Chapter 566 – Return From Auction

I thought that when the auction was over, everything would be dissolved but it still took some time because there are still procedures to do for successful bidders.

Though I said procedure, it’s just signing a piece of parchment.

Even if you successfully bid on an item, you’ll only be able to get it after you fully paid for it.

Michael-san told me that he has something to consult about so I think I’ll have to go to Village Five again tomorrow.

As for the demon king, he pays on the spot and receives his items.

When we left the tent, it’s already midnight.

However, since torches are lit in various places, it’s still bright.


Though compared to the lights from the nyunyu-daphnes, the fluctuation and smoke from torches are worrisome.

The consumption too.

A considerable amount of torches are being used throughout Village Five.

A terrible amount.

If we don’t think of something, the nearby mountains will be all trimmed out.

We are also importing wood from Shashaato but that would only mean that it will be mountains from another place that will be trimmed out.

By the way, in the royal capital…..not many torches are used.

There were street lights.

Magic light.

I wonder if I should get them too.

When I was thinking of that, I was asked by the demon king what my plan was after this.

The plan is to return to the village and eat.

The usual.

When I answered that, I was invited to eat.

We’ll hold it in Youko’s mansion in Village Five and it seems like there’s a plan of inviting Yuri and Frau.

I’m glad that you invited me but, is the food okay?

Won’t you be in trouble if you suddenly invite a number of people?

Ah, you ordered them outside.

I see. Then, there’s no problem. Is the place where you order food Niz’s Alcomeat?

Well, since Tiselle is with him, I have to accept.

I still want to stay with my daughter.

Ann, I’m sorry.

I’ll eat out….

Loo, Tier, and Youko will be with us too.

Ria and Ann will return to the village first.

What about Gulf and Daga?

They left the venue and were in alert mode while holding their weapons.

Before we heard what had happened, a group of people surrounded us.

Every one of them has weapons.

「Village chief, leave this to me.」

Youko said that and stepped forward.

「I’m the one in charge of this place. Even though you are just small fries, I won’t overlook what you’re doing.」

Before Youko attack, one of the thugs that surrounded us collapsed.

It looks like he was hit from behind.

Who is it?

It’s a resident. He looks like a man.

When I was thinking who he was, resident-looking people appeared one after another and defeated the group of thugs that surrounded us.

「You bastards dare surround village chief and Youko-sama, you’re courting death!」

Apparently, they are not our enemy.

Ehto, you can stop attacking since all of them have fainted.

You’ll kill them.

「You helped us….who are you? Tell me your names.」

Hearing Youko’s question, the man who appeared first responded.

「Yes. I’m Gaha Roga. I sell small accessories at the foot of the mountain. I saw that village chief and Youko-sama were surrounded so we judged that they were enemies and attack them.」

I see.

「Good job. I’ll give you reward later.」

「Thank you. However, as residents of Village Five, we just did what we had to do. We don’t need reward.」

「I see. Then, rather than reward, I’ll give you some tips. Here are 100 meal tickets for Noodle Shop Britoa. Divide it among yourselves. 」

「Yes, thank you very much. 」


While admiring Youko, who’s very lord-like, I look at the demon king.

「I, the demon king, am here but we’re still attacked….Am I not well known enough? 」

The demon king was depressed.

He was comforted by me, Beezel, and Tiselle.

「It’s okay. That’s not true.」

「That’s right. No one would have guessed that the demon king is here.」

「I’m on your shoulder so they wouldn’t be able to see your face.」


The Village Five’s guards rushed in and everyone who surrounded us was detained.

We were surrounded by 17 thugs.

They seem to be from a famous bandit group from a distant place.

Why did they come here?

Did they think that we were carrying money because we came from an auction?

The details of the case are now being investigated.

Tiselle was terrified.

Are you okay?

Good good.

However, what are these bandits thinking?

In addition to the demon king and Youko, they dare attack Loo, Tier, Ann, Gulf, and Daga.

Anyway, we may have to examine them firmly.

They might have companions around.

It is a problem if these kinds of bandits invade the city but there’s no way to know them beforehand since they were not from this area.

I have to think of ways to get information from bandits from distant places.


I leave the rest to the guards and we head to Youko’s mansion.

We could have teleported using Beezel’s magic but we are moving on foot as much as possible when in the village.

Perhaps because of the incident earlier, Gulf and Daga are on high alert.

But more than that, the vigilance of the residents of the city is strong.

It’s okay even if you don’t guard that tight.

I feel happy about it.

And demon king.

Even if no one recognizes you, you’re still the demon king.

Stop telling everyone who you are while we’re walking.

It’s embarrassing.


Demon King: I’m the demon king! The king of this kingdom! You hear that!

Village Chief: (Is this an election campaign?)

Beezel: (Doing this makes him look fake.)

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