Chapter 565 – Auction, Latter Part

The auction is still ongoing but I’m discussing parenting with Youko, Gulf, Daga, demon king, and Beezel.

「After all, labor is the best way to learn the value of money. If you work and earn by yourself, I think you’ll truly know the value of money.」

I can only nod in agreement to the demon king’s words but, has Yuri ever worked before?

「I had her help the kitchen of the castle.」


I would be deeply impressed if only Beezel did not add that it was only for half a day.

「Even if it’s half a day, labor is labor. Labor for compensation. These are the keywords.」


Thinking about it, I never give any cash to the children of the village.

Didn’t I?

No, once a year, I give them reward medals according to how much they worked.

I think that would be the compensation of labor….

「Now, the next secret item. Auction item number 90. <An artistically crafted stone medal> Don’t underestimate this medal since it’s only made of stone. This material is made from the white stone of death which can only be found in the forest of death. Why would someone process this rare stone of death into a medal? And it is so artistic. Carved on one side is a big tree. It is a luscious big tree. Carved on the other side is the farming god. It is a splendid work that will make you feel the divine. Can you even elaborate this work? This is simply full of mysteries. The price starts at one silver coin.」

Ehto….isn’t that….a reward medal?

There’s also a hidden pattern.

And a pass number….

It’s a reward medal I gave to the lamias.

Speaking of which, I remember a lamia saying that they were coerced by a devil working at Doraim’s nest to barter.


The lamia who came to report apologized and when Gucci learned about that forced barter, he apologized too and gave the lamias compensation.

For me, I don’t mind if they use it as decoration or even sell it.

I was told that they traced it and found that it was given to this auction.

I don’t really mind since the reward medal is of no value unless used in Big Tree Village…..

「15 silver coins!」

「16 silver coins!」

「17 silver coins!」

The price is going up.

Ehto….demon king, are you going to participate?

Beezel, if you want, I’ll give you some.

You are always helping us with your teleportation magic after all.

You don’t have to participate.

Youko, can you stop Tiselle from raising the price?

Tiselle, stop what you’re doing.

「30 silver coins!」

「32 silver coins!」

「35 silver coins!」

Other than this table, there are also those enthusiastic people.

I’m confident in the reward medals but, do they really want it that much?

If you are not involved with Big Tree Village, that’s just a decoration.


What is happening?

Is it more valuable than I expected?

「37 silver coins!」

「38 silver coins!」

「40 silver coins!」

And it looks like they are not planning to stop.

Okay, compete more.

I’m happy that you evaluate the reward medal I carved this much.

「50 silver coins!」

「………51 silver coins!」

It looks like it is about to be settled.

How about I bid and take that medal myself?

No, it’s a waste of money.

Though I’m not troubled with money, it’s the village’s property.

I don’t want to waste it.

「60 silver coins!」

「61 silver coins!」

「100 silver coins!」

The tent quieted down.

The voice came from a table that had not participated until now.

And that voice is familiar….

It’s Loo.

There’s also Tier.

Ria and Ann are also sitting next to them.

When did they come here?

No, rather than that, I think I give them a few pieces each year.

Do they still want more?

When I was thinking of that, someone raised his voice.

「One, 101 silver coins!」

The tent became noisy.

The bidder is a merchant-looking man.

「200 silver coins!」

But Loo crushed him like that.

The merchant-looking man looks troubled.

I guess he’s over budget.

However, Loo did not give him a chance and shouted again.

「1000 silver coins!」



The auction of the next item began.

In the meantime, I called Loo’s group to my table.

Tiselle is trying to pamper Tier who’s obviously disturbed seeing she’s tied with a rope to the demon king.

That rope is not something I ordered.

It was Alfred.

Rather than that, do we really need to win that medal?

「I want to make its value known outside.」

Which means the basis of its value now will be how much it was auctioned however….isn’t that too high?

「A reward medal is equal to a thousand silver coins or 10 pieces of gold coins. Easy to understand, right?」

But I can make that anytime I want.

Moreover, I can make more than a hundred pieces a day.

Its value will collapse.

「Maa maa. Let’s check the next items.」


Auction item number 95. <Snake Wine> As the name suggests, it’s an alcohol made from snake blood….and it’s not your everyday snake. This large barrel was made from a five-meter class bloody viper. Genuine bloody viper. Here is the appraisal result. The elder dwarf who brewed this said that it tastes good. There is also an effect in drinking this snake wine and….it’s amazing. By the way, if you remove the blood of that five-meter class bloody viper and sell it, you’ll earn at least 50 gold coins. That’s how much the Goroun Company will buy it. Please don’t hesitate to sell if you have any….excuse me. Price will start at 50 gold coins.」


No one bids.

It’s a good wine though.


「The last item. Secret item number 100. <Complete Bones of a Grappler Bear> You heard it right. They are Grappler Bear bones. Complete, intact. There’s also its magic stone. According to the appraiser, they are genuine. Price starts at 200 gold coins.」


No one bids.

It can’t be helped.

It’s just a heap of bones.


In the end, no one bids for our items.

It’s embarrassing.

Auction items number 95 to 100 came from us.

I did something bad to Michael-san.

I’ll give him the bones of the grappler bear as an apology.

Even with the magic stone alone, I’m sure he did not lose.


Now that I mentioned magic stone, I feel like there were many magic stones among the auction items.

「Ah, that’s because the monopoly of the Dalfon Company is gone.」

Loo taught me.

Until now, trading of magic stones in the demon king’s kingdom was monopolized by the Dalfon Company.

Now, those who are hoarding magic stones started to let go of them.

I see.

The demon king and Tiselle are grinning but….are you related to that?

「I did not say anything. It was the Dalfon Company who volunteered to do it.」

「Right right. It’s really surprising.」

They’re acting.


Michael-san appeared on the stage again and declared the end of the auction.

It’s quieter compared to when it began.

At the same time, the other participants came to Michael-san.

Is there any trouble?

「This is something you’ll often see at the end of an auction. It will be about the purchase and sales negotiations of items that were not successfully bid.」

Is it okay to negotiate the purchase of items that were not sold?

「There’s no problem with that. There are some expensive items that are too expensive to be paid for a month. The items will be traded at or above the initial amount offered with the conditions of extending the payment period depending on the result of the negotiation.」

I see.

In other words, there’s still a possibility of our auction items being sold.

That means I can’t give the bones of the grappler bear as a gift yet.


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