Chapter 571 – Watching Baseball

At the end of the banquet, the noble ladies and their parents said goodbye to the four, the demon king, Beezel, Yuri, and Frau, before leaving.


Me too?

I’m only one of the guests so you don’t need to politely say goodbye to me….

Also, don’t say goodbye to me longer than the demon king.

Since they said goodbye to me politely, I also participated in seeing them off.

Then, I noticed.

Before I knew it, the high elves, including Ria, were guarding the area around Youko’s mansion.

Was this the errand in the village that you’re talking about earlier?

The thing earlier is just an attempt and there’s no one we’ll be attacked again…also, aren’t you too aggressive on top of being fully armed?

Can’t you take it easy…..?

But still, thank you for your hard work.


As soon as I went through the teleportation gate to return to Big Tree Village, Kuro and the others welcomed me.

They must have heard from Ria and Ann that we were attacked.

Have we worried you?


Arako, were you worried too?


The spiderlings too.

But what’s with your aggressive atmosphere?

Also, don’t use the teleportation gate without permission,

Futa on the other side will be surprised.


Even after returning to my mansion, many of the villagers are still worried.

How did Ria and Ann explain it?

They didn’t exaggerate too much, right?

Ah, are Ria and Ann very angry earlier?

Gucci, who came to Big Tree Village with me, answered my question.

「Village chief was ambushed. The attackers were captured but we have to strengthen village chief’s security until we know what’s happening. All high elves, prepared for battle and head to Village Five.」

That’s what Ria said when she returned to my mansion.

Then, she left the explanation to the panicking Kuro and Zabuton to Ann and headed to Village Five.

Ann explains the situation to Kuro and Zabuton in detail.

After that, she went to Doraim, who was playing with Rananon in Big Tree Village, and asked him to confirm if the reward medal that should have been in his nest is still there.

Doraim said that it should still be in his nest and Gucci, who was with him that time, also confirmed it.

However, they both have bad premonitions so Doraim ordered Gucci to check if Prada’s reward medal was still with her. There, he discovered what Prada had done.

Gucci captured Prada.

And came to Village Five.

By the way, Doraim seems to have suppressed the kuros and the spiderlings who want to charge to Village Five using the teleportation gate.

I’m sorry.

And it was good that you have brought Prada to Village Five.

If you took her here, things would have become troublesome.

That’s nice, right, Youko?


Youko’s tail is down.

What’s wrong?

Youko is looking at….Zabuton?

Do you want to speak with Youko?

I don’t mind but….Youko did not do anything wrong.

The acting village chief of Village Five is Youko?

You’re right but….

I did my best to help Youko explain her part.


The next day.

I came to Village Five again.

I have to talk to Michael-san but he’s not ready yet so I’m currently sitting in the stadium and watching baseball.

It’s a match between the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army and the Village Five Iron Bull Army.

Currently, the score is 8:8 and they’re in the seventh inning.

The match between the two teams is a proper baseball game.

I was a little impressed.

The offense of the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army is a big success centering on the third batter Ojess, fourth batter Haifrigta, and fifth batter Kihatroy.

Their middle-aged man catcher in defense has also wide control over the pitched ball.

Normally, their pitcher should be either Gol, Sil, or Bron but this time, none of them are here.


However, even without them, the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army has good pitchers.

I don’t know who they are but every pitcher who comes out to throw the ball is good.

Even so, that doesn’t mean that they can easily win against the stunning offense of Village Five Iron Bull Army.

Their running power, the way they use the bats, and even the way they steal base are impressive.

They are also not arrogant and only devote themselves to hitting.

Some people who have the bat usually offend a lot of people by swinging it around.

In particular, the silver knight, the first batter of Village Five Iron Bull Army, the bronze knight, the second batter, and the red iron knight, the third batter, have an amazing base and score rates.

They run really fast now that they are not wearing their armors.

Ah, the fourth batter of Village Five Iron Bull Army made a safety bunt from a no-out full base.

Tackling is a bit late so they unexpectedly only got 1 point.

It is now 8:9 with Village Five Iron Bull Army on the lead.

The coach of Village Five Iron Bull Army, Kinesta, the assistant manager of Kuro and Yuki, made a bold strategy.

However, her expression is kind of bad as I can see her from the audience.

Also, be careful of fully exposing your plan, Irre is shooting.


The demon king, who’s the coach of Fierce Tiger Demon King Army, doesn’t have Tiselle on his shoulder today.

That would be obstructive.

She’s currently sitting on Glatts’ shoulder who’s next to the demon king.

My shoulder is….impossible. However, you can sit next to me.

Ah, Tiselle waved at me so I waved back.

Glatts is waving too….but not for me. Ronana is also here.

Their relationship is good.


「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.」

After the seventh inning, Michael-san came.

I wanted to go to another place but Michael-san sat next to me saying it’s okay to talk here.

Since Michael-san doesn’t mind, there’s no need to move.

While watching baseball, we proceed with our business talk.

It seems that there are buyers who’ll buy everything that Loo auctioned.

Negotiations are progressing at a price of about ten to twenty times their starting price last auction. However, the payment deadline has become a problem.

If it’s cash, they want us to wait until this much.

If it’s in kind, they’ll prepare the items written.

What are those?

I don’t really need cash so I left it to Michael-san.

「Thank you very much for your trust.」

「I apologize for pushing all the trouble to you. I don’t mind if you take more commission.」

「Thank you.」

When I thanked Michael-san, the baseball match was over.

The score is 11:10 with the Fierce Tiger Demon King Army as the winner.

Well, Village Five Iron Bull Army almost got it.


Both baseball teams did not disband. After getting out of the ground, they will go to a banquet called exchange meeting.

I want to participate but I’m just an audience.

I won’t disturb them.

Michael-san and I go to the Goroun Company building in Village Five together.

I found Prada in that building.

It seems like she’s been doing paperwork since yesterday….ah, you’re pointing out the inadequacy of the documents and note them to be corrected.

I see. You seem to be doing quite an excellent job.

Do your best.

After greeting Prada, I received the item that I won at the auction from Michael-san.

I’m already looking forward to receiving it yesterday but Michael-san’s group seemed busy.

Even if it is a little later, I still feel good but I had to hold back a little since he asked me to watch baseball first.

<Farming Diary>

Is it because it is a parchment that it became this thick?

One page is so thick.

So, the number of pages isn’t that much…only, a hundred and seventy pages.

There’s more than I thought.

And a sentence on the back cover.

”In this book, the stash of seed’s location is written.”

Why did he write it there?

For the fun of it?

「Ah, that page is written in two types of handwriting styles. If you take out the first word of each line of the pages with that writing style, you can make it into a sentence. You’ll know the place with that.」

That was Prada that’s already standing next to me who knows when.

「Ehto….can you read the letters on the back cover?」

「Huh? Those are ancient devil letters.」

「I see.」

「By the way, I’m the one who wrote them.」


What should I do? I feel like I hate Prada a little.


Zabuton saw Loo. 「Safe」

Zabuton saw Tier. 「Safe」

Zabuton saw Youko. 「Out. We need to talk. Let’s go to the dungeon.」

TN: I don’t know baseball that much.

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