Chapter 578 – Victorious Demon King

From the back of the flying Helze, Ria’s high elves group parachute down.

After their descent, they quickly remove their parachutes and gather together in a good position.

Each of them is fully armed and is on their way to attack a fort.

The fort is a simple one. It was made three days ago and the lamias and the mountain elves are defending it.


This is supposed to be the opening of the martial arts tournament, why does it look like some sort of military training?

Because it’s exciting?


「We would have won if it was night….」

They were not able to set up the flag at the designated location within the specified time so Ria’s team lost.

They’re frustrated.

On the other hand, the lamias and the mountain elves are happy with their victory.

I’ll plow it now.

Take the things you don’t want to become fertilizer.


The martial arts tournament finally started.

Since the opening was long, it was held until noon.

This time, in addition to the usual common section, warrior section, knight section, and brave section, there will be a king section.

The king section was added because of the complaint of those who are in the model matches. In model matches, no matter what happens, they can only fight once.

Initially, it was a battle royale format where everyone will fight with everyone at once but that would be too dangerous so it was changed to a normal tournament format.

The dragons have moved to the king section so there’s no need for the brave section to….ah, the kuros and the spiderlings will be the ones fighting instead?



After completely leveling down the fort, I watch the game from my usual seat.

Though that seat is kind of boring.

Especially between matches.

Normally, I would be accompanied by Loo and Tier but they have to work as referees since Hakuren and Rasuti are pregnant.

Kuro and Yuki are also preparing since they’ll be in the king section this time.

In short, I’m alone.


You spiderlings will accompany me?

They are the fist-size spiderlings who won’t be part of the tournament.



I thought Alfred, Ursa, and Tiselle would come back to join the martial arts tournament but they weren’t able to.

They seem busy.

That’s a good thing but a bit saddening.

In their letters, they said that they’ll return this winter so I have no choice but to wait for their return.

Gol, Sil, and Bron were also busy so they weren’t able to come back.

They were also planning to return with their wives but, it’s a shame.

Maa, they should also think of their wives’ convenience.

I don’t want them to just selfishly decide to bring them here.

However, I can’t help but think about the distance between the royal capital and Big Tree Village.

If they don’t use the teleportation magic of Beezel or ancestor-san, it will take them one month to travel from the royal capital to Village Five.

What can I do about it?

Because of that, I thought of the monorail I’m building for Village Five.

I thought of connecting Village Five to Shashaato City and Shashaato City to the royal capital.

When I consulted the civil servant girls, they said that it will be extremely difficult but if I’m only asking if it is possible, it is possible.

They said that the possibility of the wooden rail being stolen is almost certain so it will not be able to properly operate.

Right, wood from the trees of the forest of death is expensive.

Then, how about building a normal iron rail….

That is easier to resell and more flashy than wooden rails so being stolen is also certain.

Thus, I felt the harshness of reality.

I also caused trouble to the civil servant girls who were busy preparing for the martial arts tournament.

I’ll apologize at the assessment meeting.

By the way, ancestor-san and Fushu, who are regular participants, weren’t able to participate.

They seem busy supporting the newly found country.

The destroyed Goruzen Kingdom.


Do your best.


The matches went on smoothly. The common section, warrior section, and the first round of the knight section ended.

Because of the long opening, that will be all for the day.

It is time for the banquet.


The next day.

After the knight section, the model matches called brave section and king section were held.

The winner of the knight section was Kierbit.

Compared to the old days, I think she can fully control her strength now.

That’s what my eyes saw.

The model matches called brave section were battles between spiderlings and kuros as well as Loo and Tier, and Gran Maria and Raz Maria.

The battle between Loo and Tier is their usual battle.

It was Tier who remained standing until the end, in short, she won.

As for the battle between Gran Maria and Raz Maria….

It looks like Gran Maria is the more powerful one.

However, the match was fully controlled by Raz Maria.

As a result, Gran Maria struggled and wasn’t able to show her strength.

