Chapter 549 – Life in the Capital, Ursa, Betrayal, Day 25

Kuroichi, who had been summoned by Alfred, barked loudly.

The air shakes violently.

I wonder if it also affected the royal capital.

This is bad.

However, it’s good that the one he summoned is Kuroichi.

Kuroichi is a calm type and won’t go on a rampage without knowing the situation.

It looks like he judged that Alfred atomized because he was attacked.

That’s enough for Kuroichi to get bigger.

He’s in full battle mode.

Kuroichi has always favored Alfred after all.

However, this is bad.

「Rigune-san, my weapon.」

I don’t have a weapon.

I left it to Rigune-san before we went out.

If I have it, I would want to swing it around.

In order to not repeat my mistake in Village Five, I refrained from holding it.

If it’s just those assassins, I thought I wouldn’t need any weapon to deal with them.

But I was naïve.

I won’t let my guard down anymore.

 「Since you asked me to give it to you, I’ll give it to you but, why?」

「It is impossible for me to suppress Kuroichi with just my bare hands.」

「….right. Do you need support?」

「It’s alright. I’m only going to persuade him.」

I took the sword that I had entrusted to Rigune-san.

It’s the sword that father gave me.

Uncle Gutt made it according to my current body size so it fits me well.

I feel I can do anything with this sword.

No, my expression has loosened.

I’ll have to use this sword before Kuroichi but….before that.

「Rigune-san, that one should be hiding somewhere. Take care of it!」

The person who threw the seven daggers should be lurking somewhere.

I think he’s someone powerful but with Rigune-san around, there shouldn’t be a problem dealing with him.


When I made my move, Kuroichi was attacking the group that attacked Alfred.

The number of ambushers that attacked Alfred is about 20 people.

They have excellent equipment.

They are obviously not bandits but an organized armed group.

Several people were blown away by his assault.

But they seem to want to resist Kuroichi.

I wonder if they don’t understand the difference in strength or is their battle spirit too high?

Either way, it’s only stupidity to fight against an angry Kuroichi.

I don’t really care what happens to those ambushers that attacked Alfred but….if he kills them, father would be disappointed.

Because of that, I must make sure that no one will die.

I attacked Kuroichi’s shoulder with my sword.

Kuroichi sensed it and evaded to the side.

And counterattacked with a bite.

But he stopped.

It looks like he recognized me.


This is my chance.

「Kuroichi, don’t kill! Father will be sad.」

To reply, Kuroichi barked.


With this, we can just take care of this armed group.

After that, Alfred….

The atomized Alfred was shrouded in shadows before I knew it.

Is it time?

Given what happened, this is not surprising.

「Alfred, wake up!」

I cut the shadows that are wrapping Alfred.

However, tons of shadows attacked me.


I slashed all the shadows and kicked the part that was wrapped in shadow.

I felt something elastic.

Since that is the case, I cut it with my sword.

Of course, I’m careful enough to make sure that I won’t damage Alfred inside.


It’s already too late.

A young man came out of the shadow I slashed.

A man in his twenties.

He’s wearing shadow clothes and is standing in mid-air.

「This one is the king of darkness!」

A grown-up Alfred.


Alfred hid his face using one of his hands while taking a pose and began attacking the archers.

He also commands Kuroichi.

Kuroichi is….good, he’s doing his best according to the command.

Alfred’s attacks….are powerful but they don’t hit.

This is why I always tell you to practice more.

Well, it’s good that he didn’t practice.

I’m running away with all my might.

Alfred in that state is very troublesome.

You can hit him with your attack but will immediately recover.

He’s almost invincible.

On top of that, he can continuously cast magic.

And the reason why he can’t hit is because he’s only using flashy-looking magic. He doesn’t even use his hands or even his feet when using magic in real battle.

There are several ways to control Alfred in that state but the only one available given the current situation is to greatly damage him.

I want to avoid that.

I have no choice but to go with Rigune-san and escape with all our might in order to call Tiselle at the royal capital.

When I was thinking of doing that, there was a group that came from the royal capital and they were raising dust while traveling.

It’s a cavalry.

There are more than two thousand of them.

Seeing the flag, they are soldiers of the demon king’s kingdom.

Are they here to catch the ambushers who attacked Alfred?

