Chapter 547 – Specialty, Day 66

The construction of the underground shopping street in Village Five is progressing rapidly.

I’m working hard to expand the tunnel.

I also did not forget to reinforce the tunnel using the AFT to make sure it won’t collapse.

As a precaution when I was expanding the tunnel, I dug from the top.

Digidig digidig.

Yeah, it will still take time.

Let’s do it leisurely.


It’s not good to make only a place but no contents.

Because of that, I’m thinking about the specialties of Village Five.

When I said that to Youko, she looked very surprised.

Did I say something weird?

That’s not it.

Village Five already has specialties?


Seasonings like mayonnaise, miso, and soy sauce.

Village Five alcohol and Village Five alcohol alternative.

Iron products of the dwarves of Village Five.

Textile products of the elves of Village Five.

Chicken meat, eggs, beef, pork, goat meat, and mutton bred around Village Five.

Monsters and demon beasts’ materials from the monsters and demon beasts subdued near Village Five.

I don’t think any of those can be called Village Five’s specialty.


Also, in terms of culture, there’s a medicinal garden, library, theater, public bath, event facility, and even a baseball field that tourists can visit.

The library is particularly popular.

At first, there were only storybooks that were collected in various places so there were only a few users.

But the truth of that matter is that only a few people can read.

Because of that, I started reading in the library.

I read stories for the children to poke their interest in reading.

That made me hit the jackpot.

Not only children but also adults came to listen.

That made those who can read seem more powerful.

Several people who can read started sharing roles and lighting and sound effects were added.

Then, stories that are easy to read are chosen but of course, there’s a limit to that.

Then began the story creation in the library.

We conducted research on stories that are pleasing to listen to in various places and made similar stories.

Of course, we did not only make pleasing stories.

There are also disgruntled stories too.

However, we continued making stories like that.

After gaining reputation from doing such activities, we attracted people who wrote stories as a hobby in various places.

Today, Village Five Library is regarded as a large storage of stories.


By the way, it seems like the theater was developed from that too.

The theater is still in development period but it seems like people who specialize in acting in theater are beginning to be born.


On top of that, Village Five is building a school, a race track, and an underground shopping street.

The school’s target is the residents of Village Five so it will not have much influence outside but the race track is different.

It will attract more people to participate in racing or gambling for the competition.

Like the school, the underground shopping street’s target is the residents of Village Five but….we can never be too sure on what will happen in the future.

Big Roof Shashaato was built in Shashaato City for the local residents but now, it seems to be gathering tourists from all over the kingdom.

I wouldn’t say it would be the same but it would be hard to predict the outcome.


「There is also the super popular food called ramen. In addition, the holy maiden is in the church and the guard has Pirika. Do we still need specialty?」

Hearing Youko, I can only apologize.

I’m thinking of something unique that only Village Five has but there are more than I thought.

I’m too naïve.

No, I just wanted to make a specialty food.

You know, like aburaage.

I’m going to use it to make an inari-san.

TN: Inari-san is inari sushi. If you click the aburaage link you can immediately read it too.

Inari-san….cut aburaage into triangles and let it simmer….then, vinegared rice…wrap it inside the aburaage, and there you go.

As an apology, I made three pieces for Youko.

「I see…..delicious. It’s easy to eat too.」

「The only ingredient of aburaage is soybeans and you only need to wrap it to vinegared rice. All ingredients are produced in Village Five, right? Inari-san might be too weak to be called a specialty but you can show your individuality by adjusting the flavor of the aburaage or even the vinegared rice. In addition, I thought it would be easy to match it to the taste of the residents since they can eat it together with pasta, mochi, or even rice without being bothered by the vinegared rice however….I guess it’s unnecessary.」

「Village chief, don’t say that. It’s not a bad idea.」


As a specialty product of Village Five, the production of inari-san was decided.

However, it is only after the production of soybeans and rice goes well that it can be mass-produced.

Until then, it can only be tasted at the cafeteria of the village hall of Village Five.

「As the acting village chief, reserve one for me.」

「That’s cheating desu yo. Even if you’re the acting village chief, you should line up properly. We love inari-san too.」

「Is that so? Then, with my authority as acting village chief, your lunchtime has been cut.」

「Youko-sama, no matter what happens, I’m going to get an inari-san.」

「For some reason, everyone likes it.」

It seems like it is popular but….it’s too early to be popular…

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