Chapter 550 – Life in the Capital, Ursa, Friends, Day 25 – Day 26

「Can he escape from the golem?」

Tiselle answered Uncle Demon King’s question.

「If it is a magic match, I can’t defeat Al-nii but I won’t lose to him in terms of golemology so it’s okay. 」

Actually, he’ll be able to escape in about 20 minutes but Alfred will already be calm by that time.

「Other than that, are those soldiers alright?」

「Yeah, they have been taken care of.」

Tiselle is worried about the two thousand cavalries that arrived before them.

Tiselle got the information that someone’s going to attack us so she sent them but they attacked Kuroichi instead.

「There was a story about an unfamiliar monster that came out of the north forest so they thought it was him.」

Tiselle was in a bit of remorse for her miscalculation.

In fact, she already sent an instruction to them when she heard Kuroichi’s bark but it looks like it was already too late.

They immediately chase them after completely gathering ten thousand soldiers.

However, since Kuroichi is there, those ten thousand soldiers are meaningless.

「I would never imagine that Al-nii will have to summon Kuroichi even though he’s with Ur-nee, Gol-nii’s group, and even Rigune-san. That’s already a pretty powerful line up.」

I think so too….

By the way, did you meet Gol-anii’s group?

They should be on their way to the royal capital.

「I asked them to deal with something with Earth.」

「What happened?」

「There are three local nobles that revolted after being sweet-talked by another country.」

「Is everything alright? Why did you bring ten thousand soldiers here then?」

「It’s Uncle Demon King. He said Al-nii and Ur-nee are more important than those rebelling nobles.」

「Is that so?」

「It is. It’s okay since we received advance information about the rebels. Earth and Gol-nii’s group also went there.」

「Is it nearby?」

「It’s quite far. They are sent by Uncle Beezel.」

「I see.」

「According to the information we got, it seems like they are planning to cause an incident at the royal capital. Because of that, the army who should have been on standby at the fort on the west was on stand-by at the royal capital.」

「Then, is it okay to move them here? What if everything that’s happening here is only a decoy?」

「Ahaha. The incident that’s supposed to happen in the royal capital involved a lich.」

「Lich?…..ah, a little while ago, Earth beats up a lich.」

「Right. Uncle Glatts and Asa are watching over the capital now just in case something happens.」

「I see….but, doesn’t this mean that we’re currently borrowing the power of the kingdom itself?」

「Rather than us borrowing, it would be better to say that we are doing the kingdom a favor. Right, Uncle Demon King?」

「She’s right.」

Uncle Demon King is looking at the two thousand cavalrymen being rescued.

No one died but a lot of them were injured.

The horses are….safe.

Let’s praise Kuroichi.

And I’m convinced that Tiselle is selling favor this time.


「I’m sorry. I never thought that there would be so many assailants.」

Uncle Demon King apologizes again.

As for those assailants or assassins, in fact, Uncle Demon King has already informed us about them in advance.

There are a number of organizations targeting us.

Originally, we should have been okay with just staying at school but assassins even dare appear in school.

It will be disadvantageous for us to wait for them to move.

Also, other students might get caught in the middle.

I want to avoid that.

Then, shouldn’t it be fine if we returned to the safety of the village?

I want to avoid that too.

I don’t want to go back to the village like a shameless coward.

Father will surely won’t’ mind and will even welcome us warmly but how about our mothers?

We were taught to wield and control power.

We’ll only be scolded if we can’t even handle practice-level assassins.


What to do then?

Lure the assassins.

And so, we headed to the north forest….however, I never thought that we would fall that much to their plan.

「Most of those assailants are under the candidates of the Dalfon Company…namely Giling and Muskund.」

Tiselle explains.

「Giling and Muskund were those who got caught during your incident?」

「Yes. That’s the two of them. Each of them led a force that is as big as the Goroun Company.」


I don’t know how big the Goroun Company is but I nod to show that I understand.

「Because of that, they have their own armed organization and the member of those organization are said to have escaped…..」

「They’re retaliating because Giling and Muskund have been caught?」

「If father gets caught, are you going to retaliate?」

What if father gets caught?

