Chapter 583 – Special Force

Early morning.

A Village Five resident reported something to the guards.

There was an incident.

Five guards rushed to the scene but failed to solve it.



13 additional guards were sent and even with the cooperation of nearby residents on the site, they did not solve the problem.

At that stage, the guards have no choice but to contact Youko.



Seven operations have been executed but all failed.

The guards judge that they’re in a deadlock and ask Youko to make a decision.

Youko, who was asked to decide, was troubled.

She knew she should decide on how she thinks village chief would act.

Thinking about the character of village chief….

She threw the decision making to village chief.


「A puppy fell into the sewers of Village Five and you can’t take it out?」

I received the report about that incident from Youko after dinner.

The location is at the foot of Village Five.

It’s in a place where there are lots of houses and shops.

The puppy fell in a rainwater hole of the sewer. There should have been a lid but it had come off.

Fortunately, the puppy survived the three-meter fall below since the hole was not vertical but curved.

However, the hole is not big enough for people to enter and light can’t reach the puppy so they don’t even know what exactly is its status.

Its survival was judged based on its cry.

They already tried different approaches to rescue the puppy but it all failed.

Now it is for me to decide.

Whether to destroy several houses, shops, and sewer to rescue the puppy or abandon it.

「Is there a possibility for the puppy to escape on its own? It’s curved after all.」

「Yes, but the curvature is steep. It seems to be difficult for the puppy to climb on its own.」

「What about magic?」

「In order to prevent being vandalized by hostile forces, sewers have anti-magic features. It is impossible.」

「How about you turn into a fox and dive there?」

「Unfortunately, even in my smallest form, I can’t.」

Hitoe might be able to do it but Youko is reluctant to send her in a place where she can’t see her.

I’m also against having Hitoe do anything dangerous.


This is certainly difficult to decide.

I asked about the rescue operation that the guards have done so far and they have done everything I can think of.

It can’t be helped.

I’ll just have to dig a hole from the place where it might be and rescue it.

The anti-magic feature has no effect on me.

「That won’t work.」

My idea was rejected by Youko.

「We don’t have time. According to the person who designed the sewer, if it rains, the place where the puppy is will be underwater.」

「We just have to cover the place where it fell and rainwater won’t go in….right?」

「Yes. However, if the amount of water flowing through the sewer increases, the place where the puppy is will definitely be submerged since it is similar to a water tank. And it usually rains in the middle of the night these days.」

Say that earlier.

We don’t have time to relax.

We have to do something and we have to do it now.

「Are you planning to take the path of destruction?」

Youko said that we might only need to destroy one.

「….I understand. I’ll prepare what’s needed immediately.」


When I said that and got up, a spiderling put its hand on my shoulder, no, leg….

What’s the matter?

It seems like this spiderling wants to say something….


I stared at Youko.

After Youko nodded, she returned to Village Five saying she’ll make some arrangements.



When the rain began to fall.

We arrive at the scene and only the guards are there.

The residents were all evacuated.

Other than the guards, there are only me and Youko.

I organized a special force for this puppy rescue operation.

There shouldn’t be any problem….or so I thought.

When they saw the spiderlings, the guards fainted one after another.

They’re not that scary.

Okay okay.

You don’t have to be depressed.


I focused and continued with the operation.

The strategy is simple, seven spiderlings will go into the hole, secure the puppy, and come back.

That’s it.

So, I watched the spiderlings that jumped into the hole.

By the way, according to Youko, the guards need to stay as they are.

I guess so but they’ll surely be noisy once they wake up.



A little later, I heard a cry from inside the hole.

It sounds like the puppy but….areh?

Isn’t it a little ferocious?

Why is this puppy crying in a higher-pitched voice?

When I was thinking of that, I heard an explosion inside the hole.

What is happening?

Are the spiderlings fighting it?

Even if the puppy resisted, isn’t it too intense?

When I was asking Youko what could be happening, the spiderlings came back.

Seven of them.


All of them are safe.

And behind the spiderlings is…they are pulling something with their web….

What is that?

It’s a puppy but it has two heads.

Youko said that it’s a monster called orthros.

I see.

Is that a common street animal?

「There’s no way that’s true. Though it is inferior to inferno wolves, an orthros is also a dangerous monster. Someone definitely brought it here but it probably escaped and fell into that hole.」

I see.

「I have not received any report that an orthros puppy was brought in Village Five. In other words, this can be considered as a work of a hostile force….unforgivable.」

Youko is angry.

Before the angry Youko, five men tied up with webs were dropped.

When I looked up, I saw half tatami mat size spiderlings lined up on the roof.

In short, they caught the culprit of this incident.


However, why are you in Village Five….Youko secretly allowed them.

They are a special force.

Aren’t you cool?

The spiderling who participated in the rescue operation waved their legs at the spiders on the roof.


The five men caught by the spiderlings were intruders from another country.

They secretly brought the orthros puppy in Village Five to secretly breed it here.

Their plan is to make it rampage when it grows up.

And a long story.

However, I feel like I’ve already heard about it somewhere….

Ah, the incident at the royal capital where Tiselle’s group got involved.

There’s a lich over there.

But I guess they didn’t breed it.


Should I report this to the demon king or Beezel and have them check each city?

There’s a high possibility that other places have something similar happening behind the scenes.

I’m worried about Shashaato City.


Something similar has indeed happened to Shashaato City but Miyo has already solved it.


However, at least report it to me.

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