Chapter 581 – Oldest

Boom! Boom! Loud explosions rage near the village.

The angels are dive-bombing again.

With their unchallenged precision, they hit the targets using the kuro horn spears.

When Kuudel and Corone were pregnant, they weren’t able to move freely for a while but they managed to hold back.

It’s amazing that they did.

So, are you done now?

I think you’ve already thrown enough, right?

That’s the last one.


I left the bombing site and returned to my mansion.

There, I found the angel who came to the village a few days ago. She came to my mansion to greet me.

Her name is Raging Rave.

Though she doesn’t look much different from Tier and the others, I heard that she’s the oldest angel.

Yeah, the oldest living angel.

She came alone.

When she first came to this place, she arrived at Village One.

I heard that she took a belligerent attitude there and was struck by lightning by one of the Village One villagers. When she was knocked down, she was tied up by the spiderlings, and was crushed by the kuros.

After that, she was transported to Big Tree Village when the regular centaur liaison officers got there. However, she was treated first because she was severely injured.

When she was being treated, Tier and Gran Maria advised me to not completely cure her since she’s too dangerous. I think they’re being too cautious.

Raging Rave is very friendly.

Her etiquette is also unquestionable.

I can’t find the reason why Tier and Gran Maria were too cautious of her.

Kuudel, Corone, Suaruriu, Suarukou, Kierbit, and Raz Maria are all cautious of her too. Is she hated by the angels?

You are of the same race, I would prefer it if you get along.

However, from what I heard from Tier, the oldest angel, Raging Rave, seemed to be part of the radical faction and wouldn’t hesitate to assassinate anyone.

She’s also the key figure in preserving their ancient way of life and the number one figure for opposing Malbit’s policies like stopping the angels from referring to themselves as godkins.

She’s also the number one blocker when Ruincia proposes to move the angel village to Big Tree Village.

Moreover, she’s quite dissatisfied with bringing the world tree to Big Tree Village.

I see. I should indeed be careful.

In addition, she seems to rank number 2 in the list of “angels that must not be offended”.

She rarely gets angry but no one would know what she’ll do when she’s angry.

Once she considers someone as her enemy, she won’t stop until she thoroughly beats that someone down.

That’s her general evaluation.

However, she didn’t do anything in Big Tree Village and she also apologized for being aggressive in Village One.

With that, I can’t do anything against her.

Just live like the other angels here.

Maa, if you really want to stay here for a long time, I would be happy if you could work.

You can cook?

Well then, please do.

Ah, by the way, who ranks number one in the list of “angels that must not be offended”?




Tier is embarrassed.


And then, a few days have passed…..

She’s still not doing anything suspicious.

However, Tier and Gran Maria are doing what they can to keep the children away from her but Raging Rave doesn’t care.

However, why is she waiting for some kind of order in my mansion?

That’s the only problem….

For anything else, there’s no problem.

That’s why I’m treating her normally.

Ah, it seems like Malbit and the others will be coming to the village soon.

It will be noisy again.


—POV Change—


My name is Raging Rave.

I’m one of the elders of the angels.

However, I don’t want to be called elder.

Though I know that I lived for a long time, I’m still an unmarried maiden.

Call me oneesama.


Now, I woke up.

I mean literally. I woke up from sleep.

I’ve been sleeping for a long time recently.

I sleep on a yearly basis.

This is something inevitable for long-lived races.

The duration of sleep will gradually increase until the day you’ll never wake up.

Though you’re not technically dead, that state is not different from death.

The cause is unknown.

However, there’s a theory saying that it’s because stimulation decreases the longer you live.

As proof of that, whenever an incident happens, I won’t sleep long.

I sleep one night and immediately wake up next morning.

It would be nice if things continued like this but it didn’t.

Malbit, who won the seat of the chief, changed the way of life of us, angels. That made me sleep longer again, about 5 days.

I want the angels to value our ancient way of life.

Am I not stimulated by that? Or is my anger no longer long-lasting?

Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m sleeping longer.


One day, I heard that the world tree sapling was moved to another place.

I slept for ten days.


I heard a little angel was targeted by a human country so we retaliated.

It seems like the country was destroyed.

I also wanted to participate.


Every time I wake up, I hear stories about Big Tree Village.

I also hear unpleasant things like us moving there.

That is worrisome.

However, I’ll sleep longer anyway.

I won’t move.

I’m worried but won’t move.

I no longer care.


I woke up.


I did not sleep long.

What day is today?

I did not count but I slept before summer and now it’s fall.

I felt something.

A sense of duty rose in my heart.

I wonder if this is god’s intent. Maybe god wants me to do something about Big Tree Village.

If not, there’s no reason for me to wake up.

That’s right.

It must be so.

God wants me to put life into my race who’s constantly falling.

I must show the ancient way.

I was woken up from my days of sleeping for it.

I’m sure that’s the reason.

I jumped up triumphantly.


And I was crushed.

What is this place?


Someone suggested to move to a place like this? Has Ruincia gone mad?

Or so I thought but I was wrong.

The place I was beaten at is a place called Village One.

From there, I was transported to Big Tree Village via a wagon.

And then I saw it.

The luscious world tree.

The world tree is being protected by golden silkworms.

An ancient scene.

It’s a scene that was only witnessed by the descendants of gods who already perished.

A scene my dead elder sisters saw with their own eyes.

I can’t believe that I can see it too.


You’re going to use world tree leaves to cure me?

What a waste!

I will heal by myself even if you leave me alone!

Don’t don’t don’t!


I was cured by force.


However, I feel the warmth of the leaves of the world tree.


No no no no.

I shouldn’t forget my mission.

I must show the fallen angels the ancient way of life.


However, I can’t strike suddenly.

I must investigate first.

Also, can you stop watching over me?

I’m not a battle idiot to fight against a legion of inferno wolves.

And there’s also a demon spider, no, is it already an illegal demon spider?


Do you think I’ll turn something like that into an enemy?

My whole race will be wiped out!


The human village chief steps forward unimpeded by the inferno wolves and illegal demon spider.

Let me judge this person.


I feel the breath of god.

However, I also feel it from the cats in the mansion.

Have my senses gone crazy?

I have slept for a long time.

It’s possible.

Ignoring that, he’s just a normal villager.

A weak one too.

If I feel like it, he’ll be dead in a single blow.

So, why is it that many little girls from our race chose to marry this man?

I don’t know.

Since I don’t know, let me try him out.

I thought so and took a step toward the village chief.

At that moment, a spear appeared on the village chief’s hand pointed at my neck.


Am I hallucinating?

However, when I took another step, I verified that my hallucination was real.

It’s unpleasant but I don’t know what’s happening.

There’s no one around us.

There are only a few steps before I reach the village chief.

And I found out that there’s no spear in the village chief’s hand.

Where did that spear go?

I don’t know.

I don’t know but I understood that if I move with malice, I’ll be killed.

And I know exactly who are capable of doing it.


Ah, I see.

Those angels have not fallen.

They are exactly doing the ancient way.

The angels’ way of life before I was born.

Dedicating ourselves to god.

Now that I know what’s happening, I’ll do it too.

I’ll follow our ancient way of life as well.


When I greeted Malbit, Ruincia, and Suarurou’s group who came to Big Tree Village, they made a commotion saying I’m another person.


Village chief, I was not beaten that hard.

No, I don’t need the leaves of the world tree.

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