「Ur-nee, I’m only asking you as an analogy. Don’t release too much bloodlust. You’re scary.」

…..I’m sorry.

「Ehto, after running away, they were the ones who made a commotion instead of the lich.」

「So that’s why they targeted us.」

「Right. So, what are we going to do with them?」

「What do you mean what are we going to do?」

「They targeted us so we have to retaliate.」

「I agree but I don’t know if Alfred will agree.」


Alfred, who came out of the golem, returned to his original appearance.

Ah, he crouched on the ground while hiding his face with his two hands.

「I want to disappear….」

Alfred remembers all of what happened when he was in frenzy.

In other words, he remembered all his embarrassing words and deeds.

Every time he goes like that, he will be embarrassed like this after.

And it will take ten days before he returns to normal.

「Al-nii, it’s okay. Ancestor-san said that young vampires tend to do things like that. Ah, look, how about I give you the eye patch that Zabuton especially made for you?」

Tiselle, don’t tease him.

Alfred, an eye patch is only for one eye. If you put it on both eyes, it’s called blindfold.

Don’t look away from reality.

For the time being, Alfred.

You have to decide on what to do before you get depressed.

「What to do?」

「Yeah, what to do with those people who attacked us?」

「What can I do?」

「Anything, we will follow Alfred’s decision.」


「Would I lie to you?」


「Of course, I won’t.」



「Yeah. I don’t really mind what happened. Ah, the person who threw a dagger to Ur-nee’s flank is different. Death penalty.」

「Ahahahaha. That person is praiseworthy. His timing in hiding and throwing daggers is perfect. He’s amazing.」

「He surprised me too. Is your flank okay?」

「Already cured. There’s no need for death penalty.」

「If Ur-nee is fine, I guess I’ll leave him be…」

「It’s decided then.」


I asked Tiselle to lend me her wisdom in order for Alfred’s decision to happen.

「The demon king’s kingdom and Uncle Demon King won’t easily let others go unless there are convenient circumstances….」

「Convenient circumstances?」

「Two thousand cavalrymen got injured…..let’s have the unfamiliar monster that went out of the north forest take the blame. Ur-nee has to catch that.」

「How about we had Kuroichi catch it?」

「Good idea.」

Deadly wolf.

According to the general of the army that Uncle Demon King brought, that demon beast is not something that can be found in this place.

It seems like it was brought here like the lich.

As for how strong it is….it is clearly weaker than Kuroichi.

So, it will replace Kuroichi’s participation?


Then, the two thousand cavalrymen were injured during the deadly wolf subjugation.

Kuroichi was never here.

The rest will be the disposal of those ambushers.

The best way to deal with them is to execute them all…

However, Alfred already let them go so we can’t.

Then, it will be up to me.


Next day.

I gathered all the ambushers to a certain place.

One of them is the merchant-like man that threw daggers at me.


Ah, he glared at me.

Not only those we faced in the north forest but we also gathered those who attacked us at school.

There are a total of 157 of them including logistical support personnel.

All of them have their hands tied behind them and you can immediately notice that they are all exhausted.

It would probably be a result of harsh interrogation to squeeze out information.

Now, I’ll tell the punishment for everyone who dared attack us.

I stood in front of the 157 people and looked around.

And I declare.

「Choose. Die now or be my friend.」


You don’t have to make that strange face.

If you become my friends, you won’t be guilty and everything you did can be said to be an ambush exercise.

I prepared my homework properly.

My underlings?

No no no.

Friend. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


「Ur-nee? Are you that worried about not being able to make friends?」

「I’m not.」


AN: Aftermath of the incident has still not ended.

I will complete it next chapter.


Next chapter preview:

Rigune: I would like to confirm your meaning of guard.

Kuroichi: I’m going home.

Report to the village.

Note: Content of the next chapter can be subjected to change without prior notice.



Al: I thought I told you earlier that there shouldn’t be any death penalty.

Ur: I’ve only consulted you before making a decision.


Omake 2

Rigune: Ursa, why don’t I teach you how to make friends? I’m sure you’ll…

Ursa: No need.

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