Chapter 574 – Strange Corn and Memories of Summer Festival

Trouble occurred during the summer harvest.

The grains of some corn harvested in the field are small.

Moreover, they are hard.

This is the first time something like this has happened to a field planted using the AFT so I was surprised too.

The cause is….

Was one of the dragons accidentally breath fire there?

Or did a nyunyu-daphne take away the nutrients?

Or, did someone use magic on them?

No, those are impossible.

No one from the village will do something like that.

And the next suspect is, disease….

But if that is the case, why is it that only a part of the cornfield was affected?

If there’s a corn disease, every corn on the field should have been affected.

In addition, disease won’t just make corn grains small.


Looking at it carefully, these are really not your usual corn.


Did I think of something when I was planting the cornfield using the AFT?

That’s possible.

Then, what did I think….?

I don’t remember.

I planted them in the field more than two months ago.

I’m sure these corns are not for alcohol.

Then, what did I think back then….


I dried the corn.

Then, remove the grains from the cob.

Yeah, this is familiar.

There’s no doubt about it.

I melted butter on a pot in the kitchen.

I made sure the melted butter spread in the pot…..then, I put the dried corn grains.

After that, I put the lid on and continued to put it on fire.

After a while, a loud noise came from inside the pot.

As expected.

This corn is corn for popcorn.


In fact, quite a long time ago, I tried making popcorn from ordinary corn and failed.

I knew that I can’t make popcorn unless it’s a special kind of corn but I’ve forgotten about it.

It’s not like I’m craving for it….

I must have remembered it when I was planting the cornfield.

AFT, thank you.

And everyone was surprised by the sound of popcorn.


It’s a new dish….sweets.

Ah, there’s no seasoning yet so add some salt.

Everyone had a taste of a pot full of popcorn.


For the adults, it’s a popular new food.

For the children, it tastes good.

For the kuros….it doesn’t make them full enough.

Also, they don’t like that the skin of the grain is always sandwiched between their teeth.

For the spiderlings, it’s good food.

And for the fairy queen, who’s picky about sweets, she asked me for more so I guess she has no problem with it.

It’s good that she can also eat something salty from time to time.

No, I know you prefer to eat sweets.

The fairy queen was always in her adult form until a while ago but now she’s back.

I’m kind of got used to her adult form so I feel sad.

No, her action is still the same so I guess not much?


Popcorn’s popularity is not bad but there’s also a problem.

It doesn’t last long.

It’s not delicious if you fail to eat it after a while.

Once you cook some, you have to eat them right away.

In other words, you can’t store it.

Is it okay to offer it at festivals and the martial arts tournament?

Fortunately, there is enough popcorn corn that can be served at the next martial arts tournament.

The problem is after that….

Majority voted to make a cornfield for popcorn.


After making a cornfield for popcorn, I remembered the summer festival that was held a little while ago while I was pinching popcorns made by an oni maid.

This year’s festival is race.

Running race to be exact.

It will be a race of the same race , mixed-race, and various combinations.

I was a little anxious if this would be exciting but everything turned out okay.

Everyone likes every game.

The most memorable race is the race between a centaur and a horse.

The centaur was leading since the start of the race but the horse managed to reverse the situation at the last minute.

The lost centaur was quite depressed.

The horse was satisfied.

After that, the race between titans and minotaurs was slow but you can feel the power.

The race between kuros was….a mess.

They usually wait for their turn but they all wanted to run first.

By the way, I also participated.

Maa, it was fun.


I remembered the summer festival because I saw the horses running in the ranch area.

The pegasuses are running hard too but their wings are too obstructive.

The horses are running in order to practice for the race that will take place in Village Five.

It looks like Village Five, Shashaato City, and the surrounding villages are gathering horses to decide who’s the fastest horse.

This event is being organized by the Goroun Company.

Village Five only lends the venue.

However, it is an honor to be called the fastest horse so the horses were….

It’s great that they are training voluntarily.

I’ll bring them some fruits later.


The goats are looking at the practicing horses in a herd.

….they look evil too.

In other words, they are planning to do mischief.

Ah, they broke into the course where the horses were and ran in a herd.


It’s not good to get in the way of their practice.

I was not the only one who thought so.

Before I knew it, five cows were already lining up beside me. They lunged at the herd of goats.

The goats scattered.

The pigs were laughing when they saw them.

This is peace.

By the way, unicorn.

Where are you taking my bucket of popcorn?

The unicorn started to run away from me.

Yeah, fast.

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    The father assures the son that granddaddy is fine and sends him to bed.
    The next day, granddaddy dies.
    One week later, the man again goes into his son’s room to wish him goodnight.
    His son is having another nightmare – the man again wakes his son.
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