Chapter 535 – Fooling Around, Day 47

The dwarves were depressed.

They seem to have failed in making alcohol from the leaves of the world tree.

「It’s just water!」

Moreover, a tasteless and odorless water.

Plain liquid.

You can drink it as it is but if you put some sugar and squeeze citrus on it, it will be easier to drink.

Fairy queen, you can drink it too so please stop hitting my back.

More sugar?

Got it, got it.

You spiderlings want some too?

Here you go.


By the way, what’s the effect of this water?

Its raw material is the leaves of the world tree. Does it have any recovery effect?

「Hold on….I’m not sure but….I think I’m not as tired as earlier….」

That’s it?

Then it would be better to use it as a leaf.

Stop any further production.

「I wanted to research more but I guess it can’t be helped. We’ll just try out the new fruits from Village Four.」

And that’s exactly what happened.

Ah, don’t drink it all.

Leave some.

I’m not drinking it though.

I will only offer it to god.

It has a fatigue recovery effect so it’s not a complete failure.

We just didn’t get the result we wanted.


I will offer alcohol along with it.

Though I don’t think god will complain.


After offering the water and alcohol to the statues of the god of creation and farming god, I went to the reservoir.

The first reservoir where the turtles are living.

I gave the pond turtles cabbages.

We harvest a lot.

You don’t need to hold back.

The pond turtles crunchily devour them.

They really didn’t hold back.

There’s someone who prefers lettuce.

Alright, lettuce it is.

It’s not for you….then why did you even request lettuce?

Ah, for the children.

Alright, I’ll bring some here.

Do they like chinese cabbage?

Alright, I’ll bring chinese cabbage too.


After giving the pond turtles, cabbage, lettuce, and chinese cabbage, I look at the kuros behind me.

There are a lot of them.

When I brought cabbage for the pond turtles, they had already started gathering.

I know.

I was surprised by them when I went back to get lettuce and chinese cabbage.

Then, what shall we do?

Eat something, go hunting, play fetch, or what?

Which do you prefer?

All of them?

That’s so straightforward.


I worked hard until nightfall.


When I return to my mansion, my next playmates are Kuro and Yuki.

However, Kuro and Yuki did not play with me.

Not only them but the other kuros did not play with me either.

It looks like I have to play with them on another day.


After Kuro and Yuki, the cats attacked my back.

The anenekos Miel, Rael, Uel, and Gael.

And kittens Ariel, Haniel, Zeruel, and Samael.

When the demon king is not here, they come to me to play.

A little further away are the father cat Raigiel and the mother cat Jewel. They look apologetic.

They can’t stop the anenekos and the kittens.

They are all looking forward to play.


When I was playing with the cats, a beastgirl came.

She’s the beastgirl in charge of the ranch area.

「Excuse me, village chief. A cow is missing.」

A cow?

「I thought it only went to the hot spring but it didn’t come back even though it is already dark.」

Cow, cow, cow…..AH!

When I was playing with the kuros earlier, I saw a cow.

It must have slept near the reservoir.

「Near the reservoir, got it.」

Let me help you look for it too….

I was stopped by the cats.

「It’s okay. I will search there so village chief can continue what you’re doing.」

I’m sorry.

I saw it on the north side of the reservoir.

Near the fruit area.

It might be in the fruit area.

「Got it.」


After 30 minutes, I received a report that the cow was found.

It seems to have gone lost in the fruit area.

That’s a relief.

And the cats also got tired of me so they already left.

The next who came are Aegis and the eagle.

Aegis bragged to me that he had a special training today while the eagle is watching over it with gentle eyes.

Their race differs but they look like parent and child.

No, partner?

Either way, it made me smile.


The next day.

The fairy queen was in her adult version.

And she looks more mature than before?

Also, there’s no vine around.

What’s happening?

「My rank has risen.」


「A step further to godhood, that’s how a feel….」

「Why so sudden?」

「I think it’s because of what I drank yesterday.」


「The water made using the leaves of the world tree. That’s divine water.」

「Divine water?」

「Ask your wife for details. Producing more of it is prohibited. Do you understand?」

「Yeah. How do you feel?」

「I’m fine. I only feel a little unusual.」

「That’s great.」

However, the fairy queen is not the only one who drank it.

The dwarves and several spiderlings drank too.

「Rest assured. My rank rises because it is almost time for it but not everyone who drinks it will rise in rank.」

「I-I see.」

「The only problem is ….you.」


I hardly drink it.

「That’s not what I mean. I can’t control my power completely yet since I have risen in rank. That sounds like my problem but you’ll be affected by it too…..」

It seems like there’s a high possibility of making children.

「Making couples bear a child is my raison d’etre but I also know the difficulty of raising children. Until I can control my power, you should avoid you know what….」

「I’ll talk to my wives.」

「Do so. Well then, I want some breakfast. Make it sweet.」

「Have you ever asked me to cook something not sweet?」



There was no particular change in the dwarves and the spiderlings who drank the divine water.


However, the divine water that was offered to the gods has disappeared.

No one would steal the offering and drink it….has it evaporated?

I feel like the big tree is particularly healthy but maybe I’m just thinking so.


AN: Think of the divine water as something like a race EXP up like in games.

When you accumulate enough exp, your race will level up.

TN: I just noticed in this chapter that the fairy queen is referring to herself with a simple I(watashi). I don’t remember when it began though.

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