Chapter 553 – Maid Café, Day 70

The royal castle is at the center of the royal capital.

There is a main street at the immediate south of the royal castle.

The store that Earth opened was in the place along that main street.

I think it’s a nice location because it is between the area where stores are lined up and the residential area.

The name of the store is Ursas.

It seems like Earth named it and I think it’s not a bad name.

However, no one gives a darn about that name according to Earth’s complaint.

It is called “the maid café” by both the residents and its customers.

As for why, the moment you enter the store, it will be the first thing you’ll think of.

All hired waitresses are maids.

More importantly, well-educated maids.

「Welcome back, master」

Yes, this greeting too.

Though they are already familiar with regular customers, that greeting never changes.

Are they not worried if some customers misunderstood them?

Do you have a bouncer?

Then, how are you going to deal if someone makes trouble?

No, if it’s only making trouble, that’s too mu….

Maa, it’s their fault for making trouble so I won’t say it’s too much.

However, if that really happens, prioritize protecting the maids.

That’s what I said to Earth who guided us around.


The café is quite wide.

I don’t know how big the back is but the floor alone is about a hundred tatami mats.

It is divided into several areas and I was guided to a seat in the most luxurious area.

Nobles come here too so area division is necessary.

I haven’t seen it but it looks like there’s a private room too.

There are chairs and sofas so I sit on the sofa.

Loo sat next to me on my right and the demon king sat next to me on my left.

I think he should sit in the opposite seat but there’s a reason he sat next to me.

It’s because there’s a big screen in front of me.

It looks familiar.

It’s the broadcasting equipment of Irre.

According to Earth, we’re going to watch something that Irre prepared.

There are seven screens in the store and each one is broadcasting something different.

As for the audio, they are designed and placed in locations where sound won’t overlap.

It’s a big deal.

They are mainly broadcasting baseball, theater, and opera.

On the big screen in front of me, a video of a baseball match is being played.

「That’s a match we played in Shashaato City a few months ago.」

The demon king explained.

It’s nice that you didn’t spoil the ending directly but given his smile, it’s obvious that they won this pretty close match.

Well, let’s watch how they played.

Gol is the pitcher.

While I was thinking about the match, tea was served before us.

I was surprised since no one ordered yet but our seat seems to have no menu.

It seems like we’re sitting in an eat-all you can and drink-all you can seat.

In other words, everyone will be served eventually.

Also, the maid who arranged the tea did not step down and is still waiting in a place a little away.

I still want a menu.

How do I know what you have?

Also, should I tell you that I’m hungry or do you need to hear my stomach first or what?

Is it okay if I order something in detail?

Got it.

I want to try it but it might sound rude if I order something in detail.

Loo, don’t be mean.

Demon king, let’s stop talking about baseball and let’s talk about why we are here.

Maid-san, please pause the screen.


I came to Earth’s store not only because I wanted to see it but for something I need to know.

What happened to Alfred and the other’s case?

For me, I still want them to go to school but after getting involved in that assassination case, I almost want to drag them back to the village.

The demon king also agrees with my opinion.

However, the children in question opposed me.

Because of that, the demon king and I have no choice but to let them continue to attend the school.

As for the security of the school, it seems like the demon king himself will take responsibility for it.

In fact, he already sent part of the army into the school and the security has become stricter than usual.

In short, it is impossible to get attacked inside the vicinity of school now so they would only be targeted outside school….

「I thought it would be me, who would have thought it was them?」

The demon king apologized again.

Since there are simultaneous rebellions occurring in the kingdom, the forces that the demon king can move were reduced.

When that was happening, he thought that the next target would be him, and the information they got also supported it.

However, for some reason, the ambushers targeted Alfred’s group and not the demon king.

It is probably because they are easier to ambush or maybe it was retaliation for the lich that Earth destroyed earlier…

In any case, as a father, it is infuriating that my children were targeted.

Every time I think of it, I always get upset.

My mood is getting bad again so I drank tea at once.

Let’s calm down first.


The maid in waiting has set up another video on the screen.

When I stared at the screen, the video finally played.

No, I’m not asking for another….

The video that played was not a baseball match.


「Ah, ah, hello. I’m your mysterious host, Valvaroi desu.」

He introduced himself as Valvaroi but no matter how you look at it, that’s ancestor-san.

He has a black blindfold around his eyes but I recognized him immediately.

He’s in his usual outfit.

Can he even see something with that blindfold?

No, what is he doing in the first place?

In addition…where is he?

I’m not familiar with that place.

Looking at the climate, it looks like he’s not in the demon king’s kingdom.

「I’m currently at Goruzen Kingdom.」

Ah, Goruzen Kingdom.

I know that name well.

They are the one who wants to cause chaos in the demon king’s kingdom.

Aren’t they experiencing a coup d’état now?

This is only a recorded video. When did they take it?

「By the way, I present to you, Prince Codor. He’s the main protagonist of this coup. Let’s hear from him. How is it going? Are you winning?」

Prince Codor replied saying that he would do his best while his face is twitching.

Looking at his complexion, it looks like he doesn’t believe that he’ll win…..

