Chapter 551 – Life in the Capital, Ursa, Report, Day 26

Monsters called by summoning magic returns after a certain time but during casting, it is necessary to determine the activity time first.

It’s a high-tier magic.

Alfred is not yet able to determine the activity time.

Monsters that were called by summoning magic will just be teleported.

Because of that, Kuroichi, who was summoned by Alfred, is still here.

Of course, not in school. Uncle Demon King told us to make sure he won’t get close to the royal capital so he stayed in the north forest.

The deadly wolf is also with him and it is acting as his loyal follower.

The size of the deadly wolf is as big as Kuroichi when he gets bigger.

In short, it’s quite big.

It has black spot pattern on its gray fur….but it has been trimmed as evidence that the army has subdued it so you won’t see the pattern.

The way it was trimmed is also very clumsy that I’m trying my best not to laugh every time I see it.

The deadly wolf is depressed.


At first, Kuroichi thought of returning to the village on his own but he was stopped by Uncle Demon King.

Once someone sees him, no matter where he is, it will cause a commotion.

Because of that, we have no choice but to wait for Uncle Beezel to return and send him back.

As for Kuroichi, he’s not complaining that he can’t return to the village yet. He’s even exploring the north forest.

It seems like he enjoyed the company of the spiderling Foo.


I want to meet Foo too.

However, since it already traveled before I came to the village, it seems like it doesn’t like me.

It’s fine.

At least I can talk to your mother, Zabuton, about a lot of things.


And today.

Kuroichi is scheduled to return to the village via Uncle Beezel’s teleportation magic.

However, if Kuroichi suddenly gets teleported into the village, there is a possibility of father seeing it so he will be teleported to the hot spring area.

Kuroichi will then return to the village via the teleportation gate of the hot spring area.

I thought the deadly wolf would follow Kuroichi but it completely refused.

It didn’t listen to Kuroichi’s order.

It hid behind Alfred and acted like a puppy while trembling from Kuroichi’s glare.

Why is it acting like that? It looks like it’s following its instinct.

But that made Kuroichi mad.

 Kuroichi is going to leave Alfred while the deadly wolf is by Alfred’s side.

If this continues, Kuroichi will rampage so I’ll arbitrate.

Kuroichi doesn’t mind if the deadly wolf doesn’t come with him to the village but he doesn’t like it to stay with Alfred.

As for the deadly wolf, going to the village is the same as death penalty.

It’s begging for help.


The deadly wolf was entrusted to Foo and it will also live in the depths of the north forest.

Good job, Foo.

And thanks for coming to pick it up.

The deadly wolf will live in peace in the depths of the forest.

You only need to protect yourself and make sure you’ll move away from adventurers as soon as you see one.

I hope that your trimmed fur will grow quickly too.


When the deadly wolf went to the depths of the north forest, Kuroichi was satisfied and left via Uncle Beezel’s teleportation magic.

Uncle Beezel, sorry for making you wait.

After seeing Uncle Beezel and Kuroichi off, Alfred and I returned to school.

Only Rigune-san is accompanying us.

This might look pretty careless especially since we’ve just been attacked a while ago but there shouldn’t be any problem.

As for the reason, it’s not because there’s no one to attack but we were able to prove that we’ll be okay even if we were attacked.

 Ah, yeah, Rigune-san is also not our guard.

She’s only with us to make sure we won’t go too far.

「They are children that can deal with any kind of assassins. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they won’t kill assassins.」

That was Uncle Glatts’ request.

I only thought that she’s a little slow when she was dealing with the assassins.

However, thinking about it again, she might be planning to catch them all.

There’s also something I want to hear from her.

Well, I want to know how she’ll deal with it.

「By the way, Rigune-san, what will you do if you fight against Tiselle’s golem?」

「Didn’t you already mention its weakness? My first move would be taking out Tiselle.」

That sounds like a correct answer but you have to think about it carefully first.

Would Tiselle leave that obvious weakness?

There’s no way she’ll do that.

The only way to deal with it is to make sure Tiselle is not in contact with it or the ground.

As for telling that to Rigune-san….I’ll leave that to Tiselle.


Upon seeing the school, the field and ranch are starting to get visible.

That field and ranch were built by Gol-anii’s group.

There are many goats there.

There are also military outposts though they are not built there to protect the field and ranch.

When I look further ahead to the school, there’s Earth waiting for us.

Earth and Gol-anii’s group returned late last night.

Everyone was in tatters.

They are not injured but they are exhausted.

I gave Earth a day off because of that but he doesn’t want to take a day off.

Just don’t overdo it.


We returned to our house in school together with Earth.

Alfred immediately went to his room and dived into his bed again.

As expected, it will take time for him to return to normal.

Last night, to encourage Alfred, Uncle Demon King, Asa, and Metora told him about their failures in the past but it looks like it has no effect.


Tiselle was taking a note with all her might. She’s probably planning to use it as a card against Uncle Demon King but I took her note.

Those pieces of papers were sent by father for us to use to write to him. Don’t waste it.


Seeing the paper, I remembered that I have to write a letter for father soon.

This time, I’ll tell him that I made friends.

My friends were acquitted but they are entrusted to Ridley of the Dalfon Company or else they won’t be set free.

If they do anything, Ridley will take the responsibility since most of them are related to the Dalfon Company. Is that some kind of punishment?

If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to leave them to representative Derinted….

I’m not sure what’s happening but I know there’s no point in thinking about it.

By the way, yesterday, when Earth came back, he had companions.

They are the maids who served the lords who rebelled.

They have nothing to do with the rebellion so they can just return to their families but that’s not what the public thought.

In order to avoid being caught up in the incident, their own families refused to accept them back so they lost their place.

The person they asked for help is Earth.

Well, they really asked Gol-anii’s group first and they pushed them to Earth.

Gol-anii’s group apologized to them saying they don’t want to increase the number of their wives anymore but…you should apologize to Earth too.

You already apologized?

I hope so.

Anyway, Earth brought back 26 maids.

Their ages range from the same as us to mid-twenties.

It seems like other older maids were picked up because they are already skilled.

I thought that Earth would make those maids work in our house but it seems like he has another plan.

It looks like he’s going to open a store in the royal capital.

So, the maids stayed at an inn in the capital.

Earth wasn’t able to accompany us from seeing off Kuroichi not because he’s taking a rest but because he’s asking the Dalfon Company to secure land with a building.

The Dalfon Company replied saying they’ll prepare it immediately but, what kind of store are they preparing?

Earth says he wants to open a café because they are all maids.

Then, you have to purchase tea.

You can use my name when you ask father but you’ll have to write it yourself.


I finished writing my letter so I took Alfred and Tiselle’s letter to send them all together.

I have to thank Uncle Beezel who always took care of our letters.

It would be nice if I could use teleportation magic too but it looks like I don’t have talent in that aspect.


I’m currently relaxing while drinking the tea that Metora had brewed for me.

In fact, I didn’t know that mother Loo is already on her way to the demon king’s castle and is already asking Uncle Demon King for cooperation in retaliation for us being attacked.


Loo: There’s no parent who won’t get angry when their children are targeted.

Demon King: I agree.

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