Chapter 575 – Childbirth and Pregnancy

Kuudel and Corone gave birth.

Both are girls.

Kuudel’s daughter is Laladel.

Corone’s daughter is Tormaane.

That’s their names.

It was Raz Maria who named them.

Kuudel and Corone said that they have no problem with their names so I agreed too.

The celebration of their childbirths is modest which is according to Kuudel and Corone’s request.

Once Malbit, Ruincia, and Suarurou come, they’ll have a bigger celebration.

I think that is exactly what will happen.

In any case, I’m happy that you gave birth safely.

Is it because of the fairy queen?


Let’s make sweets for her then.


In the sky above the forest of death, Dors in his dragon form is flying violently.

Well, not really violently but he’s not holding his power back.

Raimeiren, who was beside me, threw a round rock of about 2 meters in diameter to Dors.

And she hit Dors’ head.

It’s dangerous to throw rocks even if you don’t hit him so, please stop that.

Also, the children might imitate you.

And Dors.

You’ve been hit by a rock so you should have calmed down a little.


The reason why Dors is like that is because it turns out Hakuren is already bearing our second child in her womb.

It should be the result of my consoling her when she was so lonely after Ursa went to school.

Also, she might have been influenced by the adult fairy queen a while ago.

Or maybe the timing is just good.

Hakuren herself seemed to have known that she’s pregnant a while ago but kept on being silent.

She’s embarrassed.

However, it would be difficult to not be noticed by anyone.

The first person who noticed was Loo.

Next is Raimeiren.

I was the third one.

Since it was noticed by me, it was announced in a grand way.

At that point, Dors was still calm.

At least until we found out that it was a boy.

When Dors heard that, he goes banana.


Helze came to our village and never left Hakuren’s side. When everyone realized that, we knew that it’s a boy.

I wonder how dragons manage to feel their marriage partners even though the other one hasn’t been born yet.

I would like to ask you to talk about that kind of thing when they’re already adults…or at least when the child was born.

Mark, who did not leave our place together with Helze, has a complicated expression.

He thinks that it is still too early for Helze to become a bride but he can’t say that out loud since he’ll be hated.


Even if you oppose it, no one’s going to listen to you so you can only stay silent.

That’s so saddening.


I understand.

Alright, let’s have a drink tonight.


The next day, Dors was beaten down by Raimeiren.

It’s because he was flying all night.

Ah, he’s too happy. He should think about how Hiichirou would feel.

Right, we certainly must be careful.

As for Hiichirou, he’s happy that he’ll have a younger brother.

A little later, Doraim came.


What’s wrong with you?

You’re even skipping.

What’s happened?


Rasuti is pregnant again too?

I’m the man.


The dragons were making a big fuss.

Grafaloon immediately came over when she heard that Rasuti was pregnant.

She danced in the sky in her dragon form.

It’s a dance of joy.

She seemed to be calm when she first heard about Rananon…..ah, when she heard about Rananon before, she danced like that first before coming here?

She was worried about disturbing this place before so she did not dance here.

I don’t really mind even if you dance like that here but can you please stop that blizzard breath?

Look, Hiichirou and Rananon are already imitating you.

And it looks like you are attacking the village.

Ah, look, the centaurs of Village Three came in their full battle gear.

A little later, the men from Village one lead by Jack, and the minotaurs of Village Two lead by Gordon came fully armed.

Ehto, I can assure you there’s no problem here.

Yoru, who even brought her trebuchet from the hot spring area, looks disappointed.

I also apologized to the ghost knights and the lions.


After that, Mark and Helze still did not leave so Suiren came over to pick them up.

And she’s very pleased that Helze’s partner has been finally decided.

Yeah, and please spare me from your dance of joy.

Also, stop your couple’s quarrel.

Would I be worried if my partner and daughter did not come back and were not even contacting me?

Of course.

Ehto…you can fight but please don’t do it in your dragon form and also, stay away from the village a little more.


Sekiren, Domaim, Kwon, and Kworun also came to celebrate, though I don’t know where on earth they got their information.

Celebrating Hakuren and Rasuti’s….Sekiren and Kwon, why are you asking about their nightlife?

Pregnancy tips?

No, even if you ask me….

Do I have any idea on what you need to do?

I’m sorry.

Please cultivate your love steadily.


Girar came too.

He did not come for the celebration of Hakuren or Rasuti’s pregnancy but came to see Guronde and Guraru….when he greeted me he’s home, I had no choice but to reply welcome back home.

Girar, what’s that luggage on your back?

It seems like you really have decided to move.

You still have to go back and forth several times?

Got it but, what’s with those letters stuck on your luggage?


For me?


They are all petitions asking me to convince Girar to not move.

I don’t really care if you move here but don’t leave problems in your previous place.


Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, Grafaloon, Suiren, Mark, Helze, Girar, Guronde, Guraru, Sekiren, Domaim, Kwon, Kworun.

There’s also Hakuren and Rasuti.

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten what happened when these many ancient dragons gathered. Last time, the Sun Castle came to Big Tree Village.

What if something happens again?

It’s alright since you all can just blow it up to smithereens?


I know that you’ll have new grandchildren but, why are you so happy?


Hiichirou was taken by Raimeiren so you will definitely secure your next grandson?


He’s my and Hakuren’s child.

Please don’t forget that.

Anyway, since there’s a lot of you here, let’s start a banquet.

Ah, move Laladel and Tormaane to a quiet room.

Kuudel, don’t overdo it since you have just given birth.


Let me be clear.

No dive bombing.

There’s no way bombing is necessary to a banquet.


By the way, when Beezel arrived in our village, he was surprised to see a large number of dragons.

No, they are not having a meeting here.

It’s just a normal banquet.

Eating like usual.

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