Chapter 552 – Apology, Day 70

One day, I was invited by Loo to go out.

Our destination is the royal capital of the demon king’s kingdom.

That place is where the school Alfred and the others are attending is located.

However, our destination is not the school but the royal castle.

We passed through a large hall which looked like an event hall.

There’s a chair prepared for me at a table which is located at a place a level higher than the hall.

Loo sat next to me.

In front of me are the demon king, Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle are seated.

The children seem to be fine.

Are they nervous?

Their smile is kind of forced.

And at the hall level are hundreds of civil and fully armed military officers lined up.

The four, Beezel, Randan, Glatts, and Hou, are among them.

And they are not moving an inch from their dogeza….what is happening?


An apology.

Alfred and the others, who are attending the school, were caught in an incident.

「I’m sorry.」

Demon king said so as he apologized.

However, demon king, you are not the guardian of my children, you are the king of this kingdom.

It is impossible for you to keep an eye on them all the time.

I want to say that he doesn’t need to apologize but this involves my children.

It is not something I can easily accept.

Let me listen to the details.


I listened to the detailed story.

Simply put, the other party intends to cause chaos in the demon king’s kingdom and attack Alfred’s group.

As for why they want to attack Alfred’s group, it’s because they are Loo’s children.

They are not Loo’s children except Alfred though.

However, why are they targeting Loo’s children and create chaos in the demon king’s kingdom?

Loo answered that question.

「The other party wants to destroy the demon king’s kingdom and the company that supports the kingdom. If something happened to Alfred and the others, they think that I’ll destroy the company  and or the demon king.」

I see.

The other party is hiding behind the scene and wants to use Loo’s power for their own interest.

「That’s what we all think.」


「As for how they concluded that Alfred and the others are my children….it seems to be my fault.」

Your fault?

I don’t remember you hiding it from anyone.

「That’s right but I’m not talking about it either. They may be targeted by those who hate me, right?」

Yes, that’s right.

Loo says that she has friends that have long lives but she has enemies like that too.

Loo was careful in dealing with her relationship but someone is not.

「Do you remember the prince from a certain country that I treated a while ago?」

Ah, the one that called you for treatment.

「When he proposed to me, I bragged to him that I had a husband and children.」

The prince spreads that information?

「It was one of his entourage.」

If you find out that Loo has children, you can easily gather information about Alfred and the others in Village Five.

I see.

I roughly understood what happened.

No, sorry.

There are still some parts that I don’t understand but I’ll ask Loo about it later….

I’ll prioritize what happened here.


The place where Alfred’s group was attacked is outside the royal capital.

It’s not the demon king’s fault.

They also sneaked in and attacked the school.

That is also not the demon king’s fault but, is there a problem with the school’s security?

Tell the school to strengthen their security.

As for the attackers….

It seems like they were already punished by Loo.

Then, I will say no more.


They are Ursa’s friends?


Did they become your friends because you fought each other?

It’s not like that?

I-I see.

I’ll greet them later.

Tiselle also has a friend?

You want me to greet her later?

Like what we’re doing now?

Okay, but let’s get back to the topic. It’s not the demon king’s fault.

It’s all that opposing party. It instigated everything.

Who are they anyway?

The kingdom of the prince that Loo treated?

Currently, the prince is launching a coup to seize power?

And Malbit’s group is cooperating with him?

Is that so?

The prince is on our side.

Are the king and his minister the ones who instructed to hurt Alfred and the others?

No no, I don’t need their heads.

Punish them according to the law of that country.

Also, the demon king doesn’t need to apologize for their sake.

It’s fine.


I went to another room with Loo.

We’re in an inn located in the heart of the city but my heart still can’t settle down.


For now, I’ll say what I want to say.

「Loo, only this time.」

「Only this time?」

「Don’t deceive me again.」

Something extremely dangerous happened to my children and I only knew it now. It was so funny that they left me out of it.

He can’t even face me alone.

If it was a simple thing, the demon king can just apologize to me in the village.

However, he called me here.

Moreover, it’s in a big hall, a big hall full of civil and military officers.

「You cooperated with this grand apology to make sure I won’t get angry, right?」

「……I’m sorry.」

「I don’t really want to be angry but the children were targeted.」

I didn’t let them out in the village to experience this.

I can’t stomach this anger.

What were Asa, Earth, and Metora doing?

How can they let the children go to a dangerous place….

No, the three of them are their caretakers. They are not guards.

Should I limit their movement then?

No, that would be counterproductive.

I received a document summarizing the details of the incident. Glatts and Gol’s group are still doing what they can for it.

The forces of the other party are too big.

They are helpless about it.

However, how can they just leave….

Ah, so that’s how it is.

If I wasn’t able to control myself, my anger would be poured on the demon king’s kingdom.

That’s why they borrowed Loo’s hand.

Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle were also sitting beside the demon king perhaps to protect him.


「In any case, I’ll allow you to deceive me but only this time.」

「Yeah, I’m sorry.」

「Now then, appease the angry me.」

「I know. Look, the children are here.」

Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle entered the room.

I’m glad you’re safe.

You guys are stupid.

Don’t do something unreasonable.

I know that you guys are strong but you shouldn’t be careless.

I teared up a bit while hugging them.


「By the way, Loo.」


「Are you going to tell this incident to Tier, Hakuren, and Zabuton?」

「I’m going to tell Tier but for Hakuren and Zabuton…I’ll leave them to you….」

「This is a challenge.」

After this, the demon king will bring me to the store that Earth opened up. Let’s think about what to do there.


AN: The assassination arc is settled with this.

This might be too sweet of a judgment even for our MC but use the “children were caught in trouble in their school abroad” analogy.

Although it is infuriating, there’s no way you’re going to blame the president of the country where your children are studying and hold him responsible for everything.

Also, they are worried about the children too and they even did not bring up all their actions.

Leaving the royal capital and beating out the cavalry are the children’s mistakes.

While admitting their shortcomings and with Loo’s assistance, he can only say 「Only this time.」.


Next chapter, going to a maid(genuine) café.

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