Chapter 572 – Stash of Seeds

It seems like there’s a little paperwork in Doraim’s nest because both the dragon, who’s the master, and the devils, who are the butlers and maids, are smart.

Them being smart not only means they are intelligent. They have great memory too.

They can do most things in their head so there’s not much need to write down something.

I see.

Prada is also considered as Doraim’s nest’s employee.

She should be smart.


No, I don’t doubt you.

I was just surprised.


I’m not lying.

Yeah, I understand.


Once upon a time, Prada read the <Farming Diary> and found out its hidden content.

Because of that, she left that sentence on the back cover.

And that’s it…..

”In this book, the stash of seed’s location is written.”

I’m curious about what Prada had in mind at that time.

Are you sure you’re not the author of this <Farming Diary>?

Ah, you would have written “I hid the seed at…”.

Thinking about it, she’s right.

There seems to be an original sentence written on the back cover.

However, the location where it was written was bad so it was rubbed and rubbed until it was erased.

Prada re-wrote it.

The original sentence has completely disappeared and only the sentence that Prada wrote remains.

I see.


Was it originally written in ancient devil language?

「No, it was written in common language like the whole book.」

Then, why did you write it in ancient devil language?

「I was just careless.」


She’s smiling but I won’t be deceived by that.


Now, my simple question has been resolved.

Now, let’s solve my big question.

Prada found out that there’s a stash of seeds hidden as hinted by the <Farming Diary>.

Did you get those seeds?

「Why would I go get those seeds? Wait, don’t grab my face.」

No no, I have to.



The secret treasure map has been solved but the treasure was still missing.

No, the thrill of finding the treasure has not been lost yet.

So, where’s that stash of seed?

「Ehto, it should be….」

I heard the location of the stash of seeds from Prada but it’s a place that I don’t know. I should research where it is.


Michael-san knows that place?



It turns out that the stash of seeds is in the war zone. A place between the demon king’s kingdom and Fullheart Kingdom.

Okay, I give up.

I’ll just pass this information to the demon king and that’s the end of it.

Why don’t I get it myself?

I don’t want to approach a dangerous place like that.


Saying that there’s no place more dangerous than the forest of death is rude.

The forest of death is only scary in name. It’s not a bad place.

You should try to visit it.

Rasuti, Bulga, and Stifano are there so you won’t be bored.

You’d like to see Rasuti but you don’t want to be with Bulga and Stifano?

Ah, they’re your rivals.

Then, do your best to not lose to Bulga and Stifano.

If you do your best, I’ll recognize your work and improve your treatment.

Also, if you have any work you want to do, just let me know….you like to be involved in the management of the museum?

If artworks get lost because of gambling, it will be troublesome.

You won’t bet something you don’t own?

Then, don’t bet what you own too much too.

I hope you’ll listen.

Remember it.

For the time being, you must win everyone’s trust in your job first.


On the way back, I saw the state of Village Five. There are a lot of guards.

This might be the impact of what happened yesterday.

However, you won’t find Pirika.

Pirika is staying in Big Tree Village to participate in the martial arts tournament of Big Tree Village.

She’s staying at the inn which has not been used recently.

I suggested her to just stay in a vacant room in my mansion but it seems like it would be easier for her to use the inn considering she’s training until the tournament.

As for Pirika’s training….

Not very good.

She’s suffering from the forest’s rabbits.

When I spoke with Gulf and Daga, I heard that she can’t even beat a rabbit….she’s not good at anything other than person-to-person battle.

Everyday, she’s indebted to the leaves of the world tree.

Even if you can be cured, you shouldn’t be reckless.


I moved from Youko’s mansion to Big Tree Village and returned to my mansion.

In the courtyard of my mansion, I saw Pirika treating her own injuries alone.

It looks like she still lost today.

Since she’s treating herself alone, she’s probably not seriously injured….


The four anenekos threw something before Pirika.

It’s a rabbit.

The anenekos who threw the rabbit in front of Pirika have the faces of someone saying “this is how you hunt a rabbit”.

Ah, Pirika cried.

She’s seriously crying.


Ehto, I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.


The next day.

I saw Pirika being trained by the anenekos.

Looks strong.

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  1. Elite4Harmon

    A woman on her deathbed called her husband and instructed him to look under their bed and open the wooden box he found.
    He was puzzled by the 5 eggs and $16,000 in cash he found in the box, so he asked his wife what the eggs were for.
    “Oh those”, she replied, “every time we had bad sex, I put an egg in the box”.
    Not bad, the husband thought to himself, after 25 years of marriage, then he asked, “But what about the $16,000?”
    “Oh that”, she replied, “every time I got a dozen I sold them.”

    1. Zax

      Anenekos are showing whose the real bosses. Thanks for the chapter

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  3. Booty Whisperer

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    10-11 rounds of sex every day, for 25 years non-stop. That’s VC-levels of stamina there. And that’s only accounting for the BAD sex sessions. Surely there must have been some good ones in the last 25 years… but that would mean even more sex sessions per day.

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