I guess they’re not.

The group of cavalrymen launched an attack against Kuroichi.

What else can get worse?

Kuroichi did not suffer much damage but they are now recognized as enemies by Alfred.

「Dare attack my servant, you lower beings!」

Alfred attacked the cavalry with a flashy-looking magic.

A violent explosion occurred.

Since they are so many, he managed to finally hit something.

However, even with two thousand cavalrymen, it will be difficult to stop Alfred and Kuroichi.

Alfred created shadow soldiers again.

If this goes on, the damage will be big.

I have to call Tiselle.

「If Tiselle is here, can we do something?」

I nod strongly to Rigune-san.

The only one that can make Alfred calm down in that state is Tiselle.

「Yeah, she can do something about this.」

At the end of my and Rigune-san’s line of sight….we saw the army marching from the royal capital.

The number is over ten thousand.

I thought that it would be a disaster when that ten thousand troops supported the two thousand earlier but it was nothing to worry about after all.

It was Uncle Demon King who’s leading that army of ten thousand.

And Tiselle is riding at the back of the horse Uncle Demon King is riding. She’s waving her hand.


「That’s Al-nii?」

Tiselle had already grasped the situation before I explained it.

That saves time and effort.

「Yes, so please.」

「Since Ur-nee has asked, I can’t say no.」

I told Uncle Demon King to release Tiselle.

She was finally relieved of that rope tied on her waist as she threw that rope on the ground.

Tiselle, who went down, runs towards Alfred.

Alfred and Kuroichi….seem to have defeated the two thousand cavalries.

And now, they are staring at the more than ten thousand troops behind Uncle Demon King.

He’s taking a fearless stance as if saying even if there are ten thousand enemies, he’s unrivaled.

「Ursa, is it alright to let Tiselle go there alone?」

Uncle Demon King asks anxiously.

「She’s okay.」

As proof, Tiselle kneels on one knee in front of Alfred and said:

「My great nii-sama, this Tiselle is on your side! Let’s defeat that army together!」


「Ehto, Ursa. It looks like Tiselle has betrayed us in a grand way.」


Tiselle casts a spell to soften the ground around her.

Then, the softened ground rises and takes form.

It’s a golem.

And not your ordinary golem.

It’s a super giant golem with a height of 12 meters.

「That’s acting?」


The only golem that Tiselle can make is this giant golem.

She can also only make one at a time.

However, she can’t control it that well.

She can only command it to advance, retreat, and attack.

In addition, even after making it, the golem won’t continue to exist unless Tiselle is in contact with it.

Even if it is full of weak points and is not even useful. I can still remember how it crushed father’s field when she made it in the village.

Since it is a golem, there is a way to remove its weakness.

That is, to make someone else control it.

However, it will be extremely difficult for someone else to control the golem that Tiselle made.

Sounds impossible but Earth made it possible.

Earth is a clay doll.

That’s why it is compatible with the earth golem made by Tiselle.

Earth only needs to dive into the golem created by Tiselle to control it.

Once Earth merges with it, Tiselle’s golem can act like a living creature.

「So, Earth will be the one who’ll do the surprise attack? Earth, are you there?」

Even though Uncle Demon King called and looked around, he couldn’t find Earth.

I know.

I’m only talking about that can be done.

If you know that Earth can merge with it and it can move while you ride it, there are certainly people who would want to ride it.

Like Alfred.

In other words….

「Nii-sama, it’s morphing time!」

The chest of Tiselle’s golem opens as she tempts Alfred there.

Inside the golem’s chest, there’s a space with chairs that even adults can go to.

Alfred rode into the golem while laughing loudly.

The chest of the golem closes.

「Yeah, capture complete.」

Tiselle confined Alfred in the golem.

No one can go in or out of the golem without Tiselle’s permission.

Though it’s a good idea, I was worried because Alfred was already caught using this strategy before.

This is the third time.

Kuroichi was wandering around the golem looking troubled.



Demon King: Can he escape from the golem?

Tiselle: If it is a magic match, I can’t defeat Al-nii but I won’t lose to him in terms of golemology so it’s okay.

AN: Ursa did not rampage even though she has a sword.

As for her dagger wound, it will be discussed next time.

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