Kuudel and Corone said that the match was fully led by Raz Maria.

Raz Maria is the victor.

She did not hold back against her daughter.


King Section.

The demon king is one of the participants and everyone’s expecting that.

The demon king did not even need to say anything.

He’s just concentrating.

He’s preparing for the draw lots.


I was surprised to hear that Pirika will participate in the king section.

I heard it was Mark’s recommendation.

He said she already has the strength of the previous generation sword saint so Mark gave up his slot for her.


I see. So, you made Pirika your scapegoat, right?


If you say so but….your sweating too much you know.

Ah, whether you win or lose, there will be various problems in terms of position.

So your solution is to not participate?

Okay, I’ll agree with you.

But you have to support Pirika since you recommended her.


The participants in the king section are Kuro, Yuki, Zabuton, Dors, Raimeiren, Girar, Guronde, Doraim, Grafaloon, Domaim, Kwon, Kworun, Seriken, Demon King, Pirika, and Youko.

It was adjusted so that there will be 16 participants.

There are many participating couples but matchups are fair.

It is all left to draw lots.

The highlight is….Pirika.

Her first battle was against the demon king.

The demon king was very lively.

And strong.

However, Pirika played a good match against the demon king.

Looking at that battle, I think Mark’s recommendation was not wrong.

The demon king won in the end.


「Ouch, ouch, ouch, that sword, it hurts a lot.」

The victorious demon king is smiling while being treated.

I think Pirika’s sword was something made by Wilcox.

When he saw Wilcox making a sword, Gutt was quite depressed.

The next day, he was making swords like his life was on the line.


And Wilcox.

You used Guronde’s scale to make that sword, aren’t you?

No, I did say that you can use materials as much as you like.

But I thought you were referring to magic iron powder.

I’m not angry, I’m not even disturbed.

However, if you are going to make something from Guronde’s scale, please let me know.

Look, Gucci looks troubled.

Safety first.


The winner of the king section is Raimeiren.

Hiichirou’s support seems to be effective.

Kuro defeated Kworun and Yuki defeated Domaim but in their next matches, Kuro lost to Girar and Yuki lost to Raimeiren.


I’m glad that you don’t have any major injuries.

I had prepared some world tree leaves for Pirika but it looks like she’ll be fine with just healing magic.

I can’t waste them so I’ll give them to Loo later.


After that, it was the usual banquet and the free for all matches.

I think this year’s martial arts tournament was also exciting.


In the free matches, Pirika challenged Gulf but she lost.


「Being able to predict the other party’s action is the basics of all the basics. Learning that a few days ago won’t mean anything to someone who knew it for a long time.」

「In other words….」

「You can still get stronger.」


「Also, when I was watching your match, I noticed that you still don’t have a finisher move.」

「Finisher move…..I’ll do my best!」

Gulf’s position as a master seems to have been protected.


AN: If it is the stronger participants of the knight section, they will be able to fight against the demon king.

That means even if Gulf is a weaker participant of the knight section, even if he can’t win, he’ll be able to fight decently against the demon king.

In other words, he can also fight against the awakened Pirika.

Also, if Gulf fights against dragons, he has no chance of winning.

Pirika also has no chance of winning against a dragon.

In short, she’s lucky in her draw lots.


Rough Comparison

Demon King    Combat Power 1000~2500

Pirika   Combat Power 100~150

                        + False Sword Saint (if opponent is a person +50, if not -50)

                        + Sword Saint (if opponent is using a sword +100)

                        + Future sight (if future sight has effect +150)

                        + Dark Attribute Sword (if opponent has dark attribute +300)

                        + Awakened (negative buff immunity)

Gulf     Combat Power 150~300

                        + Future sight (if future sight has effect +150)

                        + Anti Future sight (if opponent uses future sight +100) ← Effective against current Pirika

                        + Finisher move (when used during a match deciding moment +100(can only be used once))

Rabbit   Combat Power 200

                        + Future eyes (if can be used against opponent +500)

Civilian  Combat Power 1~3

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