Chapter 554 – Golem

I’m currently thinking in my residence.

From the villagers’ point of view, am I someone who rashly does something without thinking?

That’s not true?


Then, why didn’t you tell me about it first before making your move?

I would really appreciate it if you consulted me first.

It is true that I felt great after watching that video but thinking about it later, what happened to those innocent people in the castle? Are they okay? How about the mines? Isn’t it a waste to turn it like that?

Is it okay to vaporize a mountain range in the first place?

Won’t the climate of that place change?

I’m worried about those things.

However, the opinions of the villagers don’t change, retaliate. Even without my consent, retaliation is necessary.

If we don’t retaliate properly this time, the children might get targeted again.

I won’t complain to what Hakuren and Zabuton did because I also agree with that point.

I just want you to be careful and I apologize if I said something unnecessary.

And it’s wonderful that they did not change from their usual self when that incident happened.

I can clearly see your effort.



His attitude is kind of obvious.

He’s holding back a lot.

Even after I stroke him, he’s still going far behind.

He’s taking his distance from me.

Ah, I didn’t know what happened earlier but I noticed that you were hiding something.

I was a little worried but I never thought that it was related to Alfred’s group.

I’m sorry.

You were acting like that because you’re feeling guilty to me but you don’t want to disobey Alfred and Ursa’s request of remaining silent.

Okay, okay, I’ll pat you a lot.

On your flank?


Do you like it in this place?


Kuroichi’s partner, Aris, is also relieved.

Aris was worried too.

Then, I’ll pat you too.

But after Kuroichi.

I’ll pamper Kuroichi alone for now.


The next day.

A statue of the god of creation and farming god were carved by me. They are to be displayed in Alfred’s house.

I also carved a statue of Kuroichi as protector of Alfred’s group.

They are not big so they can be carried all together.

I’ll ask Beezel to carry it back next time he comes.


Change of pace.

Golem is something that is made by earth or stone or both that move with the use of magical power.

There are humanoid types and there are also various-shaped golems.

There are basically two types of golems.

They are the type that’s instantly created and the type that is assembled in advance.

The advantage of an instantly created golem is that they can be easily operated and stored.

They are very convenient because you can freely change its shape according to the role you want it to take and just erase it once its role is done.

As long as the operator is skilled, even complex instructions are feasible.

As for the disadvantage, it has a steep technical magic requirement and it also needs a large amount of magical power.

Because of that, there are not many instantly created golem users.

Tier is one of those rare existence.


The advantage of the pre-assembled golem is that its magical power consumption requirement is dropped to the bare minimum.

The disadvantage is that it is very troublesome because you have to carry it to where you want it.

This kind of golem is also usually heavy.

In addition, since it is assembled assuming the use in advance, it is not durable.

Moreover, it is also difficult to make it do complicated actions.

You can only make it do simple things.

Dig a hole, break a rock, etc.

Sound’s ridiculous for something that you’ll carry somewhere.

Though it has such weaknesses, most golem that exists in this world today is of that kind.

Its main use is for defense.

It seems like this kind of golem is often used as a device to eliminate those who have invaded a certain space.


Well, there’s a pre-assembled golem in front of me.

It’s not the humanoid type.

It is difficult to tell what it does.

What’s with that stick in the box?

One of the mountain elves explains.

「There are four elements that make up a golem. Power source, command receiver, moving parts, and brain.」


Power source is the power source.

It is where the golem gets its power to move. It is either direct magical power injection or a magic stone.

In pre-assembled type golem, a magic stone is often used.


Command receiver is the part that gives instruction to the golem.

To put it simply, a switch.

There are various types of this. There are visually obvious switches and there’s even voice command.


The moving parts are the part of the golem that moves.

If it is a humanoid type, it will be the limbs.

This is basically why the golem was made.


Brain, the last one, is the place where the actions of the golem are stored.

When the switch is turned on, it will tell the moving parts to move.

When the switch is turned off, it will tell the moving parts to stop moving.

And so on.

The golem’s response will be dependent on what you stored. Magic stones are also used in this part and if you want to store a lot, you need a big magic stone so the cost will shoot up.

 Usually, the power source and the brain’s magic stone are often shared. However, it is only effective on pre-assembled types that can do basic movements.


The golem in front of me, which is a box with a stick, also uses a small magic stone and can only do simple moves.

One of the mountain elves placed a coin and placed it in front of the box.

It’s a small copper coin.

The golem did not do anything.

The mountain elf took the small copper coin and replaced it with a medium copper coin.

The golem is still unresponsive.

The mountain elf took the medium copper coin and replaced it with a big copper coin.

The golem’s stick moved.

The mountain elf took the big copper coin and replaced it with a silver coin.

The golem’s stick moved and returned to its original position.

「Do you get it?」

I nodded in reply to the mountain elf’s question.

It seems to be a golem that reacts to big copper coins to move its stick.

What’s the point?

Of course, I did not say that.

I feel the potential of this golem.

And the mountain elves too.


Three days later.

A slider-type coin calculator was completed.

If you throw coins into that slider, the golem will react. Of course, it can calculate the value of small copper coin, medium copper coin, big copper coin, silver coin, and gold coin.

At the same time, it can also sort coins.

Since its mechanism will make things other than coins be spitted out, it will not count garbage as money.

Presently, I’ve done some experiments for about two hundred times and no calculation error occurred.


Three days later.

A vending machine was made.

No, a vending machine golem was made.

The coin that entered the slider-type coin calculator will be counted and the product can be chosen by pressing a switch.

It’s very good.

「Village chief, we need space to display our products.」

That’s right.

The vending machine golem was further improved.


That’s how the masterpiece vending machine golem was completed….

When I showed it to Tier and the others, they said that it was a waste of technology.

They said that what it can do can be done by hiring someone…I wasn’t able to refute.

Indeed, even if we make this golem relatively inexpensive to manufacture, it is still more expensive than hiring someone.

Even the cost of magic stone can cover the salary of that someone.


Have you forgotten?

Golems don’t need rest!

They sell all day and night.

「No one will buy at night since people need to sleep.」



The vending machine golem was classified as useless.

However, I’ve already considered that.

In Big Tree Village, those kinds of coins are not in circulation.

The vending machine golem can only be operated where those coins are in use.

In other words, Village Five.


Me and the mountain elves tried to install a vending machine golem in Village Five.

「Village chief, we can install it but, what are we going to sell?」

Speaking of which, a vending machine sells juice….but selling drinks is difficult.

Food too.

It will be hard to keep them warm.

Let’s try selling vegetables.

「Won’t that bother the stores that sell vegetables?」

That’s true.

So….what should we sell?

Selling medicinal herbs and medicine in the vending machine golem was resisted.

Loo said that we can’t just sell medicine without checking the condition of the other party.

Weapons and armors also need to be adjusted to match the buyer’s size so it’s also not suitable to sell via the vending machine golem.


And so, we did.


Three days later, no one bought anything.

Everyone’s just staring then leaving.

Was it too expensive?

I even purchased them from the Goroun Company for this but……

On the night of the third day, a group of about 20 people tried to take the vending machine golem and they were caught.

Bunch of idiots.

Did they think no one’s watching over it?

However, I’m kind of flattered since they’ve taken interest in my golem….


Their targets are the jewels?


Guards, don’t let them escape.


In order for the vending machine golem to be evaluated as something not useless, it seems like we still need to continue our research.

Me and the mountain elves continue our research without being disheartened.


Ah, it’s about time to harvest so let’s prioritize that.

We must never forget our priority.

Let’s start our research after harvesting and planting the field again. 

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