Chapter 573 – Woodway Plan

While the villagers are harvesting, I’m already plowing the field.

Pirika helped us harvest. She’s not even surprised that we can harvest without minding the season.


How’s your training doing?

I heard that Aegis and eagle also participated in your training recently.

Art of battle?

No, even if you asked me….


Think that you are the hunter….and what you are looking at is your prey.

Yeah, the way you look at it is important.

I’m sorry for my amateurish opinion.


The construction of the underground shopping street in Village Five is going well. It is likely to be completed much earlier than expected.

However, there’s also a problem.

Traffic problem.

I’ve already made the road wide but traffic jams upon delivering construction materials still occur.

Once the underground shopping street is completed, it will no longer be a problem. However, the same thing will happen when goods are being delivered to the underground shopping street, right?

I want to think of measures but given the land situation in Village Five, road widening is out of the question.

 The underground shopping street is already a measure for the land problem itself.

How about a loading road?

No, I’m thinking too positively.

It is a tunnel so the problem is it has only two entrances.

How about adding entrance and exit at the second, third, and fourth floors for customers….


I thought about it for three days and came up with an answer.


The first floor of the underground shopping street will be used as the station and the subway that will be built will go around the middle of the small mountain.

But, wouldn’t that just lengthen the transport route for the station?

Prada, who was nearby, asked something.

「What’s a subway?」


I show the model of the underground shopping street.

A subway or a railway is a rail and trolleys on the first floor.

It is called a railway because it is a road made of iron.

Since it will not only go around the underground shopping street but also go around the middle part of Village Five….thinking about it, didn’t I add more trouble?

Securing and processing irons for rail is a problem itself.

Also, if a derailment occurs underground, it will be tragic.

There’s also a power problem.

Good, scrap this idea.

What about using golems?

Before I knew it, the mountain elves were already here.

They might have come from the workshop in Village Five.

「If there’s no one in it, no life would be in danger even if it gets derailed.」

「How about using the monorail that was scrapped before? I think it is not something easy to derail. Also, if we use golem, there won’t be any problem with power even if it gets a little heavier.」

「Then, how about making a wooden rail? If we use the trees around Big Tree Village, I’m sure it can withstand the load.」

The problems decreased.

Now, there’s only one problem left.

「Village chief is the only one who can process that tree, right? As expected, your workload is no joke. You’re also the one who’s going to dig the additional tunnel, right?」

Ah, you noticed.


「Village chief is fine! If it is village chief, no matter what the challenge is, he can complete it! Especially when he’s already certain of doing it! 」

Your excessive expectations are troubling.


I’ll do it.

Let’s withdraw the current plan.

Let’s revive the railway project.

「Ano, village chief, since it will be made of wood, it shouldn’t be called railway but woodway, right? 」

Prada noted.


Thus, the woodway plan was launched.


Production of the power golem.

Prototype of the woodway.

Prototype of the trolley for the monorail.


Yes, I’ll prioritize the preparation of the martial arts tournament.

I also won’t just work for Village Five.

I have to pay attention to Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four too.

Maa, other than Village Five, the others don’t cause much trouble.

I shouldn’t say that.


Village One.

「Problem? None.」


Village Two.

「Even if you ask…..」


Village Three.

「Is it a problem to think too much? If not, we’re okay.」


Village Four.

「Ah, speaking of trouble, we always receive rescue signals from Loch in Village Five. I think it’s a mistake but can you check him out when you go to Village Five…. Eh? He’s struggling with paperwork? But, didn’t you already send Prada there? Thank you very much.」



Okay, I only need to do what I can to prepare for the martial arts tournament.

Even if I say that, I’m only in charge of making trophies for the winner.

What about this year?

Let’s ask the civil servant girls.


Trophy-making was over in five days.

I did not hold back.

I made them properly.

After this, I only need to carve the plate with the name of the winner on the day of the martial arts tournament.

The trophy I made is a crown.

I did not make a crown for the past few years because the participants have different physiques. However, since there were a lot of participants this time, I decided to revive it.

It was a bit hard to make several kings of crowns with different sizes but I tried hard because I want to see a happy face.

I also thought of a type that can be adjusted in size but it becomes like a toy.

The trophy should be luxurious.


The crowns that are made are made of wood, is that okay?

It might have been better to ask Gutt to make a metal one.


There’s no need?

You think my handmade stuff is worth it?

You’re making me blush.

The spiderlings that were watching me made them give me confidence.

Because of that, I made small hats from the scrapped woods for the spiderlings.

Looks good.

However, they are neither to block sunlight or fashion accessory.

They are hats you’ll throw when you’re happy.


If you throw them all together, it looks fun, right?


You don’t have to catch what you threw yourself.


You can’t treat your precious hat violently?

You may be right but, it’s wooden.

That might also be dangerous.

I wonder if I should have made it using fabric but I don’t have that skill.

All I can do is….

Straw hat.

I knitted little straw hats and distributed them to the spiderlings.

Given the season, it is a little late but it suits you.


This….looks like a beret.

Is that my hat?

You made it for me?

Thanks, let me put it on.


Throw them all together?


You have to throw it in a way where you can catch it back.

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