Chapter 568 – Dinner After the Auction

Thanks to the demon king appealing everywhere, we arrived at Youko’s mansion without problems.

Yuri and Frau are already waiting for us.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

The noble ladies who were with Yuri earlier are here too.


Are they alright?

They recognized the demon king, right?

I was a little worried but it looks like everything’s fine.

They politely greeted the demon king and Beezel.

Right, they’re with Yuri so there’s no way they don’t know the demon king.

The demon king’s mood improved. He’s obviously pleased.



Ria and Ann returned to Big Tree Village as planned.

Before returning, I invited them to eat but they said they still have a job to do.

What is it?

Maa, even if I forcibly stop them, like them, I’m also going back to the village after eating.


Like the demon king said, the food was ordered from Niz’s Alcomeat.

I imagined a proper long table banquet but we’re going to eat in a viking style.

And to make things orderly, it seems like there’s a seating arrangement.

This place is Village Five but this is also part of the demon king’s kingdom.

Who’s going to sit on the host seat?

What kind of seating arrangement is waiting for us?

This seems to be very troublesome.


Will there be trouble?

If the demon king sits on the host seat, I think there won’t be a problem.

Don’t you think setting a seating arrangement is too troublesome?

Maa, there might be some rules that I don’t know.

And it seems like viking style banquet will eliminate that.

I’m invited to the side.

I will not ask for any detail.

I’ll leave everything to you.


I was guided to a round table.

My tablemates are the demon king, Youko, and Yuri.

Originally, it should be Loo and Tier who’ll sit with me but Youko is the acting village chief of Village Five so her social standing is higher than Loo and Tier in this place.

Tiselle was freed from being tied up and is being spoiled by Tier.

It seems like she’s being freed when she’s eating and going to the toilet or bath.

That’s expected.

I asked her a few times already why she’s being tied up.

She said I should ask Alfred.

Got it.

I’ll write a letter to him.


On another table are Loo, Tier, Tiselle, Beezel, and Frau.

They are just right next to me so I can talk to them normally.

The table for the noble ladies is a little far away.

I thought they should be closer but it seems like they want to enjoy eating comfortably.

Gulf and Daga are guarding the room not eating.

I think they should eat with us too but they refused.

They stood by the wall of the room watching over the servants.

Well, it is certainly a problem if the demon king is not being guarded.

But, is the demon king stronger than Gulf or Daga?

He can fight against Dors and Girar so maybe.

Isn’t the strength of the security target not an issue?


Well, don’t overdo it.

I’ll have food prepared for Gulf and Daga near the entrance.


Dishes are carried and arranged on a large table.

This is a buffet-style but it seems like you can also ask the waiters to bring the food to you.

It will be easier to pick them up myself but I can’t do that since no one is standing to pick food for themselves.

Maa, let’s just enjoy eating without thinking about anything else.

Ehto….I’ll leave it to you.

That’s what the demon king said so I imitated him.

I see. That’s easy.

And it’s delicious.

Alcohol is….

Village Five’s Alcohol?

「It’s because we’re in Village Five.」

Youko said so as she poured Village Five’s Alcohol into my cup.


Then, let me pour some into the demon king’s cup.

Ah, Yuri will pour for him.

The demon king is shy.


We eat while talking.

Difficult topics come up at some points but I left those to Youko.

I’m in charge of….listening.


There’s the talk about the grilled whole livestock.

It will be shown to the customer first.

After that, it will be chopped…..

It is said that the person with the highest position will be the one who’ll do it.

After that, no matter whether someone gets a small amount or not, no one will complain.

However, giving someone bigger meat is also a proof of trust.

It looks like you need to have a skill in chopping in order to not dissatisfy anyone.

Having a higher position also has its trouble too.

Also, I think it’s stupid to rebel just because you receive a smaller piece of meat….right?

Well, the world is wide.


By the way, this happened while we’re eating.

A lot of people visited.

First is Michael-san.

He was worried when he heard we were attacked outside the auction venue and apologized.

No no, there’s no need for you to apologize.

Michael-san joined the banquet.

Tiselle talks to him about something.

I don’t know what they’re talking about but Michael-san looks very serious….


Next visitors were the silver knight, the bronze knight, and the red iron knight.

The squire of the red iron knight is with them too so there are four of them.

They said that they came here to guard the place but their real purpose is to meet the demon king.

When I thought that they’ll start fighting, they greeted the demon king with a very disciplined courtesy.

I feel like this is the first time I’ve seen them being knight-like.

I was a little moved.

And the demon king also greeted them in a not pompous manner.

The four of them were impressed with the demon king.

Since you’re already impressed, go and guard this place.

By the way, those four.

I heard that they’ll be playing baseball tomorrow for the Village Five’s team.

They said they will torment the demon king’s team.


The next visitor is the captain of the guards.

He’s here to report to Youko and not for the demon king.

According to him, though he did not participate in the ambush, there’s a merchant who instigated those ambushers to attack the demon king.

That merchant is already under house arrest so he came here to ask what to do.

After that, he reported the investigation progress of the bandit ambushers.

Youko thinks a little before talking to the demon king.

「I will leave the disposal of those attackers to Village Five. I will not complain.」

That doesn’t sound like a consultation.

Also, demon king.

Can’t you just say I’ll leave it to you?

It is customary for the organization that captured the person to dispose of it.

There are many exceptions though.

Youko gave some instructions and the guards’ captain left.


After that, I heard that a group of visitors will come.

It looks like they are the parents of the noble ladies.

We have been notified in advance that they’ll be coming while we’re eating.



And the parents of the noble ladies arrived.

Five of them.

There is one viscount and four barons.

They are courteous but aren’t you greeting the wrong person?

Why are you greeting Yuri and Youko and not the demon king?

And Youko.

Don’t introduce me after receiving their greetings.

It can’t be helped.

I’ll greet them as the village chief of Village Five.

I also introduced my seatmate, the demon king.

Ah, they didn’t know he’s the demon king.

They were very surprised.

Their only goal in going here is to greet Yuri and Youko.

They heard that the demon king was invited but they never thought that the demon king would really come because this banquet is in the name of Yuri.

I see.

Well, demon king.

It’s okay.

Apparently, they are nobles who rarely visit the royal capital.

It can’t be helped if they don’t recognize you.

When he was inaugurated as the demon king, every noble family was gathered so they should know your face?

So why didn’t they recognize you?

They said that they can only look at him at a distance.

Yuri, cheer up the demon king instead of enjoying your food.

Beezel, help!


There were some incidents but the banquet continued and it is now time for dessert.

Garnished watermelon, melon, and pineapple are in a fruit bowl.

This would probably become parfait if I put ice on it.

When they carried them on the table, the last visitors came.


It was Gucci, Doraim’s butler, with a tied-up devil dressed as a maid with a troubled expression.

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