Chapter 555 – Village’s Summer and Vending Machine Golem

Harvesting is a collaborative work of the whole village.

Because of that, I’ll forget about the vending machine golem for now.

Harvesting lasted for around 15 days.

After that, it’s my turn to plant in the field.

While doing that, the others will process some of the harvested crops.

From harvesting to planting, 30 days were consumed.

It’s already summer.


Thanks to the AFT, we were able to harvest many times a year but we already lost the sense of season.

I look around the Big Tree Village to think on how to restore the sense of season.


The villagers began gathering in the pool.

The sound of cooling water and the bright voices of the children makes you feel that it’s really summer.

The lizardmen responded cheerfully when I assigned them to monitor the pool again to make sure that no one would drown.

They’re reliable.


In the reservoir, the pond turtles are swimming leisurely.

There is an unfamiliar aquatic plant in the center of the reservoir and it seems to be duckweeds raised by the pond turtles.

It is a rare duckweed that only grows in ponds with good water quality and it should be raised by pond turtles.

The pond turtles have already counted my share. It looks like this duckweed is a valuable medicinal material.

Or so I thought given how Loo won’t stop glaring at me.

I’m sorry for asking for a share.

Loo, it’s all yours.


The horses, cows, goats, and sheeps are running around the ranch.

It looks like they don’t feel that hot yet.

The horses are running around the ranch at will.

When one horse runs, the other horses will follow.

The goats are eating grass.

They usually eat grass and run or even run while eating.

Can’t you focus on doing one thing at a time?

No, don’t run towards me.


In the sky, Aegis and the eagle are flying.

Aegis’ flying speed has increased.

I’m happy that he grows up but will you remain in that shape forever?

My image of a phoenix is slimmer….

Maa, Aegis is a long-lived race so let’s just wait for that time to come.


On my sides are Kuro and Yuki with gallant expressions.

They usually stay in my mansion during this time of the year but they have always been by my side lately.

As for why, it’s because I spoiled Kuroichi a while ago.

They are against it.

As for me, I think Kuroichi even needs to be pampered more.

By the way, Kuroichi is in a cool place with his partner, Aris.


In my mansion, the cats were competing for the coolest place.

Though they are competing for the coolest, Jewel, the mother cat, is already monopolizing the bed of my room which is the coolest place in my mansion.

They are competing for the second coolest place which is the desk in my room.

The eight, anenekos and kittens, are competing against each other.

Competition is good but don’t drop the things on my desk.

I picked them up and put them together on the chair.

The father cat, Raigiel, has given up and is staying at the corner of the room

Is it cool there?

You’re using magic to cool down?

I see.

Anyway, there’s no place for me here.

Let’s move to the living room.


In the living room are Maxbergak and Helzenark.

They are returning the black cloth to Zabuton.

Aren’t you supposed to do that in secret?

They came here to report to Hakuren.

According to Hakuren’s instruction, they rampaged in Goruzen Kingdom.

Whatever the reason, they helped us so I’ll entertain them.

Suiren didn’t come?

Watching over the vaporized mountain range?

Ah, so that other countries won’t invade.


Suiren was angry?

Really? She doesn’t seem to be that close with Alfred and Ursa….

She’s angry because she was left out?

She wanted to appear in the video as well?

I see.

I’ll prepare some souvenirs for Suiren.


That night, there’s a banquet.

After eating, Helze played with Hiichirou and Guraru.

That’s great.

However, Hakuren and Mark are looking over them to check the compatibility of Hiichirou and Helze.


Hiichirou is still a child.

He should be free.

Yes, I’ll make sure he’ll enjoy freedom.


In the banquet, the spiderlings gathered on the table in front of me with some boards.

When I was thinking about what they were trying to do, they made a box out of those boards.

That is….

As I was guided by a spiderling, I put a coin into the slit of the box.

A part of the box opened and one of the spiderlings came out with a cup.

They are imitating the vending machine golem we were making.


I took the cup and drank it at once.

It was stronger than I thought.


The mountain elves made that golem because a large number of magic stones that can be used as the core of the golem were brought to the village.

Loo was the one who brought them.

It seems like an apology offering from the Dalfon Company.

The magic stone sizes range from 1mm to 5mm.

They were carefully packed individually. They are all in a barrel when transported.

There were around 500 of them but about half were eaten by a kuro who found the barrel.

It is normal for them to think magic stones are food.

It even complained that the packing was in the way.

When Loo found it…..I’ll invoke my right to privacy.

Forgive the kuro this time. Magic stones can be taken from the rabbits and boars of the forest after all.


While there’s that incident, making golems became possible because there’s a supply of small magic stones….

I remember what happened before the harvest.

The vending machine golem was a failure.

The result of being in the field for three days is that no one bought anything and thieves were arrested.

I should reflect on several things.

The most important thing I should reflect on is that I should have made it after deciding what to sell.

It was also not good that I tried to do it alone with the mountain elves.

We should have called for wider cooperation.

I can still remember how Tier and the others denied its usefulness when I showed it to them.


However, I still think that vending machine golem can be used in a lot of things.

We just found a bad way to use it.

Maa, we’ll try our best in making a vending machine golem tomorrow.

I was urged by a spiderling so I put another coin in the box.

A spiderling came out with a glass of wine.


Don’t get me too drunk.

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