Chapter 569 – Prada

My name is Prada.

I’m a devil that has lived for a long time.

I’ve been rampaging in the past but I’ve quieted down lately.

That’s because our boss became a dragon’s follower.

We’re working for dragons now.

I don’t want to be a dragon’s enemy after all.

Ah, don’t get me wrong.

I won’t lose to a dragon.

I can blow one up anytime I want.

The dragons I don’t want to offend are the ancient dragons.

Those guys are cheat existence.

I don’t even dare challenge one.

Our boss challenged one.

I admire him.

But I won’t follow his footsteps.



I have two colleagues, or perhaps old friends. They are called Bulga and Stifano.

They are devils like me and as for their strength….maa, as strong as me.


No, they might be a bit stronger but I can win if I can plan the battle in advance so it’s okay.

The two of them have been on a business trip as maids of Rasuti-sama.

Rasuti-sama is the daughter of that dragon.

She rampages every now and then and I thought that there’s no way someone will marry her but she’s already married before I knew it.

Maa, let’s leave Rasuti-sama’s story aside.

Bulga and Stifano seem to be enjoying themselves on their business trip.

Every time they came back, they boasted how the food was delicious.

And it seems like they can fight against strong opponents too.

I’m a little envious.

However, the thing that I had envied more of them is the piece of art called reward medal.

I have an eye for arts.

I love artistic things.

The moment I saw the reward medal, I fell in love with it at first sight.

I want it.

I absolutely want it.

However, they did not give it away.

I did my best to persuade them but I failed.

When I skipped my work due to disappointment, the boss got angry.

I’m sorry.


The lamias came to our place carrying a bunch of luggage.

They are doing this regularly.

We take the luggage from the lamias and bring it to an inn located a little far away from where we are working.

It is basically just handing over the goods to the merchant who’ll come to the inn.

It’s troublesome but not a hard job.

Just a regular thing.

Or so I thought until I saw that thing on the luggage carrier….that lamia’s necklace is something I know.

The necklace isn’t anything notable.

However, there’s a reward medal fitted in the center of the necklace.


I did my best.

I sticked up to her.

I negotiated persistently.

Because of that, I managed to get the reward medal on the necklace in exchange for most of my collection.

I get what I want.

I’m that kind of woman.

I looked at the reward medal with a smile and when I skipped my work for three days, I was beaten by the boss.

It hurts.


The boss found out that I had a reward medal and came to investigate how I managed to get one.

Of course, I negotiated with the lamia gently.

I did not coerce her.

That was a legitimate transaction.

She did not complain.

Think of what I’ve done?

I asked in a polite tone.

Is everything okay?

Of course.

It is forbidden to let the reward medal reach the outside world?

That’s natural.

Why would I even let this go?

I’ve already decided to treasure it.


Several years later.

We received the luggage like usual and brought it to the merchant and his adventurer guards at the inn.

Originally, the merchant would pick up the luggage in our workplace but the inn was built for their accommodation and to accommodate the delivery.

Since there’s an inn, it has become customary for the merchant and his adventurer guards to stay overnight.

It is now possible for them to stay in an inn prepared by dragons.

However, it is us who manage the inn.

It’s our job.

Maa, the guests are almost the same members so everyone’s comfortable with each other.

Now, it’s time for the game after dinner.

It has become our job to crush them until bedtime.

I like to play against a certain person.

He likes intellectual games like reversi, chess, and mahjong.

He’s not bad at mini bowling either.

While playing, we bet money.

It’s not a big amount. Just enough to make the games better.

Games are used for entertainment so it is wrong to play seriously.

This time, I became the fourth.

Even so, I enjoyed playing mahjong with the adventurers.


By the way, I have a reward medal.

It is important so I put it in a hidden pocket in my wallet.


I’ll be honest.

I also like gambling.

And I’m the hot-headed type gambler.

Do you get what I mean?

Three days after the merchants and adventurers left, I noticed my blunder.

After I lost to a gamble, I gave my wallet to the other party.


I chase.

The merchant.

No, the adventurer guards.

That familiar one.

I know his hobby.

I’ll be able to find him soon.

Where are you!?


A month passed.

Though it’s important, I can’t skip work since it will anger boss.

And I finally found him.

He was in Marla in Shashaato City.

It was surprising to see him so drunk.

However, I don’t care about that now.

Even if he’s drunk, I need to get my wallet back….

Yeah, stop drinking.

「Oi oi, maid-neechan. Don’t be rude. Just let him drink as much as he like today.」

After that, the next words of the adventurer drinking beside him made me feel despair.

「This guy just got his wallet stolen.」

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