Chapter 576 – Name and Prototype Monorail

The dragon’s banquet continues.

We just harvested so we have no problem with food and they’ll also pay for it.

Donovan’s group offers new types of drinks and listens to the impression of the tasters.

You marinated a high-quality alcohol with lemon zest….?

You’re a lot more stubborn than I thought.

Ah, not just lemon zest, sugar too.

Let me take a sip.

Glug glug.

It’s hard.

That’s according to me but Dors and the others are drinking it like water.

Please don’t transform into dragons later and go on a rampage.

Also, Hakuren and Rasuti, don’t drink.

You want plum wine and pickles?


We only made plum wine last spring so they might be thinking about our stock.

It’s okay.

We’ve prepared a large amount of plum wine.

We can only drink it in a few more banquets….according to the dwarves.

Since that is the case, me, Hakuren, and Rasuti only drank a little.


Hakuren and Rasuti were pregnant so they couldn’t transform into their dragon forms. Because of that, the village’s transporting power has dropped significantly.

As a countermeasure, we’re going to fully utilize the universal ship but if it is far away, it will be a problem.

The transport locations are the place where Dors and Raimeiren live.

Dors and Raimeiren often come to the village so I think they should just bring those back with them….

However, given their social position, it seems like they can’t do so.

But there are those who are waiting for our crops there so we can’t afford to not transport them.

Thinking about it, I have no choice but to ask Doraim and Grafaloon for help.

Of course, we’re going to pay them.

It will be the in-kind supply of village crops and alcohol.


The dragon’s banquet is free for all.

Those who are not in the actual banquet are practicing for the martial arts tournament outside.

Yoru, who brought the rock thrower trebuchet, is one of them and Hiichiro, who’s in dragon form, is in the sky catching rocks from the trebuchet.

That looks fun but should he really be catching rocks like that?

When I thought so, Raimeiren, who brought out food and alcohol on the outdoor table, looked at Hiichirou.

It seems like this is a practice for power control.

If he catches the rock and the rock breaks, it means he fails to control his power.

I see.

If that is the case, I won’t complain.

Yoru’s having fun too.


「By the way, village chief.」

Raimeiren asked me something while staring at Hiichirou.

What will be the name of Hakuren’s next son?


Thinking about it honestly, since he will be Hiichirou’s younger brother, I would have named him Hijirou but that would be bad.

So, I adjusted it a little and thought it should be Hinojirou.

But that’s worse than Hijirou so maybe Hisaburou would do….

I’m not confident with my naming sense so I’ll just ask Hakuren later.

When I said that to Raimeiren, she said “Great”.


Hakuren is pregnant so she advised me to not push my suggested name to her too hard.


Dors called out to the banquet and asked everyone to propose a name.

Yeah, this is the difference between Dors and Raimeiren.

After a while, we gathered 30 names.

I want to narrow down the candidates to two or three.

Girar, don’t increase the number of name candidates on your own.

Mark wants to add one too?

Because he’ll be your future son-in-law?

I understand, got it.

Well then, one, two, and three.

Here are the candidates.

I won’t decide yet.

 Also, after this banquet, I will still think of a name.

I don’t want to decide or think about it while I’m under the influence of alcohol.


I went to the golf course in the west of the village.

This golf course.

I made this in a number of days and it was used as much too.

The number of golf clubs and balls has increased and the users even built their own huts.

But there are problems too.

At first, I had to clear the forest to make this course and leave it as it is. Now, the surrounding area is steadily developing and this got on the way.

Currently, this is only a small golf course that is full of greens.

Nothing was added in the course ever since but the oni maids enjoy playing golf so I want to do something about it.


I have to make a certain place a dedicated golf course.

Should I build a new course south of this place?

If I do, I should make sure to not hit the pool or the lobster pond.

Maa, that won’t be so difficult because it’s just cutting down trees.

Domaim and Kworun helped me transport the fallen trees.


After completing the golf course, I processed the cut down trees to make the prototype monorails for Village Five’s woodway.

Material is all wood.

I made a T-shaped timber as it is.

I don’t know how big is the right size so I made it as big as possible.

The upper part of the T became about a meter wide.

The reason I made it T-shaped was because I thought the chances of it being derailed will be minimized.

But, that also made it hard to set something on the rails…..

Also, more wheels are needed than expected.

The tremor is also disturbing.

This needs suspension too.

Since this is only a prototype trolley, the width is 2 meters while the length is 4 meters.

I never meant it to be this big.

I and some of the mountain elves worked hard.


I was a little worried about the place where the rail was installed. It was straight east from my mansion.

It even passed through the medicinal herb garden.

Maa, I can only remove it if this gets in the way.

I asked the titans and minotaurs who came for the martial arts tournament to cooperate and set up the rail.

Yeah, it’s really straight.

Looks good.

And then we finally set up the prototype trolley there…..

There’s no power source yet so I had a centaur pull it.

It looks okay since it doesn’t have any luggage yet but the resistance is tougher than expected when luggage was put on.

「There’s no problem even if you ride it once it’s speeding up….」

It requires more starting power than I thought.

Will there be a problem once we had a golem power it?

No, that would be similar to what happened earlier.

We only need to take measures.

If we want to ease up the starting motion, we should disperse the weight on each wheel.

In short, increase the number of wheels.

Given the weight of the wheels, making it smaller will surely decrease the weight.

According to my imagination, it would look similar to a turned over abacus.

This will be hard.


The small wheeled trolley moved smoothly even when loaded with luggage.

The centaur that pulled it can even speed up instantly.

And that’s exactly what happened….

「It’s worrying to leave the rail straight.」

I agree with the mountain elf.

We should consider curves or slopes up and down.

This is the prototype so we have to challenge every possibility.

「If it came from a higher position, it can move even without being pulled by the centaur desu.」

That’s true.

「If we connect the rail like a ring, it can move in one direction.」


「We also made a small type of trolley.」



A simple roller coaster was built.

The starting height is about 5 meters.

It is composed of several curves, several up and down slopes, and straight lines to gain momentum.

At the end, the trolley has to be raised to a height of five meters manually but the minotaurs and titans can take care of that.

It’s very popular with children.

「With regards to the monorail, there’s a limit to how much curve it can run.」

It’s great that we were able to verify the maximum curve possible.

「If we make smaller trolleys, I think it is possible to make the curve steeper.」

The purpose of what we’re doing has something to do with Village Five.

Don’t forget that.

「But we wanted to make the trolley run into a vertical loop.」

That’s not good.

Do everything in moderation.

Come on, it’s already the martial arts tournament.

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