Chapter 577 – Sword Saint Pirika

My name is Pirika Win-up.

I used to introduce myself as the sword saint but I have stopped doing that.

Because I don’t think I have the ability of a real sword saint.

Each of my former master and senior disciples was a one-man army.

I haven’t reached that level yet.

I still need to practice.

In addition, the title of sword saint reeks of trouble.

I can’t cause trouble to the village chief of Village Five which I’m indebted to.

Forget about the sword saint.

Everything will be fine.


Ever since I no longer call myself the sword saint, I feel things have become lighter.

I also dedicate myself to training.

I believe that it will make me steadily get stronger.

I’m still not an opponent to master Gulf and master Daga but it can be said that I’m the strongest in Village Five.

I’m proud to be entrusted with the guards of Village Five.

Though I’m a little troubled that I’m happier being called the commander of Village Five’s guards than being called sword saint.


I understand the weakness of my sword technique.

I’m too specialized in person-to-person battle and I’m not good at fighting against something not a person.

To deal with that, I increased my battle experience against monsters and demon beasts.

With this, I’ll also be strong against monsters and demon beasts.

Fortunately, I can easily find opponents in the forest around Village Five.

I periodically enter the forest and continue hunting monsters and demon beasts.


My daily life as a guard of Village Five and monsters and demon beasts hunting continue.

Even adventurers began to recognize my ability and there were even several people who wanted to learn swordsmanship from me and be my apprentice.

I’m happy with my everyday life.

While wishing that such days continue, I still can’t forgive the weak me.

To be honest, I still don’t feel that I can fight against master Gulf and master Daga.

I thought that that day would come and continue training.

I’ll go there step by step.


One time, I practiced with three knights. They are the silver knight, bronze knight, and red iron knights who all came from human kingdoms.

It was an easy victory.

Were the three of them only at this level?

Am I that strong?

No, I shouldn’t be conceited.

It’s embarrassing to say this but, I can see my former self in them so I put effort in guiding the three of them.

The bronze knight escaped again?

Then, let’s start a hunting training today.

Hunt him.


How many years has it been since I’ve come to Village Five?

My sword finally reached master Gulf and master Daga.

To be honest, I’m happy.

Then, they asked me to participate in the martial arts tournament in Big Tree Village.

I heard that the martial arts tournament in Big Tree Village is on a level where even master Gulf and master Daga can’t win.

Even if I join, I don’t have a chance of winning.

However, it is a chance to see the techniques of powerful people.

I want to become stronger.

I’ll participate in that martial arts tournament.


Thirty days before the start of the martial arts tournament, I moved to Big Tree Village.

I said it is for the sake of training but it is my selfish tactic to get used to the place first even a little.

The traveling method is using a teleportation gate.

Village chief said that the existence of the teleportation gate is top secret.

Of course, I won’t tell anyone.

I will respond to the trust of being taught a top-secret.


I’ve already met the little demon spiders and the arachne so I know that village chief gets along with monsters and demon beasts.

In addition, I also know that village chief’s wives are the blood-sucking princess, angel of annihilation, high elf, and oni.

I also know that Youko-sama, the acting village chief, is not an ordinary person.

I’m prepared.

But I’m still surprised.

All kinds of demon spiders are here.

All kinds of inferno wolves are here.

Angels, lamias, and cute titans.

Even without fighting anyone, I can feel it.

Overwhelming power.

I don’t think I can find anyone here who I can practice fight with.


When I consulted master Gulf, he told me that my practice partner would be forest rabbits.

Other than that, he said that it will be extremely dangerous, no, it won’t even be called a battle.

I thought it was just a rabbit but I never thought he was talking about killer rabbits.

I almost died many times.

I did not die because of the inferno wolf that followed and guarded me and a certain highly effective herb.

I have nothing but gratitude to the inferno wolf who’s been following and guarding me.

However, if you can, I hope you can help me a little faster.

With regards to the medicinal herb, at first, I’m indebted to healing magic but after experiencing it again and again, village chief decided to give me that herb.

