Chapter 563 – Auction Exhibition

The auction that will be held in Village Five will be held at the foot of the mountain.

It is at the baseball ground.

The ground was cleared and many tents were erected.

On those tents lie the items to be auctioned.


There are two types of auctions. The first one is the competition type.

In this type, people will argue prices and the one who’ll bid the highest price will win.

The other one is bidding.

A style where you’ll place your name and the price you’re willing to buy the item in front of the product and when the bidding time ends, the seller will choose from the offers.

Both types are being held in Village Five.

Presently, it is the bidding type so there are boxes in front of the items exhibited.

There are no boxes in front of the items that will be in the competitive style.

The items are numbered and those numbers correspond to the order they’ll appear in the auction.

I’m basically just looking around so I don’t care about those details….

There are a lot of stuff on those boxes.

Is bidding style the mainstream?


An auction is normally held for several days but the auction in Village Five is only for today so there’s no choice but to use this style.

I see.

By the way, the reason why the Goroun Company’s auction is only for today is because there will be a baseball match on this ground tomorrow….

Can’t that be delayed?

Ah, one of the teams is the demon king’s team.

He’ll certainly mind if the match is delayed.

It can’t be helped then.


The four of us, me, Youko, Gulf, and Daga, look around the exhibit.

It looks quite successful but there’s not much crowd…

The number of people who’ll actually participate in the auction is not that many too. I heard there’s only around 30.

Ah, that’s quite a little if you ask me.

Could it be because of the change of venue?

Will it be less exciting given there’s only a small number of participants?

Only a few percent of the amount traded at the auction will be the share of the Goroun Company….

No, I shouldn’t ask about their internal affairs. That will be rude of me.

As the village chief of Village Five, I believe the auction will be exciting.


When I was looking at the auction items, I encountered Yuri’s group.

Yuri aside….the others look like noble ladies.

It seems like they accompanied their parents to participate in the auction.

The five of them are Yuri’s acquaintances but this is the first time I’ve seen them.

Yuri introduced them to us.

I was a little wary at first but I apologized to them in my heart after hearing they all have fiancés.

Youko is in charge of introducing us.

They didn’t react that much when I, Youko, and Daga were introduced but when Gulf was introduced, the noble ladies reacted positively.

As expected of the swordgod.

Oi oi, don’t you have fiancés?

Stop hugging or you’ll be misinterpreted.

Your parents will cry.

Gulf looks like he’s troubled.


When we return to the village, I’ll tell his wife.


The noble ladies seem to have stayed in Village Five a few days ago.

They said that the staff of the inn are friendly and they are very helpful.

Since the noble ladies are staying there, it is probably the best inn in the village and I’m happy that they are praising it.

The food was good too.

The Noodle Shop Britoa was especially good but they have to line up every time they want to eat.

You lined up….?

I look at Yuri.

In order to not have a dispute with nobles, there is a delivery service exclusively for nobles….

「It’s a store that bears the name Britoa so that won’t do.」

That’s what the noble ladies said.

Yuri told them about the delivery service but none of them used it.

They want to go to the store properly like everyone else.

In other words, these noble ladies line up at the counter to eat ramen.


Is the store okay?

Let’s go to Noodle Shop Britoa later and work with the staff.


After a brief chat, we separated from Yuri’s group.

I thought the parents of those noble ladies should be around so I thought of greeting them….

But I wasn’t able to find them.

Are they not at the venue yet?

It seems like there are also people who don’t come to the exhibit because most of them are notified about it in advance.

There’s also the chance that someone did something in order to decrease the competitor.

People doing something like that for something they want, I wonder if they are psychologically okay.

When the information about the exhibit arrived at my place, I was too busy that I didn’t have the time to check.

Instead, Loo, Tier, and the civil servant girls checked them eagerly.

They might even come to participate.

Anyway, it’s a pity that I wasn’t able to greet the parents of those noble ladies but since I can’t find them, I can’t find them.

Maa, there are no problems since Youko already greeted them when they arrived.

We looked around the exhibit again….

I encountered the demon king’s group.


Demon king and Beezel.

There’s also Tiselle on the shoulder of the demon king but, why?


I’m glad to see you after a long time but why are you tied up with the demon king with a rope?

「Eh eh eh. When I go out, nii-sama said that I must absolutely be like this.」

I think you’re old enough to not get lost.

Alfred is such a worrywart.

And demon king, I apologize for my daughter.

「No, no, Lady Tiselle is very helpful. I would even want her to work at the royal castle now if possible.」


There is no parent who won’t be happy if their children are praised but you don’t have to flatter me that much.

My cheek is too loose now.


The demon king seems to be scouting here for tomorrow’s match but….since he has already come here, he’ll also participate in the auction.

It seems like he’s also attracted to some items.

Just say them.

I’ll leave them to you.

「No no, I’m sure village chief would want that item too.」

The demon king said that but….which item is it?

Is it related to farming?

「Well, for fun, it’s item number 70.」

The auction kept the items that are expected to be expensive hidden.

There are 100 auction items so number 70 is in the second half.

I should expect it to be expensive.

What should I do if I want it?

Let’s prepare for that moment.

Until the auction begins, I look around with the demon king and the others.

However, what I’m looking at is not the auction items.

「My cute little Tiselle. 」

「Te heh.」

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