Chapter 579 – Seeing Off the Martial Arts Tournament Participants

The day after the martial arts tournament.

Everything has almost been cleaned up except that a part of the participants is still having a banquet at my mansion.

The motto is making the place cleaner than it used to be.

 Maa, even if you don’t do that, I’ll make sure that things will be cleaned up but I won’t say it in public.

After doing my part, I see off the participants and visitors who are going home one by one.


The residents of Village One.

This year, Jake made it big.

He has now graduated from the common section so next time, he’ll start participating in the warrior section.

He was happy but said that he’s already feeling the fear of participating in the warrior section.

At least he has become strong compared to when they first arrived at the village.

I’m sure he’ll do fine next year.

The other residents either won or lost so they were not unilaterally beaten.

It is impressive that all of them are getting stronger.


The residents of Village Two.

Most of the minotaurs were in the common section while Gordon was in the warrior section but he did not do well.

He was depressed while being healed the night of the banquet but it looks like he recovered already.


The minotaurs who did not participate in the martial arts tournament helped around the stalls.

I’m thankful for them since the oni maids indeed need help so I wish you would help out again next year.

The number of participants has increased a lot after all.


The residents of Village Three.

The centaurs are not very active in the martial arts tournament and only a few young centaurs participated in the common section.

It is due to the characteristics of their race. They are not very good at offense and they can’t take some distance given the size of the ring.

I don’t require everyone to send their racial representative and I also want to avoid forcing anyone to participate in order for someone of that race to have a participant.

The centaurs told me not to worry but I think some measures are necessary.

Thinking about it, the nyunyu-daphnes and the harpies of Village One have never participated.

I’ll raise this one during the evaluation meeting.

If a certain race can’t participate, they shouldn’t be forced to participate.

By the way, the centaurs are pulling small one-horse carriages to help participants and guests move during the martial arts tournament.

I named that kind of carriage centaur rickshaw.


The residents of Village Four.

The devils and dream demons don’t participate in the martial arts tournament that much.

It is not because of their race’s characteristics but due to insufficient ability.

I think it’s fine for them to join the common section but….they told me they are people of peace so there’s no way I can say anything else.

Cheering can also be counted as participation.

The mercuries did not participate too.

It seems like they are not made for that.

Since that is the case, I asked them to help the civil servant girls.


That helped us a lot.


The lamias of the south dungeon.

The lamia contestants are being selected by their race so they have achieved good results in the warrior and knight sections.

Even after the martial arts tournament was over, their excitement level did not drop so they continued sparring in the dungeon.

And it is still ongoing.

Unlike Village Four, they are warmongers.

The lamias will help with the autumn harvest so they won’t go home yet and live in the dungeon.

I feel like their population here is constantly increasing. However, do you have enough daily necessities?

If you don’t, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

Also, it seems like they have consulted Frau about using reward medals to make me visit the south dungeon but I don’t think it is necessary for you to use your reward medals for that.

Once I find time, I’ll immediately go there.


The titans of the north dungeon.

Like the lamias, their participants are also being selected by their race making their participants do good in both warrior and knight sections.

Unlike the lamias, they use their excitement from the martial arts tournament in sumo wrestling so they don’t have to go to the dungeon for sparring matches.


I heard that some of them participated in a mock battle with the lamias.

No, that doesn’t matter.

It’s not like they are troubling anyone.

The titans will help with the autumn harvest too so they’ll live in the dungeon until then.

You don’t have enough beddings?

Ah, there are not enough sizes for the titans.

We have things that minotaurs can use so use them for the time being.


The resident of Village Five.

Pirika used the teleportation gate and returned to Village Five.

She still wants to stay but Youko asked her to return to the guards as soon as possible.

Since Pirika from Village Five participated this time, should I expect an increase in the number of participants from Village Five next time?

But Village Five residents are frightened the moment they see a kuro.

It will be hard to invite them here.

If I and Youko invite them, it will become forced participation.

I won’t let that happen.

Also, there are a lot of events in Village Five.

That’s also the reason why Youko asked Pirika to return.


Let’s talk to Youko about it next time.


The demon king has returned with Beezel.

After his match against Pirika, his wounds from his match against Grafaloon seem to have healed.

Grafaloon praised him for being stronger than usual.

However, last night, he devoted himself to healing his wounds to the point that he wasn’t even able to communicate with the anenekos and the kittens.

Maa, he’ll soon return so he can play with the anenekos and the kittens that time.

Rather than that, please take care of Alfred and the others in the royal capital.

They seem to be busy.

I’m thankful that you are taking care of them.

Also, I won’t stop Tiselle from helping you with your work. However, don’t make her work too much.

She’s still a child.

Thank you.


The dragon’s banquet continues.

There’s no sign of them wanting to leave.


Is that alright?

Aren’t you here to congratulate Rasuti and Hakuren and for the martial arts tournament?

I can’t see Raimeiren and Guraru so they are probably with Hiichirou….

I can’t see Kworun and Domaim too.

Ah, they are in the dungeon to train since they lost to Kuro and Yuki during the martial arts tournament?

It looks like they are participating in the mock battles of the lamias and the titans.


Speaking of which, Zabuton lost to Guronde.

Well, they only showed their fighting style with each other before she forfeited so they are both unwounded.

Zabuton only participated because Ursa should have returned for the martial arts tournament.

Since Ursa did not come back, Zabuton has no reason to show off.

I see.

Guronde can fight against Zabuton if she’s in her dragon form but it will be hard for her to do that in her human form.

She’s even relieved that she did not trip during the tournament.

Guronde is at the banquet, being spoiled by Girar.

Not only them, the other dragon couples are also sweet with each other.


Let’s not disturb them.


I’m done seeing the participants off so I went to relax in my room with Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton.

We have to get ready for winter but it will be fine to relax today.

Ah, it’s a shame that Zabuton will be hibernating when Ursa returns.

I wish she’ll return before Zabuton hibernates or stay until she’s done hibernating.

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