Chapter 570 – What Prada is Good At

Hiding the reward medal in a wallet and losing that said wallet to gambling.

Chasing the person who got the wallet but found that the wallet was stolen.

Not giving up and tracking down the person who stole the wallet while working in Doraim’s nest.

After spending two years, the bandits who stole the wallet were finally discovered.

However, the reward medal had already been sold to a merchant.

Thus, ordered the bandits to get the reward medal back from the merchant.

Those bandits were the bandits that attacked us outside the auction venue.

「That’s the whole story?」

I asked Gucci since there’s too much twist and turn in his story.

「Yes. Everything I said was done by this tied-up maid, the stupid Prada, who hid the reward medal on her wallet and ordered the bandits to take it back. I brought her here and you can kill her if you please.」

Gucci is saying some scary things.

He seems to be quite angry.

However, I’m not that angry myself.

As for the reward medal, I’m not saying that what she did was too much.

Anyone is free to use a reward medal she owns whether she uses it as decoration or gives it away.

But I prefer not to use it as a chip for gambling.

And she did not use it that way.

Everything is just an accident.

I don’t intend to punish Prada but Gucci feels like she needs to be punished.

Should I say that I’m honestly fine with everything?

How about letting Gucci punish her himself?

I’m fine with that but….since a while ago, Prada’s eyes are begging me.

I’ll verify this first with Gucci.

「What is Prada’s sin?」

「She used a band of bandits to cause this incident.」

I see.


To get it back from the merchant quickly, she asked a bandit group and that’s the problem.

However, from what I heard from the guard’s captain who came here earlier, they are not the bandit group that kills and robs but the type that charges money as toll.

Also, they only attacked since they can’t take the reward medal by winning the auction.


What should I do?

I looked around for help but no one helped me.

On the contrary, they took their eyes away from me.

They’re saying “don’t get me involved”.

I don’t want to get involved too!

It can’t be helped.

「I think Prada should work for it. She should work until she earns a certain amount.」

「Is that alright?」

Gucci asked but I told him it’s okay.

「Is Prada okay with that arrangement?」

When I asked her, Prada moved her neck vertically.


「Ah, my apologies. I sealed her with magic so she can’t speak.」

When Gucci snaps his finger, the magic is removed and Prada says her thanks.


If you really want to thank me, don’t ask me for a reward medal.

Maybe Gucci is being this tough because Prada is like this.


Now, I said she’ll work but….

What job should I make her do?

Even if it is a punishment, making her work in something she’s not good at is inefficient.

But, what is she good at?

I asked Gucci.

「Prada is good at…..hmmmm」

He looks troubled.

No, why do you even need three days to think about it?

Is she that bad?

The more Gucci thinks, the more Prada cries.

「Right! She can do paperwork!」

It seems like Gucci finally thought of it.

It seems like she can record and edit information.

No, she’s not only capable of doing it, she’s also good at it.

Gucci apologized for not remembering immediately because there’s not much paperwork in Doraim’s nest so she never had time to shine.

Hearing Gucci’s words was the starting point of an event that a lot of people participated in during this banquet.


「How would you like to work at the royal castle? I’ll give you three silver coins per month.」

It was the demon king who started it.

「In addition to three silver coins per month, Village Five promises to provide morning and evening meals in the cafeteria.」

And Youko says her offer too.

「The Goroun Company will provide food and accommodation. It will be 3 silver coins and fifty big copper coins per month.」

Michael-san joined.

「Five silver coins. Food and accommodation….will be at your own expense.」

Why are you joining, Tiselle?

I wonder if I raised her to have a wide range of common sense.


Frau would like to join the fray too?

She certainly would like someone who can do paperwork….

The bidding was heating up but Gucci stopped them.

「Ehto, due to an ancient contract, it will be a problem if she works in the demon king’s kingdom….」

He can’t talk about the contract details in detail but Gucci judges that she can probably only work for Village Five.

In other words, it will be a duel between Youko and Frau.

「Three silver coins. There’s food but only at night.」

「Two silver coins and 50 big copper coins. No food.」

Unlike the previous one, the offer is dropping every turn.

Why are you looking at me, Prada? I don’t know what’s happening either.

Loo explained.

「There’s not much competition and she MUST work as punishment. No one will bid a high price.」

So that’s how it is.

Prada, I think it is time for you to decide now or else.



Prada will work in Village Five.

One silver coin per month.

Food and accommodation are provided.

She’s now Youko’s subordinate.

Do your best to earn your freedom.

「By the way, village chief, how much should Prada earn before she’s released?」

Gucci wants to verify so I’ll answer.

「Since it all started because of a reward medal, she has to earn as much as a reward medal.」

A thousand silver coins.


Since she’ll earn 1 silver coin per month, it will be 12 silver coins per year.

Ehto, a little over 83 years.

I already feel sorry for her.

Let’s give her a raise at the right time.

Maa, let’s watch her work first.

While thinking of that, I enjoyed eating and drinking.


Ancient devil Prada.

Alias: Art-Collecting Devil

It’s easy to snatch art from her.

You only need to ask her for gambling.

She likes gambling but she’s very weak at it.

However, you should never get your guard down just because you won.

If she really likes that artwork, she’ll do everything possible to get it back.

She’s very dangerous.

So, what can you do?

You can only give that art up.

That means it is something that can’t be taken from her.

She’s a knowledgeable one.

After winning a gamble, she will happily provide you knowledge if you ask for it instead of art.

Some people call her gold coin devil because she has an astounding knowledge about money.

<Great Devil Encyclopedia> 

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