Chapter 562 – Purse Bag and Waiting

Using the teleportation gate installed at the depths of the dungeon of Big Tree Village, we arrived at Youko’s mansion in Village Five.

There is a room where Futa was staying near the teleportation gate of Village Five so we went there….ah, she welcomed us.

「Sorry, am I bothering you?」

「No, my job is managing the teleportation gate. Today is….the day of the auction. Are you going to participate?」

「I was invited.」

「I think there won’t be a problem even if you refuse.」

「Don’t say that.」


Futa is writing something on the record.

「Like always, your companions are Gulf and Daga.」

Gulf and Daga, who were waiting behind me, bow to Futa.

「Nice to see you too. Do your best in escorting village chief.」

Personally, I think that having an escort is unnecessary but….it seems like it is.

I already gave up on this aspect.

I took a purse bag from a box placed near the doorway of the room where the teleportation gate is located. I packed medium copper coins, large copper coins, silver coins, and gold coins in it.

I’m going to use them for shopping in Village Five.

Basically, if I’m going to shop in Village Five, payment will be billed at a later date.

It is called tsuke payment.

I thought it would be easier to trade on the spot but once you don’t have money in hand, I won’t be able to buy anything.

If you’re a trustworthy person, it seems like you don’t even need to pay money on the spot and will generally be billed later.

My stores in Village Five, the Kuro and Yuki, Bronze Café, Korin’s Sweet Hall, and Niz’s Alcomeat also accept tsuke payment.

The Noodle Shop Britoa is an exception because it introduced a meal ticket system.

Also, I learned that cash on delivery is common.

Thinking about it calmly, Goroun Company is also like that.

Because of that, I always shop by tsuke payment….

But a problem arises.

No one’s sending their bills.

As for why, they said that they can’t take my money because it’s all because of me that they can run their business with peace of mind in Village Five.

I feel happy but business is business.

It turns out that it’s not only me….no one sends bills for payment when Loo, Tier, Youko, the elves, the mountain elves, and the dwarves shop.

Because of that, I thought tsuke payment is not for us.

I then instructed the villagers of Big Tree Village to pay whatever they bought on the spot.

Fortunately, we are not troubled with cash.

The result is this purse bag and cash.

The same goes for Gulf and Daga. They have their own purse bag with coins.

The villagers of Big Tree Village accepted it but they also thought it was somewhat laborious.

In addition, Youko and the Goroun Company strongly recommended we continue to pay on the spot since it is a good thing for cash to flow to the market.

However, there’s a problem with this as well.

In order for merchants to accept our cash payment, we have to say “Keep the change” so as to not cause trouble to the other party.

We have so much cash that we don’t need any spare change but as a common citizen, I’m not used to it.

I envy Gulf and Daga who can do it calmly.


By the way, the children are not allowed to freely pack their own purse bag and there’s an upper limit.

They have to be trained on the value of money.


I greet the gatekeeper and go out of Youko’s mansion.

Since Youko is in the Village Hall, I’ll go there to show my face.

If I don’t show my face when I come here, she will sulk.

While waiting for the auction to begin, I received information about Village Five from Youko.

What’s showing in the theater?

Love story?

Yeah, but not now.

How about the event facility….today is a group battle. 30 vs 30.

There are a lot of spectators too.

Being injured can’t be helped but make sure no one will die.

Am I going to watch?

No, I won’t.

If I go, they’ll go all out, right?

It would be better if I won’t watch it.

How about the medicinal herb house?

It is full of patients?

Ah, a lot of people are gathering there after hearing rumors?

I won’t go there. I’ll just get in the way.

Do they have enough manpower?

What if I go there and help….ah, no, I will only bring confusion.

I’ll do my best to not go to the medicinal herb house.

Apologize to Loo?

The medicinal herbs that Loo cherished were used for treatment?

Life first.

It can’t be helped.

I’ll personally tell Loo.


Hair growth medicine?

Ehto….people have trouble of their own.

Let’s just say it was used to treat a dark disease.

Yeah, let’s use that story.

Let’s go to Kuro and Yuki for now.


Why did Youko accompany us?

No, it doesn’t matter.

Kuro and Yuki is thriving.

But there’s still an empty seat.

We ordered drinks and relaxed.

「Village chief, if you want to, I can tell you the items that will be in the auction.」

「Ah, I was already told of the eye-catching products I’ll probably buy so there’s no need. The goods were chosen by Loo by the way.」

「If that is the case, I’m relieved.」

「You’re rude. Or so I want to say but I made you do a lot of things these days.」

I have to reflect.

「It’s for the sake of the village. No need to say anything. This auction is also the result of that.」


This auction was originally scheduled to take place in Shashaato City.

I don’t really want to participate but I uttered that it might be good to see an auction.

And I said that in front of Michael-san, the president of the Goroun Company, who presides over the auction.

As a result, the auction that should have been held in Shashaato City was immediately rescheduled to be held in Village Five.

I’ve become cooperative with this auction because of that reason.

Might be good to see…..

Maa, let’s just look forward to it and not think deeply.

I have to thank Michael-san too for buying an all-time favorite piece for a high price.

All for the auction.

I spent my time waiting in Kuro and Yuki.


Side story.

When we were about to leave the store, I left a silver coin on the table and did not forget to say that line.

「Keep the change.」

「Ehto….Village chief, did you perhaps sold this store?」

That was Kinesta, the assistant manager.

「No. I’m just practicing.」

I have to get used to it quickly.


AN: Tsuke payment is a system where you’ll be billed at a later date for all your purchases at a date range.

In modern times, customers will often be asked for payment but in Isekai Nonbiri Nouka world, the most convenient form of payment is tsuke payment (no need for cash and only a number of people can calculate.).

If you don’t have credit or a first time customer(no introduction letter), you will have to pay cash. It is annoying and you’ll be treated roughly.

Of course, you shouldn’t tsuke pay a store you don’t know.

There’s a high possibility of being charged with an exorbitant price later.

In short “paying cash = don’t trust” so forcing merchants to accept cash has a negative impact on village chief.

However, by saying “keep the change”, he is informing the store that “It’s not that I don’t trust you. There’s a reason for this. Please accept it as a nuisance fee” which became positive.

Youko strongly recommending paying in cash is by no means to demean village chief. She’s just aware of the severe outflow of money which has been discussed several times already.

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