Chapter 582 – Angel’s Drinking Banquet

Ancestor-san, who finally came after a long time, took a stance by lowering his waist and putting his hands in front as soon as he saw Reginleif.

Judo….? No, it looks like a wrestling stance.

On the other hand, Reginleif turns her body sideways with her right shoulder facing ancestor-san.

She doesn’t have a sword but she took a fencing stance.

Anyway, it will be annoying to watch these two oldies fight, or so I thought. The two of them suddenly stopped acting like that and had a hard handshake.

What is happening?

Also, do you know each other?

Ah, you knew her after all.

Heh, you tried to kill each other many times.

That sounds dangerous.

Please stop that from now on.


Are you sure you’re no longer hostile with each other?

I hope so.

By the way, similar things happened when Reginleif met Gucci and Youko.

They have lived for so long so they seemed to have lots of acquaintances.


Ancestor-san came alone.

Fushu is still busy.

When you go back, you can pick some fruits to give her.

Ancestor-san went to Lupumirina and the others and then, participated in the banquet where Dors and the others are.

Yeah, the banquet is still ongoing.

It was temporarily suspended because of the martial arts tournament but it resumed as soon as it was over.

And as expected, Doraim and Grafaloon have been called back to the nest several times by Gucci. How about the others? Are their places still okay?

You have someone to take care of things for you?

Then, I’m relieved.

Maa, there are still leftover ingredients from the summer harvest so there shouldn’t be any problem continuing this banquet.

As for their payment, they’ll surely be able to pay.

Until we start the winter preparations in full swing, the banquet can continue.

However, the residents that have been taking care of the banquet should be given special rewards.

Ah, reward medals are also counted in.

I just thought that they should be given some kind of reward other than that….

You don’t mind?

No no, take it because you deserve it.


Malbit’s group, who came here for Reginleif , quickly entered the village.

Every one of them is serious.

Honestly speaking, I was surprised.

I thought that Malbit would immediately take out the kotatsu from the warehouse while saying that she’s preparing for winter.

Is it because of Reginleif ?

She opposes every policy that Malbit makes?

I see.

I know how you feel but you don’t have to be that hostile in this village.

For now, I’ll prepare a place where you can speak with each other peacefully.

You’ve talked about them many times?

That might be the case but do so for my face’s sake….


When I prepared an exclusive drinking place for the angels, Reginleif and Malbit were drinking shoulder to shoulder.



Didn’t you have a bad relationship?

Maa, it’s good that they’re close now but….Ruincia’s eyebrows are completely wrinkled.

Are you okay?

Two troublemakers seemed to have formed a tag team which is extremely vexing.


Hang in there, Ruincia.

It is a drinking banquet but in the middle, Kuudel and Corone brought Laladel and Tormaane and a shout of joy was heard.

She has seen them even before this drinking banquet but being closer with them made her very happy.

It looks like it’s better to let the children approach Reginleif .

Reginleif embraces Laladel and Tormaane and she’s deeply moved.

She said that there are more angels born in this village these years than the angel’s village so she’s extremely happy.

If you want to have more children, I think it’s better to remove that harsh trial.


It has already been removed?

I did not know.

If the number of people getting married increases, the number of children will surely increase too.

I would be happy if there would be more children in the same generation as my children.

Ah, the food has almost been consumed.

I’ll bring more.

It’s okay.

I’ll carry it myself so you guys can enjoy your drinking banquet.

Kuudel, Corone.

If you want to join the drinking banquet, leave Laladel and Tormaane to the oni maids.

Some of the oni maids around tried to take Laladel and Tormaane from Reginleif’s arms.

Yeah, this is awkward.

Well, it’s only a matter of time before she hands over the two to the oni maids.

Let her enjoy her time with them first.


While helping with cooking, I carry the food at the angel’s drinking banquet.

Before I knew it, the dwarves had already stormed in and were asking about alcohol.

I thought you were at the dragon’s banquet…ah, you’d like to hear reviews from different races.

I know how you feel.

However, no matter how much and how long banquets in this village are, it’s good that alcohol is always available.

It’s the result of the dwarves’ daily efforts.

Not enough?

You want to make it so that even if we had a banquet the whole year, we won’t run out of alcohol?

Your ambition is quite big but is there even a banquet that will last for a year?

During the ancient times, the descendants of gods were having banquets every day?

Is that true?

“True” but it was not the dwarf who answered my question but Reginleif.

However, it’s not that it will last for the rest of their lives.

It seems like they are only having banquets as long as they can break the former record of the longest banquet.

Keeping it on record is a good thing but, what are they doing in long banquets?

At that time, the most popular thing to do was to break that record….


So, how many days is the longest banquet?

103 days.


I think that’s amazing but the dragons can easily do that with much leeway too.

Ah, the hard part was to keep serving food and alcohol.

After that, there should also be banquet stunts.

According to the rules of the banquet, you have to do a new stunt every hour.

That sounds hard.

What are the other rules for banquets?

Ah, you have to know the rules in order to break the record after all.

The number of participants should be more than twenty and there must always be at least five people in the venue who are conscious.

Leaving for toilet is excusable but the participants must sleep at the venue.

There’s also minimum food and alcohol consumption at a certain amount of time.

Also, there should be a new performance every hour.


Hearing the rules, I found that those banquets don’t seem to be fun.

I wonder how did the god’s descendants managed to continue doing that for a hundred and three days.

I can’t imagine it.

Maa, I don’t think this current banquet will last for a hundred and three days.

It’s enough to deepen the bonds of the participants.


The next day, the angel’s drinking party was over and Malbit was at the kotatsu again.

She said she’s preparing for winter.


I laughed and picked up the kotatsu.

Hey, don’t resist.

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