place where they are living.


The reservoir and its waterway were completed in ten days but there’s no water yet.

It’s because Loo wants to use it for experiments.

She’s going to try the chain-type freezing bullet there.

Did she mind that the chain-type freezing bullet was not popular during the previous banquet? Well, all it did was freeze the ground. That’s it. There’s not even an explosion sound.

「Is this chain type freezing bullet going to be used at mines too?」

「Yeah. It is common for a mine to be flooded once they hit a water vein.」

Certainly. I have heard about that too.

It will be impossible to continue mining once it becomes flooded.

「Right, with this chain-type freezing bullet, any flowing water, the vein included, will freeze!」

「What are they going to do next once it froze?」

「Break the ice and start mining somewhere else. This will be used to make the previously flooded mines minable again.」

「That’s amazing.」

「Of course.」


「Once they break the ice, won’t the place be flooded again?」

The water from the vein would flow again….

「Fufufu. You think I haven’t thought of that?」

「You have?」

「Of course. The ice frozen with chain type freezing bullet will never melt because of room temperature!」


I think that’s very dangerous.

「Of course. That’s why it should be handled with care.」

Thinking about it, when it was used in the banquet, the place it froze was made the target of the explosive bullet.

「The ice it produces is too hard to crush just by anyone so I have to make it softer. I want to do that experiment here.」

Loo says so as she sets up a chain-type freezing bullet.

After that, she made a water sphere which is around 10 meters, and used it to hit the chain-type freezing bullet.

The water sphere froze at once.

It looks like a work of art now.

「It’s not just freezing, right?」

「Yeah. The chain-type freezing bullet not only has freezing magic but there’s also everlasting magic in it. However, because of that, it becomes too strong to be affected by any outside influence so breaking it is also very hard.」

「Wasn’t it broken during the banquet?」

「That’s because the chain-type explosive bullet is powerful. The freezing magic, along with the everlasting magic, will be negated. 」

I see.

「In any case, it can’t be used unless I improve it. As for now, it can be said that it can only change the flooded mines into frozen mines.」

If she increases the temperature, it might not even make the water freeze.

If she weakens the everlasting magic, it will only freeze the surrounding.

Sounds like a difficult problem.


「Shouldn’t it be easier to think of a magic that melts the ice froze by the chain-type freezing bullet than to improve the bullet itself?」


Loo thought a little and then cast a spell.

A thin 1-meter long flame came out from her hand.

She used that flame to chop the frozen water sphere that was frozen by the chain-type freezing bullet.

It was sliced without resistance.

Thus, the experiment on this place ended.


When I was about to open the watergate, Hakuren and Guronde asked me to let them use it first for the sake of outdoor learning.

「I don’t mind but don’t do something dangerous.」

「Of course.」

It’s not like I don’t trust Hakuren but I accompanied them.

The new reservoir is a bit far so we traveled there using a horse-drawn carriage.

The children are delighted.

The carriage is surrounded by the kuros.

On the back of the kuros are fist-size spiderlings.

They are both guards and students.


The theme of their outdoor learning is wind.

Hakuren used magic to cast a whirlwind.

The diameter is around 10 meters and the height is around a hundred meters or more. Can that really be called a whirlwind?

If anyone goes close, he’ll surely be sucked in.

The wind started to rampage like a living thing but Hakuren beat it up and it disappeared.

She beat it out and it disappeared.

That’s impressive.

And I’m glad that they didn’t do it in the village.

Given the power of that whirlwind, several buildings will be blown away for sure.

It’s also good that this place is far from the village.


I thought that was the end but I guess I’m wrong.

Now, they are trying to make a whirlwind naturally.

The next thing they did was to warm up the ground as the first step.

Guronde explains to the children about updraft.

Of course, just warming the ground won’t make a whirlwind.

When the ground is warm, wind will have to move in both directions….is it?

I’m also listening to Guronde’s explanation.


The children have started casting small whirlwinds.

「If you know how natural phenomenon works, you will be able to use magic that is outside of your own attribute.」

Hakuren says proudly.

So that’s how it is.

But it has nothing to do with me who can’t use magic.

But it’s still a good idea to take a break from my busy schedule.


This outdoor learning was quite good. Some fist-size spiderlings have begun doing something new.

First, they prepared large leaves.

Then, use whirlwind magic and rush to the whirlwind while using the leaves as surfboards.

The spiderlings are surfing the whirlwind upward.

The birth of air surfing.

Looks fun but whirlwind magic has to be used in a wide-open place.

Never try it indoors.

It will cause everyone trouble.


You want bigger leaves?

It will be best if it is the leaves of the world tree?

Hmm, the leaves of the world tree are used for treatment.

To use it for playing….

No, the dwarves are certainly trying to make alcohol from the liquid squeezed from the leaves of the world tree but they are not playing.

The oni maids also made sakuramochi using the leaves of the world tree but they’re not playing either.

Maa, then, now, go and play.

Playing is important too.


The spiderlings were given with banana leaves.

As for the banana fruits, I took them.

The universal ship, which was moving from and to the Sun Castle and Big Tree Village, came.

「Admiral….I mean, village chief.」

Tou, the captain of the universal ship, comes with a piece of big luggage.

「The prototype fruits in Village Five look ripe so I brought them here.」


They are fruits I’ve never seen before.

I left it to the AFT when I cultivate there so I don’t know their names either.

I don’t even know if they can be eaten.

「Bell and Gou already studied them first if they were edible before sending them to village chief. Well, if you can call opening and opening what’s inside studying.」

「I see. We’re going to check if we should eat them as it is, cook it, or freeze it first.」

「Okay. Ah, the dwarves also told me to mass produce this one and that one for alcohol making.」

「That’s impossible for now. Tell Bell and Gou if they are easy to cultivate, mass produce them. I’ll go there and plow once I’m free.」

「Understood. Also, can I make the universal ship float on the newly built reservoir on the west once there’s water on it?」

「I don’t mind but….why would you do that?」

「Even if it can fly, a ship is a ship. We need to get her in the water.」

「I see. The new reservoir is bigger than the old one after all.」

「Yes, and it is also deep enough.」

「For now, it will only be used as a spare water source so I don’t mind. However, since it is close to the forest, I think it will be dangerous so be alert.」

If I’m with you, it will be okay since the kuros will join too….

「It’s okay. It will also serve as a training area.」

「Training? Yeah, well, from Tou’s point of view, they still can’t be called sailors?」

The crew of the universal ship are mainly devils and dream demons of Village Four.

They are motivated but they only know the basics. According to Tou, a born sailor, it’s not enough.

「Of course. Maybe because they were living a shut-in life in Village Four that they have adapted in a ship’s life quickly. However, if you really want to be called a sailor, you have to live on a ship for half a year first.」

「I see.」

「The ship is good so it should be wasted.」

Tou said so and headed to the dungeon afterward.

Perhaps he would go to the hot spring using the teleportation gate.

It seems like he feels bad for forcing Yoru in managing the teleportation gate of the hot spring area so he visits her along with souvenirs.

Futa, the one who manages the teleportation gate of Village Five, told me that he looks interested in her.

Maybe they’re just close.

Speaking of which, Miyo is in Shashaato City.

Her working environment has improved dramatically but it looks like she’s still buried in work.

I think she’s even working as Governor Ifrus’ assistant.

Maa, Shashaato City has helped us a lot so if she can help, I won’t mind.

By the way, Miyo seemed to have become a rumored mysterious little maid girl that’s in charge of the finances of Shashaato City.

When I heard that from Michael-san of the Goroun Company, I didn’t know what kind of expression to make.

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