The footage moves sideward from Prince Codor. It zoomed in to the castle from the mountainside.

「That is the royal castle of Goruzen Kingdom, the Damocles Castle. The king and the ministers that the prince must defeat are there but the Damocles Castle is famous for being impregnable. It is a very hard castle to siege. It’s not very interesting to see it now so….」

The castle exploded.

No, it is continuously exploding.

When the camera was pointed at the sky above the castle, there were angels flying in a beautiful formation.

There are three angels in that formation. They are Malbit, Ruincia, and Suarurou.

And the castle is continuously exploding because that group of three are alternately casting magic towards the castle.

Ah, the Damocles Castle collapsed and a loud crumbling sound was heard.

That feels great.

「I wanted to use inferno wolf’s horns but I gave up that idea because I can’t even take one without permission, sorry. That’s the message of the representative of the mysterious angel group.」

Mysterious angel group….

Ah, the three are also wearing black blindfolds.

Well, they look more of a suspicious angel group.

「Anyway, it is impossible to stay in the castle now. For the prince’s side, this will be a great chance for your coup. I would like you to not miss this great chance. Next is the scene from the Grock Mountains.」

When ancestor-san said so, the scene changed.

「H-hi, this is the mysterious beauty girl desu.」

From ancestor-san, a new nervous girl showed up.

The girl is also wearing a black blindfold but I know who she is.


She didn’t even hide her horns and tail.

「Ehto, we are currently at the Grock Mountains where the dense mines of the Goruzen Kingdom are located desu.」

The video shows the entrance of an unoccupied mine.

「We have alerted them in advance so it seems like that evacuation is over desu ne. Then…」

A dazzling light flashes.

Followed by a loud roar.

I couldn’t see anything that the camera was getting because it only showed smoke.

When I was wondering what happened, the video began to change its view as if it suddenly floated.

The person holding the camera was probably pulled up in the air.

And I finally saw what happened.

The place where the mountain range was melted.

That’s a tremendous firepower.

It was a black dragon who did it.


It is obvious because smoke is still coming out of his mouth.

So, there was a mountain range there?


However, Maxbergak.

You’re in your dragon form, what’s the point of your blindfold?

And who was able to provide that large of a blindfold?

The video returns to the surface and Helzenark returns too.

Don’t wave and call Maxbergak father.

What’s the point of your blindfold then?

「Ehto, that’s it. From this mysterious beauty girl at the Grock Mountains, back to studio.」

The video returned to ancestor-san.

「What a wonderful attack. Ah, Prince Codor, what’s wrong? Why are you not attacking yet?」

Prince Codor is murmuring in agony saying that the economy was also blown away.

The mines of the Grock Mountains seem to have been the lifeblood of the Goruzen Kingdom.

「It’s okay. The Korin Religion is a religion of compassion and it will support your country. Ah, of course, you need to change the name of your country. You should promise that. Today will be the day that the Goruzen Kingdom was destroyed.」

When ancestor-san said so with force, the video stopped.


Is it Zabuton who prepared those black blindfolds?

Then, among the collaborators is a mysterious spider.


I look at Loo and the demon king.

Given their facial expressions, they probably did not know the content of that video.

It looks like we already retaliated by supporting the coup and ousting the former regime.

In addition, that’s probably also a move to make the new regime friends of the demon king’s kingdom.

When I concluded that….Irre was already here.

「I took that video. I did my best. It was really hard」

Irre’s arm has bandage.

He was probably injured during the shooting.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I hope you’re okay.

「Ehto, we took that video fifteen days ago desu. The coup side has the upper hand. From the latest contact, it looks like the king and the ministers have been captured leaving only a few rebel forces behind. If nothing else happens, we can consider the coup d’état successful desu.」

I see.

「By the way, here are messages for village chief desu.」


From whom?

It was from ancestor-san and Hakuren.

First is from ancestor-san.

「It seems like a lot of things have happened in Goruzen Kingdom. I’m surprised. However, I think it’s okay for a country that troubled Alfred a little to perish.」


Next, Hakuren.

「That’s kind of too soft, right? I want to shoot more. I should have gone there myself.」


I guess that’s it for now.

Anyway, ancestor-san said that both Hakuren and Zabuton knew about this incident.

The problem that I was thinking of was solved.


The weight in my heart eases up a little after seeing that video.

It might be wrong as a person but I will not forgive those who dabble with my children.


By the way…..

Who told Hakuren and Zabuton?

Is it those three impure dragons, Ojess, Haifrigta, and Kihatroy?


They are afraid to even get close to Hakuren and Zabuton?

Then, who….?

Ah, Metora told them.

「I was commanded by Hakuren-sama to tell what’s happening especially if it is about Ursa-sama. I apologize for what I did.」

No, it doesn’t matter.

However, you should inform me what’s happening to Ursa too.

Now that you mentioned it, does it mean that both Hakuren and Zabuton knew about everything on the day of the incident?

Should I praise you for your immediate response?

Or should I be angry for not informing me?

I’ve even forgiven Loo so I shouldn’t get angry at you.

Let me praise you.

However, next time, you should inform me too.

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