He said that I’m forbidden to take them out of the village.

Given its effect, there would surely be a dispute if it was taken out.

It’s so effective that maybe it can even make the dead come back to life.


These are leaves of the world tree….n-no way.

Let’s push it back in the deepest part of my mind.


I can’t hunt rabbits that even cats can hunt.

I’m inferior to cats.

That day, I found it out.

However, if those cats are better than me, it means that I can learn from them.

I bowed my head to the cats and begged them to teach me.


After a while, a bird called Aegis came to help me with my training.

Aegis can also hunt rabbits.

Even if he’s a round bird….

The eagle beside Aegis comforted me.



I tried my best.

I repeatedly did my best.

However, there’s no result.

Though it is bad to say that I’ll do it as a change of phase, I helped with the harvest to improve my mood.

At that time, I asked village chief about the art of battle.

「Perhaps it is the way you look at your opponent.」


It is obvious that you should look at your opponent.

Especially if it is someone that can take your life away.

That is something obvious.

However, being pointed at how I do it….

Am I not seeing something I should see?


An elder dwarf named Wilcox gave me a sword.

It seems like he made this sword for me.

「Let me see.」

That’s what I said.

It is longer than the sword I usually use.

The position of the center of gravity is also further.

The martial arts tournament is close so I don’t intend to change my sword….

Then, something came into me.

With that sword, I challenged a rabbit.


I feel like I can fight better than ever.

Is it because of the sword?

And then, I realized that I could indeed fight better than usual.

That rabbit.



I lost my fight to the death against the rabbit so I asked master Gulf that night.

「Ano, that rabbit, it can read my movements, right?」

「Hnn? Ah, right, but…to be exact, rather than reading, it can see your movement. Killer rabbits have the ability to see the future.」


Isn’t that a magical eye?

What’s more, seeing the future….

How can you win against something like that!

I was about to scream but I held myself back.

Master Gulf and master Daga can also hunt rabbits.

The cats and Aegis too.

They managed to win even though it can see the future.

They have a way to deal with it.

Think about it.



Village chief’s words are correct.

Looking closely at the rabbit, I finally see it.

I can recognize when it is about to move.

Given that, it is possible to predict how it will move next.

I was able to hunt a rabbit.

No injury.

My inferno wolf guard was surprised.

I’m surprised too.

The present me is different.

I feel like I’ve awakened or something.

It feels like I broke the thick walls that are covering me.

I got stronger.

Now, I can cut anything.

I might sound rude but I feel like I’m equal to the blood-sucking princess Loo and angel of annihilation Tier.

No, I feel like I’m stronger.

Am I being conceited?

The dragon who called himself Maxbergak responded to my question.

「You are now skillful enough to be worthy of the title sword saint. It seems like you’re holding back on calling yourself the sword saint but you no longer have to do that. You can introduce yourself as the sword saint with your chest up.」

Thank you very much.

I bowed to Maxbergak-dono and finally remembered that I’m the sword saint.

That’s right.

I’m the sword saint.

And I will dedicate my sword to village chief.

This sword is for village chief!

I will never be hostile.

This is my oath.


Anyway, the martial arts tournament is a good place to offer village chief my sword.

I’m sure village chief will be surprised too.


Ehto, I’m going to join the knight section….


No entry?

I was not listed in the knight section.

Did master Gulf made a mistake?

Maxbergak-dono suggested to put me in another section?


King’s section?

The dragon king, dark dragon, and vampire’s true ancestor are part of it?

Ah, Zabuton-dono too?



The demon king is looking at me.

He has a face saying my friends have increased.


I-I won’t lose!


Even as the sword saint, there are opponents I can’t win against.

I learned that now.

The former sword saint also said that there’s no point in challenging an opponent you can’t win against.


Village chief, even if things are like this, can I still dedicate my sword to you?


AN: The strength of the awakened Pirika can’t win against the demon king but they’ll have a good match.

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